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Saturday, July 29, 2000

Top Stories

Mac Users Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You!
by Straits Times
Gerad Chua, General Manager Singapore Apple: Mac users are indeed first-class citizens, but this doesn't prevent them from communicating with other classes of computer users.

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over G4 Cube
by IT Week
Apple Computer Inc., which has launched vigorous legal actions to protect the unique look of its Macs, now faces a possible lawsuit over the Power Mac G4 Cube it launched at this month's Macworld Expo/New York.


Author Replows Old Ground On Jobs And Apple
by San Jose Mercury News
Besides the people Jobs tormented along the way, who really cares?

Cobalt May Sue Apple Over Cube Rights
Given Cobalt's history, a suit likely would take issue with the name, rather than the shape, of the computers.

Web 3-D Shootout In New Orleans
Web 3-D producers braved a raucous crowd of 800 noisemaker-wielding graphics geeks as Siggraph hosted the fifth annual Web3D Roundup. Top honors went to a site that uses 3-D characters to teach sign language.


Spelling, Grammar, And The Fanzine Mentality
It is only when readers demand it that the web will become a home to web journalism. But websites can help to create this better reader by first offering better writing.


'Making The Macintosh' Documents Apple History
by MacCentral
If you're interested in the history of our favorite computing platform, you'll want to drop by Stanford University's "Making of the Macintosh: Technology and Culture in Silicon Valley" Web site.


Saturday, July 29, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

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Old News

3 years ago - CNET : Jobs To Keynote Macworld Expo. A high-level executive close to Apple said that Jobs is on everybody's short list to become chairman, but he said that he doubts that Jobs would take a more active position such as CEO.


Microsoft And Open Source?!
by ZDNet
Move over, Sun. Open source's new corporate champion is — Microsoft?

Microsoft To Release Beta Version Of New Windows
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it would soon release the first test version of new Windows software that will finally unify two flavors of its computer operating system and save the software giant time and money.

Intel, AMD Batle For Chip Speed Crown
Intel will hurdle past another speed barrier Monday when it releases a 1.13-GHz Pentium III, but rival Advanced Micro Devices won't be far behind with a 1.1-GHz Athlon on Aug. 28.

Microsoft Optimistic Despite Breakup Threat
Microsoft's senior executives are painting a rosy and profitable future for the software giant, despite the possibility of a company breakup as its antitrust case winds through the courts.

Gateway Expands Lease Program For Start-Ups
While some companies might be thinking twice about extending additional credit to new Internet companies, Gateway plans to expand its leasing program to target e-businesses too young to qualify for traditional lending programs.

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