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Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Top Stories

The Private Lives Of Public Companies
by ZDNet
Jobs the husband and father has a right to privacy that Jobs the PC industry phenomenon doesn't. Apple has a right to protect what it sees as its interests, but the press and public have an equal right to know about the measures a publicly traded company is taking to guard those interests.

Militant Mac Enthusiasts Enjoy Renaissance
by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
These Moonies of the computer world are experiencing a renaissance of sorts as a rainbow of consumer iMacs flood the market like gum balls dropped on a gym floor, and a powerful generation of Macs built for the business world tweaks the Windows-Intel world with classy looks and power.


Adobe-Macromedia Suit: Born To Settle?
by ZDNet
Legal analysts don't expect Adobe's case to reach a decision in the courts.

Corel CEO Exits, Targets Linux
by Wired News
Michael Cowpland, the founder of Corel, said Tuesday he will step down as president and chief executive officer of the struggling software developer to devote time to new Linux startups.

Apple Adds Board Member But Still Lacks Chairman

LinuxWorld Opens In San Jose
Eazel, co-founded by three members of the original Mac development team, will formally debut its much-anticipated file management system. Other exhibitors include SuSE, which has announced a Linux distribution for PowerPC, and Cobalt Networks, which has alleged that the G4 Cube borrows from its Qube server.

Backyard Science On The Mac
It's time to take a break from the corporate grind and seek out the wonders of nature.

Biotech Executive Joins Apple Board
Apple announced that Genentech CEO Arthur D. Levinson has taken the spot left vacant by the retirement of Edgar S. Woolard.

Olympus Announces 10X Zoom Camera
The $999 C-2100 features a 2.1-megapixel CCD, 10X optical zoom and a through-the-lens electronic viewfinder. It can capture low-resolution QuickTime movie clips in addition to high-resolution still images.

Democrats Embrace High-Tech At Gathering
by Associated Press
Democrats admit it. They don't really need iMac computers throughout the convention hall to tally the votes for Al Gore. But the computers sure look cool, one of many signs this is a high-tech convention.

Jobs Trying To Block My Book Alleges Author
by The Register
Steve Jobs may have joined the ranks of Rupert Murdoch, Richard Branson, Robert Maxwell and other captains of industry who have tried to gag - or been accused of trying to gag - authors attempting to write their unauthorised biographies.

Hail To The iMac
The well dressed candidate needs a well dressed computer.


The Perfect PowerBook?
Of course there is no ideal, "one size fits all" PowerBook. To state the obvious, different users have different priorities.


Last Call
by Inside Mac Games
The latest title from Simon and Schuster Interactive is not your typical game. Last Call is a new simulation game, only this time it is not a city simulator or a flight simulator. This game is a bartending simulator.


Tuesday, August 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Roll Call

L.A. Times - A Convention First: Online Roll Call.

The great state of ..., voting on the wonderful Sage computer...


Microsoft Money 2001 Gets Personal
by ZDNet
But can software giant close gap in personal-finance software category? Even with the rollout of new versions of Money, Bill Gates' minions have long way to go.

DOJ: Supreme Court Must Hear MS Case
by eWEEK
No surprise in this latest court filing, as the Justice Department wants Microsoft's antitrust appeal to go directly to the high court.

Compaq Introduces New iPaq Appliances
Compaq Computer expanded its popular iPaq brand today, introducing new Internet access devices, including the first Web companion device for Microsoft's MSN Internet service.

Microsoft Lacks Motivation To Change Security
by Gartner Viewpoint
Every week, some headline seems to call attention to a security vulnerability in a Microsoft product. Because Microsoft's products are so widely used, they will be the targets of more attacks, so more vulnerabilities will come to light.

AMD Seeks Linux Developers For 64-Bit Chip Software
Advanced Micro Devices is putting money and energy into recruiting Linux developers to write software for Hammer, the company's 64-bit processor that will first appear in late 2001.

Dell Looks To Keep Sun At Bay With Linux
Linux will help Dell Computer dislodge Sun Microsystems, chief executive Michael Dell predicted today during a speech in which he also knocked the business plan of one of his company's major partners: Microsoft.

W2K Can Leave Systems Unprotected
by BugNet
Windows 2000 service pack 1 and BlackICE at odds.

Big Corporates 'Pained' By Win2K Rollouts
by The Register
A report from Giga Information Group claims that large corporates are taking six to nine months longer than anticipated to move to Windows 2000.

AMD Ships 1.1-GHz Athlon To Vendors
by PC World
Advanced Micro Devices is shipping its 1.1-GHz Athlon processor to vendors. But you can't buy a system that uses the chip—at least not yet.

Sony To Introduce Notebook Powered By Transmeta Chip
by New York Times
Sony plans to introduce a notebook computer by the end of this year powered by a Transmeta chip.

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