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Thursday, August 17, 2000

Top Stories

Apple's Corporate Vigilantism
by The Mac Observer
The best way is to round up the NDA violators and proceed with prosecutions. Only the misinformed would declare that Apple is violating any principles of free speech by suing NDA violators for breach of contract.


Apple Bites At Peek Into Future
"In Apple's experience, public knowledge of future products often lessens sales of existing Apple products. As a result, Apple maintains and protects future product information as a trade secret."

Corel Prescription: Make The Cuts
by Reuters
Analysts say Corel has to start improving the bottom line — and that might mean doing less with Linux.

Corel Faces Uncertain Future After CEO Departure
The resignation of Michael Cowpland as chairman, CEO and president is a watershed for Corel. Cowpland and Corel have been virtually synonymous since he founded the company in 1985.


At Last Steve Really Does Think Different!
by MacCPU
Art Levinson called a few years ago to order a product. He uses Macs. He's intelligent, nice to deal with, understands his needs and is willing to listen to advice about what to get. In short, the ideal Mac customer.


by Macworld
The Imation SuperDisk is a simple solution if you need a backup storage device as well as a drive to read older floppies. However, when you transfer larger files you will be spending a significant amount of time watching the task bar creep.

New iMacs: Something For Everyone
by Low End Mac
With four models to choose from, there's got to be one that fits you.


Thursday, August 17, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Old News

2 Years Ago: Pouncing On The iMac - Apple Computer's iMac computer arrived at store and resellers Saturday, with pent-up demand turning into a flurry of sales after the company announced a large number of advance orders for the snazzy consumer system.

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