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Wednesday, September 6, 2000

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(Dawning Of A) New Mac Era
by ZDNet
The only way to get people to trust Darwin's quality — and therefore OS X's — is by letting them kick the tires themselves. If anyone at Apple seriously thinks prospective adopters are just going to either run out and buy new hardware to try out their new OS or use otherwise-current hardware for testing that they could put to good use otherwise, they are in grave error.

FileMaker Goes Mobile
Taking what it described as a "first step" in a new mobile database strategy, FileMaker on Wednesday introduced FileMaker Mobile, a utility that allows users to transfer and synchronize data between FileMaker databases and Palm OS-compatible organizers.

Apple's Keyboard Fumble
by ZDNet
Say what? The keyboard was unveiled six weeks ago, and Apple just now got around to testing its compatibility with Macs that are still on the price list?

AppleMasters: Jerry Uelsmann
by Apple
I am continually amazed by all of the creative possibilities available to artists working with the Macintosh.

Protest Planned For Apple Expo, Aim To Disrupt Jobs' Keynote
by The Mac Observer
While Mac users, just like any other human, have the right to voice their opinions, we think the Expo Protest Team is missing the point.


New CEO For Totally Hip
The developer of WebPainter and LiveStage bids adieu to founder Randall McCallum, who says the company is now healthy enough to survive on its own. Hand-picked successor David B. Dicaire takes over as McCallum heads to Mexico for rest and recreation.

Corel Layoffs To Hit Engineering Team In Ireland
Struggling software maker Corel today said it will lay off 139 employees in its Dublin, Ireland, engineering facility as part of a restructuring plan aimed at cutting annual expenses by $40 million.

Marketing Guru Now Major Contributor To Local Groups
by Pittsburg Tribune-Review
Once described by Fortune magazine as the "Father of Incentive Bank Marketing," John E. Connelly built the bulk of his wealth selling everything from candy bars to toasters.

Portable Computers Are Part Of Everyday Classes At More Schools
by Associated Press
Laptop computers are getting more affordable, and technological advances are making them a more practical choice. Longer battery life means no need to plug into an electrical outlet for each use and wireless networking now means computers can be linked to each other and the Internet without modems or cords.

Ingenious Mac Users Find Pro Keyboard Work Around
by MacCentral
"It is very simple to get full functionality of the Apple Pro keyboard, even on a beige G3 with a PCI USB card."

No New Printers For PressReady
Adobe Systems announced that it will continue to market the PostScript software, but only with the currently supported ink-jet printers from Canon, Epson and HP.

IBM Unveils Compact Laser Printer
The $399, 1,200-dpi Infoprint 12 is the first Mac-compatible USB laser printer to come out of Big Blue.


Home Entertainment, Cubed?
by MacEdition
Is the Cube the genesis of true digital entertainment convergence? Some think so, and with full-blown digital delivery in the near future, this is a notion that deserves a closer look.

One Last Tribute To The 6 Colors
by MacMilitia
Good bye old Apple logo. We'll always remember your rainbow, taking us to the future.

The Perfect Dual Platform Computer, A Possibility Or A Pipe Dream?
by The Mac Observer
The biggest benefit would be the ability to run the two biggest operating systems on one machine without resorting to emulation.


by MacNN
If you do any kind of video or multimedia production, Videodelic is sure to amaze you, even if you have every AfterEffects plug-in on the planet. Just don't blame U&I for many late nights.

SoundJam MP
by Macworld
MP3 broadcasting made easy.


Wednesday, September 6, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Gregg Eshelman: My first Mac wasn't a real Mac. It didn't even physically exist.

Dan Gillmor: For all the company's power and accomplishments, [Microsoft] plainly has some growing up to do. Happy birthday too, Microsoft.

William Crim: Companies without attitude are worthless.


Microsoft Jumps Back Into Sub-Notebooks
After a two-year pause and uninspiring sales, Microsoft is reviving its Windows CE sub-notebook line, which will relaunch tomorrow as the Handheld PC 2000.

Windows Me For You?
'Evolutionary' upgrade hardly a 'must-have,' says experts.

New Trick Can Hide Computer Viruses
A new kind of computer virus has been released, but security experts are in disagreement over just how menacing it is. The virus demonstrates a technique that future writers can use to hide their malicious software from most current antivirus scanners. But some antivirus companies are playing down the threat.

Licked By Windows 2000, Sticking With Linux

Here's Hoping That At 25 Years, Microsoft Has At Last Grown Up
by San Jose Mercury News
Microsoft Corp. marked the quarter-century milestone Tuesday, an anniversary of note. But for all of the company's power and accomplishments, it plainly has some growing up to do.

Antitrust, Consumers: Incompatible Goals
by eWEEK
Who is anyone kidding? Antitrust law has seldom protected consumers.

AMD Unleashes 750MHz Duron
by ZDNet UK
Microprocessor maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. unveiled a new 750MHz Duron Tuesday, targeting cost-conscious home and business users. Heavyweights IBM Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. showed their support with confirmation they would build systems using the microprocessor in coming weeks.

Compaq Offers 'Have It Your Way' PC
by ZDNet
The PC maker christens a new line of made-to-order machines while retiring the Prosignia brand.

Forget The V-Chip; Now It's "Windows Inside"
by Gartner Viewpoint
Microsoft's plan to announce this week that it will add technology to the Whistler version of Windows 2000 to support digital television is yet another attempt to find life for Windows in the post-PC era.

Intel Downgrade Pegged To PC Sales Slowdown
Shares of chipmaker Intel dropped more than 6 percent today after an influential Wall Street analyst cut his outlook for the company.

Microosft Hopes To Rally Workers At Birthday Bash
by Reuters
Microsoft celebrated its 25th birthday with an employee pep talk aimed at rallying its troops in the face of some of its biggest challenges yet in both the marketplace and the courtroom.

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