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Saturday, September 9, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Delivers The Facts
by Strategy
After however many decades of flogging the Think position, how it must have irked IBM to see the first Apple ad that said Think different. Now that's attitude.

Paris Fuels Up For Apple Expo
by Pfeiffer Report
Next week's event will be France's biggest, but will it be enough to satisfy Europe's Mac veterans?


CCSO Addresses iMac Concerns
by The Daily Illini

Keyboard Grime Analysis
by The Register
Ever wondered what makes up the grimy residue that coats your computer keyboard? According to intensive research by AOL, it consists of bits of fingernails, hair, insects, vegetables and the odd cornflake crumb.

Virtual Lessons A Reality For Laptop Students
by Irish Independent
The school hopes that in a few years time its students will be doing virtually all their studies through the computers.

No Webcast For Jobs' Paris Keynote
by MacCentral
With the time difference between, for example, France and North America, a Webcast or satellite broadcast isn't practical, an Apple spokesperson told MacCentral.

Adobe Explains PressReady Move
Adobe halted further support of the printing software in the wake of disappointing sales and high development costs. The company learned that customers prefer buying PostScript software out of the printer box, an executive told MacWEEK.


GrabPac Pro For The iBook: New This September
Responding to the needs of professionals using the iBook, their new case refines the original bag, which offered an alternative to the heavily padded carry caseóit gave users a sleek, pad-less bag, with a shoulder strap and a pouch large enough for the power cable and some peripheral devices.

Photoshop 6
by Macworld
Despite all its great new features, Photoshop is still not a perfect product. But Photoshop comes closer to perfection than most software.


Saturday, September 9, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


I feel so honored... The World Toilet Summit will be launching today at my home...

Andrew Shalat: Windows Me is just another example of mistaken judgment. Like an old man on the beach ogling young women in bikinis, there's something foul about the whole thing.

Old News

3 Years Ago - It's Official: Apple Keeps Newton: The decision to bring the Newton back under Apple's control is a result of a new emphasis on network computers. NCs are simplified computers that rely on a powerful central computer for accessing applications. Apple is reportedly interested in bringing out NCs using Intel processors in order to fortify the company's presence in the education market.

2 Years Ago - Ellison: I Could Have Owned Apple: While Ellison was very public about his intention to acquire Apple last year—he would have made his play for a majority stake by forming an independent investor group—he hasn't previously said why he aborted his plan. Apparently his lawyer advised him that if he proceeded with the deal he would be spending a lot of time answering questions from the Justice Department.

Update - Apparently, Apple isn't the only thing that is being stolen from right under Ellison's nose.


Microsoft Including TV Software In Windows
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. said Friday it would incorporate its enhanced TV software into its Windows operating system to help personal computers and devices such as DVD players benefit from the technology that adds personalization, communication and interactive capabilities to the basic TV experience.

Microsoft Shows Off Cell Phones, PocketPC OSes
by TechWeb

Ballmer: .Net 'Our Most Critical Event'
by ZDNet

Supreme Court Again Passes On Microsoft Appeal
The Supreme Court once again passed on whether it will give fast-track consideration to a breakup of the world's largest software company.

Intel To Offer PC Makers Rebates For Using Rambus
With the Pentium 4's release just around the corner, Intel is working hard to ensure that cost won't be a barrier to acceptance.

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