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Saturday, September 16, 2000

Top Stories

Listings: A Voyage Around The Mac Mailing Lists
by ZDNet
In a distributed, networked world, mailing lists have quickly become the virtual centers of wired life. And the Macintosh world, with its reputation for being a community of shared interests as much as a marketplace, has taken to mailing lists like the proverbial duck to the proverbial water.

Mac OS X: Don't Fix What Ain't Broke
by ZDNet
The Macintosh Experience is what keeps the core faithful returning year after year, and it has sustained the company through some of its darkest days. Apple will do itself a great disservice by alienating its current users with features that are unnecessarily different from previous norms.


Battle Of The Operating Systems
Both Apple Computer and Microsoft this week released the latest versions of their separate computer operating systems, yet critics were pointing out problems and challenges even before consumers got a chance to tear open the shrink-wrapped boxes.

Apple CEO Gets Jeers And Cheers
During the course of the annual Apple Expo, held in Paris last week, Mr. Jobs managed one minute to make announcements that had the audience booing and then followed this with news that pleased them. It just goes to show that you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Eudora 5.0: The New Face Of E-Mail?
by eWEEK
The latest e-mail software from Qualcomm includes sharing and warning features not found in many competing products.

Office 2001 For Mac To Hit The Market Next Month
Microsoft will release Office 2001 for Mac next month, the company has confirmed.

PowerMax: The New Key Lime iBook Is "Too Ugly For Us To Sell Responsibly"
by The Mac Observer

No Printer Drivers In Sight For OS X
Epson says it has no plans to develop drivers for the public beta; HP and Canon won't reveal their intentions. You'll need new drivers to print to USB ink-jets.


Why I'm In No Hurry To Get Mac OS X Public Beta
I am not the first to make this observation, but I expect that there are many people who are not about to consign their main workaday computer that they depend on to make a living, to experimentation with a beta operating system.


Saturday, September 16, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Old News

3 Years Ago - Jobs Named Interim Apple CEO: Amid much speculation and concerns over an eventual power struggle, Apple Computer today announced that cofounder and quasi-leader Steve Jobs would take the top post—at least temporarily.


Windows Me: Let The Blames Begin
by ZDNet
One day after Microsoft's retail launch of its new consumer OS, users have more complaints than kudos. Is there help after all the hype?

Is MS Ignoring Windows Me Vulnerability?
by ZDNet UK
Mathew Bevan claims Microsoft's attitude to bug-fixing is harmful to consumers who have experienced bug issues with every release of Windows.

Gateway Cuts Low-End PC Prices, Targets Niche Audiences
Gateway is cutting the price on two of its most popular computers and is introducing a variety of software and services packages to target specific groups, such as first-time buyers and Spanish speakers.

Gates, Allen To Dump $109 Million In Microsoft Stock
by Reuters
Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen plan to sell a total of $109.3 million of stock in the company, according to new regulatory filings.

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