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Wednesday, September 20, 2000

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OS X: The Big Compromise
OS X still has a long way to go, but Apple is doing everything necessary to get there. OS X is not even close to finished, but already it shows more promise to me than Be or Linux, the old Mac, or any of the more "pure" approaches.

Cutting The Ties That Bind
by Macworld
By building AirPort wireless networking into every Mac, Apple is in the process of setting another standard, albeit mostly in the slightly smaller world of laptop computers.

Apple's "1-Click" Deal Leaves A Sour Taste
by Salon
Thanks to the "innovative" technology behind Amazon's much-debated patent, "the easiest computer to use is now the easiest computer to buy," enthuses the Apple Web site. But Apple, in its quest for ease, essentially may be making things that much more difficult for Net retailers.

New iMac Packs A Punch In A Knockout Package
by Project Eyeball
No matter how much of a hardcore PC user you proclaim to be, you've probably fantasised about trading in your baby sister for an iMac.

Apple And Architect Win Smithsonian Honors
by Washington Post
Apple has won a corporate achievement award for making good design part of its business strategy. The museum called the Macintosh and iMac computers "revolutionary," and praised Apple founder Steven Jobs and designer Jonathan Ive for fostering "groundbreaking but user-friendly design." And that was before Apple launched the astonishing Power Mac G4 Cube, which resembles a softly rounded Lucite-and-silver tissue box.


OS X Audio To "Kick Butt"
by MacNN


Apple, Chiat/Day, And Rumors
by Low End Mac
It's absolutely within Apple's rights to refuse to spend ad money with those who spread rumors. It's absolutely within the media's rights to refuse to sign the agreement with Chiat/Day.


Wednesday, September 20, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

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Read this fine quote in the book "The Race: The Complete True Story of How America Beat Russia to the Moon"...

You don't get medalsfor on-time failures.  — Walt Williams

Mac And Unix

The Challenges Of Integrating The Unix And Mac OS Environments

Pet Peeve

Apple is not a hardware company. It is not a software company. It is a computer company.


Notebooks To Tap Speedy New Intel Chips
Brawnier notebooks are coming next week, but the real value may be sale prices on slightly older, slower models.

Intel Not Getting Inside In Wireless
by Meta Group
Intel has strong technology for handheld computers in its StrongARM chip, but until recently it has ignored the potential of this fast-developing market. Now it seems to be waking up.

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