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Saturday, September 23, 2000


Apple Stock Falls In Tech Selloff
by Reuters

Persistence Pays Off In New G4 Cube
Kevin Pedraja has become the "poster child" for the concept that persistence pays off. Three weeks' worth of efforts to get a replacement for his visually marred G4 Cube netted him a personal call from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and a new machine. His new Cube has the same cracks as the old one, but this time, he said he'll keep it.


Contracts: Company Insurance
by Artifical Cheese
So why should you be concerned with signing a little contract to get the newest and greatest thing?


Special Edition iBook
by MacAddict
It's a great choice for those who don't want the highest end portable available.


Saturday, September 23, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Darek Mihocka, President, Emulators Inc.: After seeing Mac OS X and seeing Apple repeat its 1997 strategy, I predict a mass exodus of Mac users as a result of the arrogant and irresponsible policy Apple has created for Mac OS X. Poor backward compatibility for old apps. Requiring hundreds of dollars of memory upgrades and possibly even processor upgrades. Added to the insult of having to pay to beta test.


Getting Personal With Windows Me
by ZDNet
"Other than some better performance, the nicer look, and the better help, I'm just not real impressed... Sorry, MS, but you guys fell flat with this one."

J Allard Speaks On XBox
by GameSpot PC
Microsoft's general manager for the Xbox talks to us extensively about the console's marketing, technology, and future games.

Microsoft Issues New Patch For Windows 2000 Telnet Security Hole
by InfoWorld
In an advisory that was posted on the company's Web site, Microsoft urged Windows 2000 users, including those who applied the original patch released on Sept. 14, to install the updated version. According to the advisory, the old patch eliminated the security hole but also prevented legitimate Telnet connections from working in some cases.

Worry About The Worm
by PC World
Cousins to computer viruses, worms can cause more problems.

Rival AMD Wins Contracts As Intel Struggles
Two more computer manufacturers have agreed to incorporate processors from Advanced Micro Devices in their PCs, and the timing couldn't be better for the chipmaker.

Pentium 4 To Debut Next Month
Intel will release the Pentium 4 on Oct. 30, according to sources close to the company—not a moment too soon for the battered chipmaker.

Data Loss Threatens Fast Windows Systems
by PCWorld
A mysterious problem affecting certain high-speed systems running Windows Me and possibly Windows 98 could cause data loss at shutdown, PC World has learned. Microsoft insists that the problem doesn't relate to its operating systems but has nonetheless released patches to address the problem.

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