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Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Top Stories

Superior Students Get New Computers
by Duluth News Tribune
State-of-the-art computers are helping students and teachers at Superior's Cathedral School move at the speed of technology into the future. After two years of planning — with the help of a $25,000 anonymous gift — students will be working with 25 new iMacs in a newly revamped computer lab.


Motorola Announces New G4 Chip
The MPC7410 features low power consumption and CPU speeds ranging from 400MHz to 550MHz. Motorola also published a revised version of its PowerPC roadmap with information about future G4s and G5s.

Mac OS X On Upgraded Macs?
Vendors are scrambling to work out which of their G3 and G4 upgrades will be compatible with the public beta—and final version—of Mac OS X.


If Microsoft Owned OS X, They Woulda Shipped It Looong Ago
OS X is a fine piece of code. Contrast this with the reports, apocryphal or not, that Microsoft knowingly shipped Windows 2000 with 64,000 known bugs. I doubt if OS X Beta has a fraction of such bugs, "showstoppers" or not.


Risk 2
by Inside Mac Games
Risk II is shaping up as a real winner. It will satisfy Risk aficionados and casual players. The ability to play over GameRanger will almost guarantee youíll never lack for a human partner, or several dozen.

Aladdin Turner 3.0
by Macworld
You don't need Aladdin Tuner 3.0 to enjoy the global racket of streaming media, but this program makes finding live streaming content a lot easier.

The Best New Mac
by Low End Mac
The answer is . . . it depends. It depends on what you want to do with a new Mac.


Wednesday, September 27, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Dan Rasky: If Apple hadn't come along in the late 1970s, taking cheap components that could be bought off the shelf and integrating them into the first generation of desktop computers, we might not have desktops today.

Old News

4 Years Ago - Apple Talks Cool: Apple Computer and Netscape Communications today declared their intention to develop audio and video software in an alliance that will result in a new Internet videoconferencing and telephony product this year, according to Apple officials.


Microsoft Targets High-End Computers WIth New Windows
The software maker today unveiled a new, high-end version of Windows 2000 and related business software aimed at eroding the dominance of companies such as Sun Microsystems and Oracle in running the largest business computers that power the Internet.

Microsoft Gets What It Wants
by Wired News
By sending Microsoft's appeal to a lower court first, the Supreme Court not only deals a blow to the Clinton administration, but gives the software giant a solid chance to reverse the decision.

Court Decision Seen Favoring Microsoft
Today's decision by the Supreme Court scores a point for Microsoft in its long-running antitrust contest against government opponents, even though the game is a long way from being over, according to legal experts.

Microsoft Tries To Prove Itself — Again
Today's release of Windows 2000 and other related products is a reprise of Scalability Day, and it shows that the company has made real progress in addressing the needs of the business market. Although Microsoft software still may not be ready for every workload, real-world references, business model changes and new product announcements show that the company is getting there.

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