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Thursday, September 28, 2000

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Mac G4: All That's It's Cracked Up To Be?
Apple Computer is fending off criticism its stylish Power Mac G4 Cube is marred by cracks. But are the hair-thin lines the defects they appear to be?

The Mouse That Roared
by Industry Standard
I have no idea what the future holds for Apple (or any other company, for that matter), but its resurgence over the past two years proves one thing to me: When it comes to innovation, money and scale don't matter all that much. What matters is getting smart, creative people and giving them the freedom and the incentive to, yes, think different. If you can do that, your company will stand out while others fade into anonymity.

Mac OS X's Siren Call
by ZDNet
Judging from comments from ZDNet's TalkBack posters, the release is indeed speaking to users beyond the Mac choir.

Some Free ISPs Shun Mac Service
PC users who have long derided Apple Macintosh fans for paying too much for their hardware have another barb to throw: Some of the biggest and best-known free Internet service providers do not support Macs.


The Last Easter Eggs And Why You Won't See Any More Easter Eggs In The Apple OS
by MacReviewZone

Inside OS X: Unix Commands
With an arsenal of Unix commands at your disposal, you have much more freedom to bend OS X to your way of doing things. But beware of the consequences—if you render the OS inoperable, you may have no choice but to reinstall it.

Macromedia CEO Says Suit Vs. Adobe Is "Defense"
by Reuters
"We regret that Adobe is moving from competing in the marketplace to competing in the courtroom...This is the step we needed to take to defend ourselves."

Macromedia Files Countersuit Against Adobe
by MacNN

Ailing Corel Posts Smaller-Than-Expected Loss
by Reuters
Struggling software developer Corel said today that its losses were not as bad as feared in the third quarter because of across-the-board reductions in spending.

Road To Mac OS X: Stability And Speed (Or Lack Of It)
by MacCentral
One of the big questions is: just how fast and stable is the public beta of Mac OS X? The answer to the speed question is: pretty darn quick and pretty darn slow. Let me explain.


Apple Power Mac G4 Dual 500MHz PowerPC
by PC Magazine

Apple Pro Keyboard
by Macworld
You won't find a better-looking keyboard than the Apple Pro. As long as you don't mind the missing power button, it's definitely worth considering if you're looking for a replacement USB keyboard for your Mac.

Moving To Mac OS 9
by Low End Mac
After almost a week on OS 9 at work and a day with it at home, I'm very pleased with the stability.

A Week With OS X
I've been living with Mac OS X Public Beta for just over a week now, and it's been a surprisingly mild ride. In fact, quite the pleasurable one.


Thursday, September 28, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


MacCentral: Wendy Sternick, one of the founding members of the Mac development community, is currently in the final stage of a terminal illness. She's been fighting cancer for two years. Send a message to Wendy Sternick at


Dan Knight: Weirdest things this morning — Low End Mac is running just fine at, but absolutely inaccessible at


Microsoft Won't Launch British Slate For Lack Of Funds
by Inside
A U.K. version of the culture and politics e-zine Slate has foundered on a lack of interest and funding from Britain's venture capitalists, despite support from Slate's parent company, Microsoft.

Gates Vs. Noorda: Here We Go Again?
by ZDNet
Is Microsoft poised to sue a Noorda-funded company for intellectual property infringement? The latest round is all about Windows and Linux.

MS And The Slow Application
by Wired News
What, you were expecting the government to keep its promise of dealing with the Microsoft case "efficiently and effectively"? What do you expect when the information superhighway gets stuck in the Beltway?

Microsoft's Datacenter May Signal New Race
by Meta Group
Triggered in part by Microsoft's development of Windows 2000 Datacenter, released yesterday, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq all have announced plans to market 16- and 32-processor Intel-based servers.

Dell Cuts Prices On PCs, Servers
by Reuters
Dell Computer said today it was cutting U.S. prices on a wide range of computers and servers, citing lower component costs.

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