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Tuesday, October 3, 2000

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Making Science Sizzle With iMovie
by Apple
Now, thanks to an exciting Macintosh-based program at State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center, these future MDs are picking up skills in video production and postproduction ó and finding exciting new ways to communicate their ideas. In the process, theyíre literally learning what it is to be a brain.

Japan FTC Warns Apple On Suspected Price Fixing
by Reuters
Japan's anti-monopoly watchdog, the Fair Trade Commission, said on Tuesday it issued a warning to the Japanese unit of Apple Computer Inc over suspected retail price-fixing.

Schools Get Plugged In
by Deseret News
Southern Utah teacher creates award-winning web School for kids.

The 10 Most Important People Of The Decade
by Network Computing
Still, you're surprised to see an Apple founder on a list of networking people. Well, consider this: Apple was the first company to bundle networking with its computers. Furthermore, AppleTalk is still the easiest method of file and print sharing for casual computer users.

Apple Explained, Part 1: In Steve We Trust
by The Mac Observer
Normally, when a corporation drops a warning flare with minimal explanation it means there is more bad news ahead. Fund managers have seen this type of behavior before and believe it's far better to wash one hand's quickly of such messes rather than languish in a cat and mouse game with a management that isn't on the up and up.


Bailouts Become Microsoft Habit
by Ottawa Citizen
For the third time in three years, Microsoft Corp. has bailed-out a rival company that foundered after going head-to-head with the software giant from Redmond, Washington.

Japan Warns Apple To Stop Pressuring Retailers
by MacCentral
Japan's Fair Trade Commission said it has warned Apple to stop pressuring retailers to sell its iBook and iMac personal computers at suggested prices, the Japanese news wire service Jiji Press reported Tuesday.

Sony Loses Appeal In PlayStation Copyright Fight
by Bloomberg
Sony today lost a U.S. Supreme Court bid to limit rivals from using reverse engineering to create competing products.

Apple's Original Name For 1394 Never Caught On
by San Francisco Chronicle
Rather than pay the extra charges, most companies adopting the technology have opted just to go with the IEEE's specification number.

Stocks To Watch: Apple, Compaq, Net Perceptions And Research In Motion
"Overall consumer demand doesn't appear to be as low as Apple's numbers indicate. It looks like sales of its G4 cubes haven't taken off they way they expected. At least so far."

Microsoft Invests $135 Million In Ailing Corel
Microsoft has invested $135 million in Corel, a struggling rival in the software application market, under a new strategic relationship centered on Microsoft's so-called .Net initiative.

Photos Of The "Cracks" In The Cube
by The Mac Observer
Until we see evidence of something worse than this, don't panic. It is a cosmetic flaw, and a small one.


Tuesday, October 3, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


As The Apple Turns: Apple's finally got enough pull these days that when its stock tanks, it actually affects other PC manufacturers. Success at last!


Patent #US5443036: A method for inducing cats to exercise.


Send an eCard and say Hello, the Mac way.


MS Bucks Save Linux Vendor Corel - But Save It For What?
by The Register
For long-term survival Corel would need to play with servers and services itself, but here the L-word would surely intervene, and again, one must doubt whether Microsoft would let it.

Pentium 4 Delay Due To Graphics Chip Glitch
Sources at PC makers, speaking under request of anonymity, confirmed that a problem with how the 850 chipset interacts with PCI graphics cards was responsible for the Pentium 4 delay.

Microsoft Proposes Schedule For Antitrust Appeal
Microsoft today asked an appellate court to give both sides 60 days to file principal briefs and 30 days for replies in its antitrust appeal. The proposed schedule could mean the appeals court will reach a decision on Microsoft's case no sooner than six months.

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