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Monday, October 16, 2000

Top Stories

Charter School Issues Laptops To Its Students
by Los Angeles Times
The 140 ninth-graders from Lennox will get leased Apple iBooks for a year. School's founder says technology helps the whole family.

Okay — Sometimes We're Wrong
by MacAddict
I made a mistake and did not call Apple to double-check my assertion that there was no Caps Lock key light. The result? An erroneous review and a slew of letters in my In Box every morning.

Book Explores What Makes Jobs Tick
by CBS MarketWatch
What's so unusual about Jobs is that he's both the good cop and the bad cop at Apple!

Apple On Top For Some Applicaitons; Windows Wins Others
by Chicago Tribune
In summary: Mac or PC? It depends. It depends upon whether you're as nuts as I am about always trying the next new thing or whether you're ready to settle down and enjoy the fruits of technology at a sane pace on the most elegant looking computers ever created.


Opening Door To Retail?
While the company-branded stores could bring Apple much-needed exposure and more control over distribution of its own products, it could be viewed by those now considered its allies as a sign of direct competition.

Disclosure Plays Part In Profit Warning
by Reuters


Apple's Cube Rebate Saga
by Macinstein
It seems there are many people who would love to own a Cube, but the masses of people aren¥t willing to swallow the price tag being offered, even with the new rebate.

MacOS X: Aqua Critiqued
by osOpinion
"Assuming Apple is too stubborn to start fixing Aqua now, not to mention the possibility that consumers might hate Aqua and refuse to upgrade or buy new Macs - OS X will still secure and probably expand Apple's pro market."


Hands On With The Radeon Mac Edition AGP Card
by MacCentral
Between the 2D acceleration, the frag-happy framerates in 32-bit, the DVD decoding and the nifty video-out, the Radeon's a true contender, and a fantastic all-purpose card.

ATI's Radeon
Anyone who plays 3-D games on the Mac and is purchasing a Cube or a new G4 would be well advised to invest $100 in the BTO Radeon option.

Virtual Game Station V1.4.1
by Macs Only!


Monday, October 16, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

John H. Farr: The truth is that lots of things about the way my computer operates give me that happy little kick in the head, that intrinsic unspoken "yeah!" that makes things seem worthwhile. The rest of the time is taken up with the same old boring crap, so those little moments are important.

Life is full of crap. Thank goodness for those little moments, with and without my Mac.

John Doe: It takes a lot of fans to cool four Alpha chips, and he keeps on bitching about the noise they make.


Sony Launches Crusoe-Based Laptop
by Reuters
Sony's newest notebook features a Transmeta chip and is a camcorder/PC hybrid — designed to record and broadcast video clips.

Whistler Public Beta Slips Again - But Hello To Build 2281
by The Register
The good news is that the Windows 2000's team long term goal to reduce boot times is paying dividends.

Integrate Your Credits Cards Into WIndows? MS Buys Dodgy Patent
by The Register
Could banks, credit card companies and retailers be forced to pay a gatekeeper fee? Both? Endless possibilities based on the flimsiest of fonudations - hats off to the US patent office...

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