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Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Top Stories

Making Lemonade From Apples
by Wired News
Only Steve Jobs could turn a dreadful earnings forecast into an exciting and hopeful glimpse into the future.

Apple Drops 19% On Lowered Outlook
by CBS MarketWatch
Apple shares were taken well below the $20 level during Wednesday's after-hours session after the PC company missed the consensus quarterly earnings estimate and predicted a rough year ahead.

Apple Falls Short Of Lowered Expectations
Apple Computer on Wednesday posted earnings that fell short of lowered expectations and said it will have another disappointing quarter as it tries to burn off excess inventory.

Street Braces For Apple's Next Act
In the circus of the PC industry, Apple Computer is both sideshow freak and tightrope acrobat. Wall Street breathlessly watches every move it makes in a combination of amazement and disgust ó wowed by the feats it performs, yet terrified by its refusal to be, well, normal.


Apple Misses Lowered Profit Estimates
by CBS MarketWatch
The computer maker believes it will be back on track in the January, or second, quarter.

Apple Plans To Close 'MHz Gap' In 2001
by MacCentral
"Some customers feel that Apple has fallen into a MHz gap in regards to Intel," Jobs says. "But we're working closely with Motorola to address this problem."

Apple Modem Updater 2.0 Improves Stability, Performance
by MacCentral

Wall Street Takes Tough Look At Apple's Potential
by Associated Press
Analysts say the company needs to think of ways to retain its loyal customers and widen its base by offering products with improved technologies — such as computers with faster, 1-gigahertz microprocessors now available in other PCs.

How Far Has Apple Fallen?
Apple Computer has already said that business was off last quarter. The question the company will try to answer Wednesday when it releases earnings is how long the malaise will continue.

E-Mail At 35,000 Feet
by Fortune
Send and receive e-mail and browse popular websites while cruising above the Pacific.


Is Bad Taste Holding Back Apple?

The Readers Speak: Apple's Financial Woes

Macs Are Home Computers
by Low End Mac
Despite the dominance of Windows in the workplace, a lot of people are choosing to use Macs at home — I think that's part of the reason Apple "bet the farm" on the iMac.


Sad Macs, Bombs, And Other Disasters (And What To Do About Them), 4th Edition
In over 900 pages of text and screenshots, readers can learn more about what might go wrong and how to MacFixIt than they ever knew existed.

Microsoft Gets A Mac Version Right
by Fortune
Microsoft Office is much easier for household users, and it has powerful new features for business people.


Wednesday, October 18, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Splash A Little Color

iMac-inspired laptops.

iMac-inspired water bottles.

iMac-inspired video camera.

Insert your own punchline.


Microsoft Sees Continued Life For Office
by TechWeb
Ballmer said the company can continue to add considerable value — including instant messaging and collaboration — to the venerable application suite to keep users coming back for more.

The Players On Gates' Team
by The Industry Standard
With a possible breakup looming and executives departing, Microsoft develops a new generation of leaders for the post-Windows world.

Microsoft's 'Back On Track'
by The Industry Standard
Its stock shoots up $4 in after-hours trading after Redmond released an earnings report that beat analyst forecasts. So what's the prognosis for the Net's other leading players?

Microsoft's Ballmer: Sun Has No Clue
by eWEEK
Sun's McNealy says software is a feature, not an industry. Retorts Microsoft's CEO: 'That, my friend, is why you want to steer clear of Sun.'

Windows 2000: It's A Matter Of When, Not If
by Gartner Viewpoint
Businesses have adopted Windows 2000 more slowly than Microsoft would have liked. Gartner believes the gap between Microsoft's expectations and the actual deployment rates indicates the software giant's lack of understanding of how its customers plan, deploy and support its products.

Microsoft Up In After Hours Following Earnings
Microsoft on Wednesday posted a first-quarter profit that beat Wall Street projections by 5 cents per share.

Intel's Passing Grades Come With An Asterisk
by New York Times
After warning investors last month that its revenue would not meet earlier expectations, the Intel Corporation reported third- quarter numbers yesterday that beat analysts' lowered forecasts. But the company gave wary investors other reasons for concern, reporting stagnant chip sales and projecting a relatively soft holiday season.

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