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Friday, November 10, 2000

Top Stories

A BeOS View Of Apple's New OS X
Can OS X seduce BeOS faithful?

Marketing Math Doesn't Compute
by Washington Post
Misleading statistics, questionable assertions and unprovable claims of what you'll get. No, these aren't campaign ads. This is how a lot of computers are marketed.


AppleMasters In Asia, Two By Two
by Apple
At an inaugural event in Singapore, Apple celebrates 18 leading athletes, musicians, artists, educators and civic leaders from five countries — Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Tangled Wireless Networking
by Washington Post
Three different technologies for linking our gadgets and computers are starting to hit the consumer-electronics market. But although each has been pitched as the best way for our electronics will talk to one another, it looks like consumers might—just might—not have to put up with yet another standards war just yet.


Apple Is Back In Business
by TechWeb
The online Oracle applications require Java, yet the reliability of Java on the Mac OS 9 is questionable. So how compatible are the Mac and Oracle apps really?"

Why Are Apple's Laptops A Year Behind Dell's?
by The Mac Observer
When will Apple offer me a laptop screen that is not a year (or two) behind what Dell is offering me today?


USB Flatbed Scanners
by Macworld
Nine new models show off advanced technology.

QuickTime Streams Past Microsoft Rival
by Los Angeles Times
For versatility, QuickTime rules. More than a streaming platform, QuickTime is a multimedia operating system used for everything from Web playback to video production. QuickTime also incorporates the very cool QuickTime VR, which delivers 360-degree panoramic scenes you can navigate with the mouse.

iMac And iMac DV
by Macworld
With prices this good, these machines will tempt even veteran Mac users.


Friday, November 10, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Popular Science: Words like "striking" and "inspiring" are rarely used to describe desktop computers. But they seem almost insufficient to describe Apple's rapturous Power Mac G4 Cube.

Upside: Jobs' reputation for being a difficult employer seems not to have lessened with age. Brittle, nervous employees suggest that the general feel-good atmosphere of the Internet era has not crossed the moat surrounding this computer king's castle.


MS Goes Gold With DirectX 8.0
by The Register

Casio To Adopt Transmeta For Notebooks
Casio will introduce a notebook containing a Crusoe chip from Transmeta next year in Japan, becoming the latest small manufacturer to sign up with the chip start-up.

Palm And Microsoft To Duke It Out At Comdex
A debate next week between Microsoft's Pocket PC and Palm is billed as the "battle of the century," but in reality the two companies assess their differences in rather similar terms.

Defeat For MS Shareholder Measures
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. shareholders on Thursday defeated the company's first-ever shareholder proposals that would have forced the software giant to detail political contributions and take a vocal stance on human rights abuses in China.

AMD Says It's On Track For Current Quarter
by Bloomberg News
Advanced Micro Devices, Intel's main rival in the PC processor market, reiterated its fourth-quarter sales target and said first-quarter revenue growth will be in the "high teens."

Microsoft To Hear First-Ever Shareholder Resolution
by Associated Press
The proposals, sponsored by a political activist group and a socially conscious investment house, would have Microsoft disclose its individual political contributions to shareholders and would require it to abide by the China Labor and Human Rights Principles, designed to link investment in China to its human rights record.

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