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Thursday, December 14, 2000

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The Quality Issue - Are Macs Built As Well As They Should Be?
There is evidence that the current cohort of Macs is a lot less tough, and perhaps more worrisome, that out of the box reliability is suffering as well.

It's Like A Little Office
by osOpinion
I donít have a problem that Apple is evolving. I have a problem with what itís becoming. I have a fear that, unless Apple is very careful, unless we all are very careful, OSX will for the first time create a real Caste system in the Macintosh Community.

The USB Titdal Wave
Interviews with peripheral manufacturers suggest that Apple may have no choice but to offer USB 2.0 in its Mac systems because of the large number of USB 2.0 devices likely to be available in the next year or so.


Themes Removed At Apple's Behest
by SlashDot

Laptop Learning To Land For UW-Stout Freshmen
by Journal Sentinel
In the pilot program, Apple and Macintosh laptops are being used because those are the computers most often used in the printing industry, officials said.

Aspry: Sim Theme Park Ships, Elite Force Demo Coming
by MacCentral


OS X Ruins Classic
by Macinstein

On "Bloatware" And "Good Enough" Software
My unscientific guess is still that more efficient coders than Microsoft uses could offer all of Word's functionality and more in a program half the size or less.

Save Time With Microsoft Office's New Personal Information Manager
by Macworld
Whether you're managing a small business, a home office, or a household, a well-organized schedule and punctual correspondence can save you time — and money.

Take Charge Of Your Life With Microsoft Office 2001's New Suite Of Programs
by Macworld
Come with me on a tour of the new Office, and learn how it can help you better do your daily work.

Now That The Dust Has Settled, What's Next For Apple?
by The Mac Observer
While the release date remains a mystery, one thing regarding OS X has become increasingly more clear over the last month; OS X is the future of Apple. Not just from a usability standpoint, but from a business perspective as well.

Business Week Author Plays Revisionist, Alters Anti-Apple Editorial
by The Mac Observer
The argument could be made that Gateway doesn't include those things because their customers don't want them, but Apple's customers can replace the DVD-RAM drive with a cheaper one too.


Macintosh G4 Cube A Beauty
by Chicago Sun-Times
It's as if a glamorous international movie star just strolled into your office and took a seat. But also like an elegant movie star, when you sit it in my office, filled with gear and papers and books everywhere, you get the distinct impression that it's slumming.

Codewarrior Learning Edition
by iDevGames
If you want to learn programming and code C/C++ games for the Macintosh, then pick up CodeWarrior LE.


Thursday, December 14, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Is Windows a multi-tasking operating system? No — at least not from where I am sitting.

Not when browser windows underneath my current active window keep popping up onto the top-most position and capturing my keyboard focus without me clicking on them.

One moment I may be typing in a URL in the active window, and the next moment I might be hitting "Enter" for another window that, say, delete all my mail in Hotmail.

You call that multi-tasking? Please...

Joke of the Day

For some reasons, I liked the joke that show up in my rec.humor.funny.reruns newsgroup today...

Jon Berger: The Dalai Lama walks up to a hot dog vendor and says, "Make me one with everything."


Intel To Postpone Chip Factory In Ireland
Intel will postpone opening a fabrication facility for making PC processors for a year because of current market conditions and the advent of larger, more economical wafers.

Is Dell Next With Bad News?
by Bloomberg News
Walter Winnitzki called Dell Computer executives Tuesday to inform them he was cutting his profit estimate for this quarter because he expected Dell to warn of lower sales and earnings.

Microsoft Tests Second Patch Collection For Windows 2000
Earlier this week, the company sent to a select set of testers what it is calling a beta release of Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000. Service packs are collections of bug fixes and patches but not new product features.

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