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Friday, December 15, 2000

Top Stories

Will OS X Save The Day?
by TechWeb
Apple is counting on its new operating system to jumpstart sales, but when OS X finally ships, it may be disappointed.

Netscape 6 Laden With Design Flaws
by Los Angeles Times
When it comes to building a fast, functional Mac browser, Netscape could learn a lot from Microsoft.


Apple Japan Offers Bargains To Celebrate Third Anniversay Of Online Store
by Nikkei BP
Apple Japan Inc. is selling bargain-priced reconditioned Macintosh computers online from Dec. 13-15 to commemorate the third anniversary of its online store Apple Store.

FileMaker Launches PDA Software

Adobe Names Chizen CEO
Adobe Systems on Thursday announced a high-level shuffling of its executives as company president Bruce Chizen stepped up to CEO, with co-founder and CEO John Warnock assuming the newly created role of chief technology officer.


Is Apple Killing The iMac?
by Low End Mac
iMac was a great name — just like PowerBook, but PowerBook was used over and over again without a naming problem because Apple put numbers after it.


Friday, December 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Apple definitely does not like to see its Aqua beauty on other OS implemented as themes. Does that translate to an assertion that we will never be able to have themes on Mac OS X?


Bill Gates Shot In Mock Documentary
by The Register
MacArthur Park, a new feature-length independent documentary, examines the questions about the Gates 'assassination' and chronicles a year of campaigning by Citizens for Truth, a fictional grassroots group who refuse to believe the official investigation.

Intel Plans 1.3-GHz Pentium 4 For 2001
Intel plans to ring in the new year with a variety of new chips, including a more budget-minded version of the Pentium 4.

Paul Allen Protects Value Of Microsoft Stock
by Bloomberg News
Billionaire Paul Allen entered into contracts last month that would protect the value of about $3.5 billion of his Microsoft common stock if the company's shares continue falling.

Microsoft Lowers Earnings Estimates
Software giant Microsoft on Thursday joined the growing list of tech companies issuing profit warnings.

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