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Monday, December 18, 2000


Monday, December 18, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Question for Miss Manner

If someone call me on the phone and asks for someone that I don't know, I'll probably just tell her that she has gotten the wrong number.

Question is, what if I recevied a SMS message from an unknown number on my cellphone, proclaiming her love for me, and asking for a bouquet of flowers tonight (and I checked with my wife and it's not her), do I call her back and tell her she has gotten the wrong number?

And no reading in toilets either, so there!

Art Medlar: A set of restrictions was attached to the reformatted edition of [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]. One may not copy, print, lend, or give the book away. But best of all, one is forbidden from reading the book aloud... I'm not familiar enough with the DMCA to tell if one of the standard tasks of parenthood is now a felony.


The PC Is Dragging Microsoft Down
by Red Herring
Microsoft's rare warning, coupled with Oracle's success, underscored a much more important realization about Microsoft: it is still a PC-oriented company. No matter how much Microsoft wants you to think it's about the back office, its heart and soul — and the majority of its revenues — are still tied up in the foundering PC market.

How Y2K Bugged Microsoft
by Reuters
The good news for Microsoft Corp. is that the world's top software company is finally waving goodbye to what was arguably the worst year in its 25-year history. The bad news is that the coming year doesn't look any better.

Intel To Slash P4 Prices 28 Jan
by The Register

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