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Tuesday, December 19, 2000

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The Age Of Computer Heroes Is Over
by Salon
Apple fans demand nothing less than "insanely great." But is it even possible to be a revolutionary anymore?

Advantage Apple
by Macworld
The complaints don't hold water — Mac OS X has the feel of a winner.

Digital Director
by Newsweek
iMovie could do everything I did in a professional editing suite.

Circuit City 'Special' Missing One Thing... Abundant Macs
by MacCentral
When is a 'Manager's Special' not a 'Manager's Special'? When the manager can't get his hands on the majority of iMacs, iBooks, and G4 Cubes on special.


Artificial Cheese Press Release
by Artificial Cheese
Our holiday gift to you.

Football Videos Go Dashboard To Desktop
by Apple
When your football teamís ten-year record is 108-18-2, youíre obviously doing something right. For Pittsburg State University, itís all about the cut-ups. No, not would-be jokesters who attempt to disrupt classes during the week. Cut-ups are, in fact, video clips that document specific plays on the field each Saturday. And with the help of a mobile editing system based on PowerBook G3 laptops, the school now creates these desktop highlights on the road, helping further Pittís winning strategy.

Apple Celebrates 20 Years Of Nasdaq Listings
by MacCentral

Nvidia Discusses 3dfx Acquisition
Nvidia has big plans to leverage the technology it has acquired from 3dfx Interactive, but for now the company is offering few details about future products or the potential impact on Mac users.


Corporate Arrogance And Fan Websites
I am a consummate Mac OS fan, and hope to continue using Macintosh computers indefinitely, but I am far less enamored of the corporate personality of the company that makes them.

How Apple Can Be Fixed
by Salon
It's time to join the PC world and make the Mac the universe's most compatible computer.

Blind Arrogance
by Salon
Apple repeatedly insults its own consumers, so why should we care if the company lives or dies?

Leaving Wintel Behind
by Low End Mac
Now that OS X is just around the corner, I can safely say Apple is poised to pass Wintel PCs in operating system quality and stability. This, coupled with the superior quality of the Mac hardware and beautiful exterior design, will make the Macintosh my computer of choice for quite a long time.

Apple's K-10 And Apple's Future
by The Mac Observer
The important thing to remember as we languish near the bottom of this bear market is that fiscal 2000 was a great year for Apple, building on the successes of 1999 and 1998. And while there is no hope for the next two quarters, an astounding comeback could be in the cards for the second half of 2001.


Tuesday, December 19, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

What's In A Name?

Mac OS Rumors is speculating on future Mac OS naming convention. Will it be Mac OS X.I, Mac OS XI, or Mac OS X 2.3?

My take: Perhaps Apple will drop the number scheme, and just go with Mac OS. (Witness the Powerbook?) The Software Update control panel will be "smart enough" to figure things out for you.



Dave Winer: The new POTUS is a Mac user?

Fox News: Is it cold in there or are you just happy to see me? You'll never know with the latest outrageous fashion accessory — fake erect nipples.


Microsoft Aims To Cut Costs, Retain Top Employees
by Reuters
Software titan Microsoft plans to cut costs throughout its businesses even as it boosts some employees' salaries to make sure they don't jump ship, according to reports.

Microsoft Ships Trial Version Of Embedded OS
Microsoft said Monday that it has begun shipping to approximately 100 partners and customers the first beta version of its Whistler Embedded software.

Good Riddance To Microsoft's Problem Child
Unlike previous executive defections by the likes of Brad Silverberg and Pete Higgins, Kempin's departure is unlikely to be lamented by many inside or outside Microsoft. Indeed, some may welcome Kempin's long-rumored exit as a chance for Microsoft to turn over a new leaf in its dealings with its PC partners.

Dell Struggles With PC Shipment Delays
This year, Santa may be leaving some Dell Computer customers IOUs under the Christmas tree.

Thoughts On The PC Slowdown
With slowing desktop sales hurting Microsoft's business, and Oracle's suite of enterprise applications exceeding expectations, a debate has begun over the future of the PC and corporate spending patterns. The Motley Fool has compiled several opinions on this subject.

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