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Friday, December 22, 2000

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Apple Preps German Developers For OS X
by ZDNet
In a series of briefings, Apple's chief of worldwide developer relations confirmed that the Mac maker's next-generation OS is in the final stretch and should ship by the end of February.


Resellers Look At Apple's New Deal
When Apple goes to battle against other PC manufacturers, it's the Mac-only resellers who occupy the front lines. And when Apple's sales decline, those same dealers are likely to feel the pinch more than CompUSA or other retail chains.

Apple Selected As Vendor In Michigan Ed Initiative
by MacCentral
The state of Michigan has announced that Apple is a selected vendor to provide computers for the $110 million Michigan Teacher Technology Initiative, a program designed to give teachers in Michigan a laptop computer to use at school and home.


Why Give A Mac?
by Low End Mac
You are making a big decision when buying a computer for someone else — a decision that they have to live with whether they like it or not. Buy a Mac and you can guarantee that it will last them several years, that it will be compatible, and that it will be quick and easy for them to do their work on.


Office 2001 For Macs Full Of Surprises
by Time
New software gets high marks for attention to detail and ease of use.

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz
by MacSlash


Friday, December 22, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

From the Son of EvangeList...

Max Manshel: At the Wiz someone put a coin in the Cube CD slot and siabled that drive... And suddenly, I realize why the local electronic store near my place shrinkwraped the Cube on display, and placed a signboard that screamed DO NOT TOUCH.

Steve Chambers: Misterbump


Linux Companies Beat Microsoft In Itanium Support
A version of Microsoft Windows for Intel's upcoming high-end Itanium chip won't be available when the chip arrives, but rival operating system Linux will.

Microsoft's Great Plains Buy Changes Competitive Landscape
Microsoft made a move Thursday that some considered inevitable and others considered a reversal of a longtime commitment not to compete with its software partners: It bought a piece of the server application market.

Dell Lops Up To 20 Percent Off Notebook Prices
Dell Computer has slashed prices of corporate notebooks by up to 20 percent in reaction to falling component costs, although analysts say the company is also reacting to a grim sales environment.

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