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Friday, December 29, 2000


The Sound Of Dalmatians
by Apple
You might expect to hear the sound of stomping puppy feet in “102 Dalmatians.” But how do you fit a 100-piece orchestra into a single Power Mac?

Apple's Power Mac G4 AGP Update Increases Reliability
by MacCentral


The Thin iMac
by Low End Mac
A thin iMac would not only help Apple establish a presence in the business world, but could also help them retake the education market.

Apple Is Beleaguered! Everone Off The Bandwagon!
by The Mac Observer
Apple is in a bit of trouble, and it is not too late if it wants to do something about it. It cannot keep trying to tell everybody that Megahertz are mere details and that Indigo will motivate the masses to get Macs. There has to be more to a Mac than a cute flavor and a Photoshop speed test.


Aladdin Tuner 3.0
This application is best suited to listeners of mainstream music and talk Internet radio who appreciate the Tuner's straightforward simplicity.

REALBasic 2.12
REALbasic lacks many features, but as it grows and improves, it may be the programming tool of choice for all developers.

Picking A Portable Mac
by Low End Mac
Looking for a new portable Mac? If you are, you may be unsure of which portable to get. There are two Mac portables available right now: the PowerBook, and the iBook. The decision can be hard — unless you buy both.


Friday, December 29, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Robert Morris, director of equity at Lord Abbet & Co.: I... like Apple, because they are likely to continue to be the innovator among PC makers; at this point, PCs are basically a commodity.

Stephen Williams, Newsday: It's a pity to put a Cube on a desk littered with printers and keyboards and Zip drives. I keep mine on the mantel, and just stare at it when there's nothing on TV.

Steve Gelsi, CBS MarketWatch: When Apple CEO Steve Jobs is good, he's very good. But things really backfire big on him too.


Microsoft News Not Fit To Print
by ZDNet
Let's all hold our fire on the Microsoft matter until we know not just who's running the Justice Department, but what the Appeals Court actually decides. Until then, the rest of the talk isn't even suitable for burial in the back pages.

More Microsoft Madness
by PC Magazine
The company is not about to change its ways just because a potential breakup by the Justice Department edict is hanging over its head. So it's trying to tackle three monster markets. Its success is doubtful — but possible.

Softwafre Start-up Seeks Antitrust Query Of Microsoft Buy
by Bloomberg News
Attorneys for a Silicon Valley software company have written to the U.S. Justice Department seeking an antitrust investigation into Microsoft's planned $1.1 billion purchase of Great Plains Software, according to a report.

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