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Sunday, November 25, 2001


Delightful Gadget Prompts Important Reminder
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune
This cranky columnist was reminded once again about how wide the gap remains between those who have the stuff we take for granted on the binary beat and the rest of our community.

Lessons Learned
by Jim Heid, Los Angeles Times
A good backup routine and a well-stocked utility toolbox can help avoid computing disasters of all kinds.


Blemishes Don't Mar Apple's iPod
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune
Apple's stunning new iPod digital music player brings a few disappointments when actually used.

Mac OS X, Office X A Stable Team
by Matthew Fordahl, Associated Press
A new office productivity suite makes the strongest case yet for a switch to OS X.


Sunday, November 25, 2001
by Heng-Cheong Leong

My 10.1.1 Experience

Apple killed my Just like everyone else who moved the Mail application out of the /Application folder, I have a non-working Mail folder instead. However, copying the new stuff into my original didn't worked, and I ended up with two copies of Mail that cannot launch. (Yeah, I didn't back-up. That's another lesson learnt.)

So, Eudora gained a customer - my wife. (I was using Eudora all along.) Thankfully, not much training required.

Mac OS X is so new, I guess it will be some time before we are all so expert in troubleshooting.

Quicktime TV

Why hasn't there been new QuickTime TV channels? Shouldn't there be hundreds and hundreds by now? (Okay, I've just gotten Cable Modem, and I have nothing to try except AdCritic and iFilm.)

Apple Retail

Doc Searls: Meanwhile, I'm revisiting what I still believe is the Utimate Retail Experience. Apple is doing an amazing job here.

I wish there is an Apple Retail here in Singapore. Some times, it's so difficult to spent money on impulse buys. :-)

And speaking of spending, why not hop over to the store to pick up some Monsters, Inc. stuff? :-)

Random Quotes

Stephen Duffy and Steven Page, in Alternative Girlfriend: Old at being young / Young at being old.

Rumor Mongers

Hey this is new! Apple buys Adobe.


Judge To Weigh Private Microsoft Antitrust Deal
by Peter Kaplan, Reuters
Is Microsoft a do-gooder, or up to no good?

After 'Hot' Start, Linux Now Is 'Realistic' About China Inroads
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
It is only slightly more difficult than it used to be to buy an inexpensive, unauthorized copy of Windows.

Build Your Own PC And Save
by John W. Schoen, MSNBC
It's so easy, a 13-year-old can handle it. So first, go find one!

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