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Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Top Stories

A Penguin Angle On The Ox: Day One At Macworld
by Doc Searls, Linux Journal
While Apple pitches radical hardware and practical software to the masses, UNIX geeks are quietly adding big value to the company's open-source, BSD-based operating system.


Eazel Exec Returns To Apple

Lot To Learn About School Laptops
by Katie Dean, Wired News
"It's going to be a massive, massive project."

Maine Buys Apple Laptops For Middle-Schools
by Alexander Soule, Mass High Tech

Making A Fashion Statement
by Bob Keefe, Atlanta Journal-Constituion
Tech firms now stress gadgets' look, feel ahead of how they work.

Taiwan's Quanta Says No Comment On Apple Report
by Reuters
Taiwan's top notebook computer maker Quanta Computer declined to comment on a report it would make new-generation desktop computers for Apple Computer.

Apple's Jobs: No Merging Macs With TVs
by Reuters
"The next great age of the personal computer is going to be as the digital hub. We don't care where they put their computer in the house, as long as it is a Mac."

Apple Expands Its Consumer Services
by Ian Fried, CNET
With the introduction of iPhoto, Apple is inching further into the services sector.


Please Lick This iMac
by Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle
Yet another utterly annoying, nearly perfect gizmo gem from those shameless bastards at Apple.

Apple's New Goodies: What Works, What Doesn't
by Stephen Somogyi, CNET
Apple has again proven that it can make beautiful personal electronic devices with impressive specs. But in these troubled times, price matters a lot.

Gates 'Hitting Apple Where It Hurts'
by Lisa Gill, NewsFactor
Bill Gates noted that new products designed to enhance the consumer PC user's experience could also provide an impetus for economic stimulation.

Hold Off On Bitting Into Apple
by Bob Beaty,
I would wait for the early reviews and perhaps a bit of time to pass, before considering a purchase of the shares. But keep close watch on the new 14-inch iBook sales.

Apple's Extraordinary Macworld Expo
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
It looks like Apple has got a real winner on its hands.

Macworld And The New iMac
by Jeff Adkins, Low End Mac


Apple iPhoto 1.0
by Jeff Keller, Digital Camera Resource Page
Apple's iPhoto is a very impressive effort, and a great tool for beginning and immediate digital photographers.


Wednesday, January 9, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

On Ease-Of-Use

To make things easy to use, Microsoft throws in their wizards.

To make things easy to use, Apple makes iThings that are easy to use.


Dan Gillmor: Steve Jobs and Apple Computer get most of the attention yesterday with their new-version iMac launch in San Francisco, but Microsoft's Bill Gates showed more interesting technology in his Consumer Electronics Show keynote in Las Vegas.

With the computer as the digital hub, it does make sense to have wireless devices (iPad, iMonitor) for shared activities (viewing baby's photo album, watching movies), and Apple better have something back in the research labs. When 802.11a or 802.11g is cheap enough, Apple better be there.

Either that, or have the iBooks and 22" Cinema Display drop prices significantly that everyone can afford at least a pair in each room. :-)

Peter Cook: A computer you could proudly put in the living room and a way to easily create and share photos and movies with family and friends . . . or . . . a TV remote control running XP. Gosh that's a tough call... Here's another thing to keep in mind: the iMac is shipping end of the month, I already have iPhoto on my machine. Meanwhile Gates is promising something for 2003.

iMac 2

Glenn Fleishman: The iMac does have a fan, contrary to my expectation, but it's "super intelligent" and "super quiet." The entire unit makes no more sound than 25 dB including the fan and drives. The "fan is constantly sensing the temperature of the base" and adjusts its speed accordingly.

Samuel W. Hotchkiss, in a mailing list: iMac should let you press a button and adjust the monitor to your prefs... it could even do it when you log into X.

Apple Time

Hans Eisenbeis: This leak hardly "blows" Jobs announcement... rather it sets it up in a big way. If you want to accuse the magazine and the computer manufacturer of collusion, accuse them of succeeding, not failing.


hijinx: Seems to me that TiVo and Apple are going for very similar markets.

I really hope so. I really hope to see a TiVo-like device coming out from Apple (afterall, they did invented the FireWire) that doesn't require a subscription service. From all I've heard, using TiVo is already pretty easy; now, how can Apple improve on that?

Jim Roepcke: You don't want someone scripting iPhoto to do a 1-click purchase of photo prints and hard bound books to their address...

Rafe Colburn: Apple's software strategy is utterly and completely brilliant.

Pixar gets a new logo, courtesy of Scripting News.

Found on rec.humor.funny.reruns... The NeXT Computer: The hardware makes it a PC, the software makes it a workstation,the unit sales make it a mainfram. ó unknown.


Who Wants An MTV PC?
by John G Spooner, CNET
MTV is building what it considers the perfect PC for 18-to-24-year-olds.

.Net Vote Rigging Illustrates Importance Of Web Services
by Peter Judge, ZDNet UK
Investigation revealed just what lengths Microsoft will go to promote its products.

New Virus First To Infect Macromedia Flash
by Robert Lemos, ZDNet
Proof-of-concept shows that Flash player can open up one more way to damage your PC.

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