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Thursday, January 10, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Delivers Hyperbole And Beauty
by David Pogue, New York Times
If this idea shakes up the world of design the way that the original iMac did, then the Apple hype have been justified.


Fewer Exhibitors, Reduced Show Floor Space Reflect Economic Times
by MacMinute
A number of major companies are not on hand.

Flat-Out Beautiful
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
The pictures of Apple's new iMac one-piece computer don't do it justice.

Add-On Makers Looking For Piece Of iPie
by Ian Fried, CNET
Accessory makers are already beginning to think of peripherals to create for Apple's new iMac.

Tribble At The Top? Apple, NeXT Grande Fromage Returns
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
If the unthinkable were to happen, and Steve Jobs was run over by a runaway muesli container truck, who would inherit the hot seat?

Full iPhoto Euro Version 'in Pipeline'
by Sean Ashcroft, Macworld UK
Apple is very interested by providing prints and ablums ordering online in Europe.

Jobs Webcast Shatters Record
by Macworld UK
The audience was double that of last year's Macworld New York, with over 81,000 viewers.

Apple, In Search Of Perfection, Enlarges iBook's Screen
by David Pogue, New York Times

Video, Music, Now Photos: For Mac Users, The I's Have It
by David Pogue, New York Times
Now comes iPhoto, the latest prong in Apple's strategy to make the Macintosh a digital hub.

All Hail The iMac
by Monica Rivituso, SmartMoney
Apple's new iMac is cool. But what does that get you in 2002?


Can The iMac Fix What's Wrong With The PC?
by Jon Fortt, San Jose Mercury News
It's just a question of whether Apple wants to.

Something To Celebrate At Macworld
by David Plotnikoff, San Jose Mercury News
Amid tech industry's downturn, Apple offers fans an excuse to pull out their checkbooks.

Redesign Is More Than Just iCandy
by Jim Held, Los Angeles Times

Apple's Pricey iMac Design Falls Flat
by Dave Wilson, Los Angeles Times
What Apple really needs to do is build a box that can prop up Microsoft's creaky architecture.


Thursday, January 10, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

iMac 2

This is why unsolicited screenplay sent, for example, to a studio are returned unopened. No exceptions.

Something must be done about e-mails too...


What is time? To me, time means the following...

Time is a yardstick to measure how great or how pathetic my achievements are.

Time is a message, telling me how long more I'll enter the next stage of my life. (I hope I can elaborate on this in a few weeks' time.)

Time is a reminder to better do things promptly, cause there ain't a lot of time.

What does time mean to you?


Slashdot reader: Mac Faithful, Linux Geek, Microsoft Certified. Microsoft is the Company, Linux is the Movement, and Apple is the Mothership.

Cameron the Alien visits Macworld SF 2002.

On a web site by a major digital devices / entertainment company (not Apple), I've encountered a web form that spitted out an error message along this line: "Somewhere in the form a field that is supposed to be filled is left blank." Hey, web developers are cheap nowadays. Get a better one.

Just a short note that while reading Backup Brain on Windows, the wonderful task bar shortened that to "Backup Bra...".


Accenture, Microsoft Carpool On Auto Gadgets
by Margaret Kane, CNET
Teamed up to bring computer technology to automobiles and push along development of "telematic" services.

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