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Saturday, February 2, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Bucked The Trend By Creating 50 Extra Jobs
by Brian O'Mahony, Irish Examiner
Apple Computer has added 50 new jobs to its Cork workforce in the past 12 months at a time when the rest of the industry was contracting.


Mac Gaming On THe Rebound
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
In order to remain competitive with PC manufacturers attempting to build the world's fastest gaming systems, Apple has made significant improvements.

The Plain Truth About Piracy
by fprefect, Ambrosia Software
It's a rare day when a shareware programmer gets firm statistics on the extent of software piracy, but just recently, I got that chance.


Corel Graphics Suite 10
by Simon Danaher, Macworld
Bundle for pros and enthusiasts provides great value.

Move Over iPod! These Three MP3 Players Are Just As Cool
by John Morris and Josh Taylor, ZDNet
Apple's iPod, the reigning champion, effectively jump-started the competition. Now other companies are trying to entice users with new designs and features, such as more storage, better user experience, faster transfer rates, smaller sizes, and good prices.

AppleScript Primer For Mac OS X
by Bruce W Perry, O'Reilly Network
While this powerful scripting system has always had a loyal following of Macintosh aficionados and publishing professionals, the release of Mac OS X 10.1.2 may mean AppleScript is ready to strut its stuff in front of a wider audience.

iPod? iCan Wait
by Jonathan Finer, Far Eastern Economic Review
While the iPod's sleek, white face and gleaming chrome base have garnered much attention, the machine's real beauty lies within. Unfortunately, until some minor improvements are made, it's not yet clear that the bang is worth so many bucks.

Mac OS 9 Move To OS X
by Dan Shafer
Hardly trouble-free, but worth it, I think.

Apple's iPhoto: A Snappy Advance
by Stephen H. Wildstrom, BusinessWeek
Elegant and easy, this software makes organizing digital pictures a snap. The only negative: A dearth of OS X-ready editing software.

QuicKeys X 1.0
by Franklin N. Tessler, Macworld
Handy Mac OS X macro utility is less capable than classic version.


Saturday, February 2, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Cory Doctorow: iMacs as dangerous foodstuffs. Inexplicably, the FDA is holding up shipments of the new flat-panel iMacs. What is this, some kind of newfangled sunflowers?


Judge Orders That Public Comments On Microsoft Trial Be Released
by Brier Dudley, Seattle Times
Public comments submitted on the Microsoft antitrust case soon will be made public, although it remains to be seen how much they will influence its settlement.

Leader Or Lobbyist?
by John Pescatore, Gartner Viewpoint
The reputation and experience of Scott Charney, Microsoft's new security chief, could help elevate the importance of security in Microsoft's management culture — if the company is ready to listen to him.

Microsoft Pays States' Legal Bills
by D. Ian Hopper, Associated Press
Nine states that settled their antitrust lawsuit with Microsoft finally have reaped benefits from the software maker: about $10 million to reimburse taxpayers for their legal expenses.

Senator Urges Judge To Be Wary Of Microsoft Deal
by Peter Kaplan, Reuters
THe chairman of a key Snate subcommittee said in a legal filing that he has "serious concerns" about the proposed settlement of the Microsoft antitrust case.

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