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Sunday, March 31, 2002


Program Aims To Customize Lessons
by L.C. Greene, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Nearly 200 teachers learned to use a new and potentially revolutionary computer system, giving them a unique ability to deliver customized instruction to individual students.

Five Great Days In May: WWDC 2002
by Apple

Chips With Everything
by Jim McClellan, The Observer
15 years later, Apple introduced another innovation, which, while perhaps not so radical as the Macintosh, changed PCs all over again.

Technology Innovator: Jonathan Ive, Designer Of The iMac
by Sheryl Garratt, The Observer
Until 1998, we all knew what a personal computer looked like. Then came the iMac.

Sticking With Software Of Yore
by Edwin Black, Washington Post
In an industry obsessed with the idea of forward motion, the retrograde act of switching to an old version is a lot tougher than you might think.

XP License Turns Java Creator To Mac
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
"I personally actually read the XP license and decided I couldn't sign it. So I've been shifting over to Mac."


Security Stance
by Joellen Perry, U.S. News
Will Microsoft's new mission make cyberspace safer?

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Top Stories

Moviemaking On iMac Shows PCs Need To Catch Up
by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle
Created more multimedia in three days with the iMac than he had in 18 months with his Dell.


Amazon Points To 48% Of iMac G4 Sales Being PC Converts
by Robert Aldridge, The iMac

Students Suspended For Laptop Tampering
by Chris Dovi and Nicole Johnson, Richmond Times-Dispatch
County school officials call the 57 suspensions necessary, but some parents are crying foul.

Microsoft IntelliPoint Mouse Driver Out For OS X
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
The driver enables you to program global or application-specific settings for mouse tracking speed, button assignments, and how the scroll wheel functions.

Computer Makers Challenged To Quieten Machines
by Ananova
Apple's investment in high-quality components means new iMacs can be compared near-silent compared to many PC rivals.

Project Tracking For OS X Now Shipping
by Mac Observer

Could The Mac Be The Premiere Linux Platform?
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
In real-world applications, Motorola's processors are better equpped for Linux than their Intel counterparts.


iBooks Love Linux
by Edd Durnbill, O'Reilly Network
After years wandering in the cranky wilderness of mix-and-match PCs I'm working again on a computer that feels like it has a soul.


Finally, A Reason Not To Be PC
by Michael J. Martinez, Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Look no further for an excuse to defect from the PC ranks. This year's new and vastly improved iMac adds value to Macintosh style and simplicity.

Rio Riot Is Big Music For Big Pockets
by Sean Captain, PCWorld
If you own a Mac, the iPod offers a better package. If you own a PC, you may want to wait a few weeks to check out MediaFour's upcoming Windows-based iPod software.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Christopher Paretti, Inside Mac Games
With such a rich palette of imagination to work with, the game developers took an easy way out rather than creating something revolutionary.


Gateway Pricing Takes The Low Road
by John G. Spooner, ZDNet
Gateway isn't just after Dell. It's also trying to steal Apple Computer's thunder.

Friday, March 29, 2002


City Students Showcase Technology
by Laura Kennedy, Middletown Press
"It's just amazing what the kids have done."

Getting Fired Up About FireWire
by Jim Heid, Los Ageles Times
If your PC doesn't contain FireWire ports, you're missing out on the most widely used high-speed connection scheme available.

Portraits & Prints Beefs Up iPhoto Support
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral

Apple Uses Second Vendor For LCD Screens
by MacNN
HannStar Display has received new 15-inch LCD panel orders for Apple's new iMac.

Alias|Wavefront Slashes Maya Pricing
by Macworld UK
Maya Complete will be reduced from US$7,500 to $1,999, while Maya Unlimited will be reduced from $16,000 to $6,999.

Can The Mac Every Catch Up
by Robyn Weisman, NewsFactor
Although few expect Apple to make huge inroads, several analysts have projected that the company could increase its market share by anywhere from 1 percent to more than double its present share.


The Macworld Bonus
by Tim Nash, Low End Mac
Apple's announcements at Macworld Tokyo should mostly encourage investors, Mac users.

Multiplatform iPod On The Horizon
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
If you've hestiated to purchase an iPod in the past because your OS was not compatible with it, you might want to take another look.

Why Apple Should Release A PDA - And Why It Won't
by Gary Rogers, osOpinion
The problem is that Apple can't enter the PDA market without stepping on the toes of other companies — big companies — or of its own software developers.


OS X: A Year Later
by Philip Michaels, Macworld
Performance improvements, developer support mark operating system's first year.

All About Action
by Peter Cohen, Macworld
Deimos Rising offers some classic, albeit occasionally frustrating, Mac arcade-game action. Spider-Man may have a few flaws, but it's still superfun for lovers of this comic-book superhero.

Mac OS X - Sucks Less
by Scott McCarty, Graphic Power
iPhoto was the straw that broke the Mac OS 9 camel's back.

iPod Redux
by Ari Weinberg, Forbes
The newest version does little to dminish the applause, but it's not yet deserving of a standing ovation.


Friday, March 29, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Celine Dion's CD copy protection will break your SuperDrive, including the firmware.

mattdm: I have a coworker whose girlfriend gave him an iPod for Christmas, so he promptly went out and bought a new Titanium Powerbook.


Dell Prices Take A New Turn
by John G Spooner, CNET
Dell has slowed its price cuts in recent months because of component price increases, and some say it has even raised prices within certain segments of its product line.

Faster Pentium 4 Desktop Chips On Tap
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
Intel will bring out a new, faster version of the Pentuim 4 for desktops next week, and chipsets and other technology for improving overall PC performance and cutting costs will pur out over the next two months.

Novell: We Offered Trade-Off To Microsoft
by Reuters
A Novell executive once offered to help Microsoft fend off the antitrust case if Microsoft would help Novell's networking software work better with Windows.

Win XP Pro With .NET Server Performance? Forget It...
by The Register
Windows.NET Server's visual performance is beyond lacking.

Linux And Office: What A Concept
by Michelle Delio, Wired News
With Codeweaver's CrossOver Office, Linux users can install and use Microsoft Office on their PCs without the Windows operating system.

Unisys, Microsoft To Launch Anti-Unix Ads
by Stephen Shankland, CNET
The 18-month project will include advertisements, technical sales efforts and other marketing work plugging Unisys' high-end server and Microsoft's top-end version of Windows.

Walter Hewlett Sues To Block Compaq Deal
by Caroline Humer and Peter Henderson, Reuters
Charged that HP management bought votes and misled a key adviser.

Dell, Gateway Notebooks May Lighten Up
by Richard Shim, CNET
Dell and Gateway are expected to launch new ultra-portable notebooks next month, sources said.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Top Stories

Apple's Evolving iPod
by Tim Bajarin,
Stylish device is more than music on the go.


Microsoft Casts Novell's Antitrust Role As A Business Ploy
by Associated Press

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Top Stories

iMovie Gives Students The Write Stuff
by Apple
If a picture's worth a thousand words, imagine what a movie is worth.

Apple: Looking For A Few Good Converts
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple hopes to gain valuable marketing information it can put toward luring people away from Microsoft's omnipresent operating system.


Software Of Their Dreams
by Radha Basu, Computer Times Singapore
Creative artistes and independent film-makers in Singapore are turning to Apple solutions to support their work.

Mac OS X Vs. Windows XP
by Seng Li Peng,
Decision-makers in the content-creation industry have to anticipate how Microsoft's and Apple's strategies in the future will affect the platform they choose now.

For King's Laptop Dream, Perseverance Paid Off
by Bonnie Washuk, Lewiston Sun Journal
After two years of wrangling with opposition, he won approval for $25 million to pay for laptop computers for every seventh- and eighth-grader in Maine public schools.

iMac Delays Linked To Firmware Glitch
by Mike Hirschkorn, MacUser UK
Sources have indicated that the firmware issue was only one of a host of problems which combined to cause the delays.

Mac OS X Gets Backup
by ZDNet
Dantz Development announced the release of backup software tailored for Apple's Mac OS X.

Next Gen Bootlegging With iPod
by David Stevenson, TechTV

Apple In Hot Pursuit Of Buzzle Pair
by Kirsty Needham and Anne Lampe, The Age
Apple, which is owed close to $25 million, called the receivers on Buzzle.

Apple Updates AirPort Card Offering
by MacMinute

Industry Sings MPEG-4 Harmony
by Gwendolyn Mariano, ZDNet
An Internet streaming group on Tuesday endorsed a licensing plan for MPEG-4 audio compression, sidestepping controversy that has erupted around a highly anticipated sister video technology put forward as part of a proposed digital media standard.

A Fresher Linux For Macs
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
One button madness

iMovie Gives Students The Write Stuff
by Apple
If a picture's worth a thousand words, imagine what a movie is worth.

Alan Moulder On The Digital Studio
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple


Think You Need A New PC? Here's Why You Don't
by Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

Playing The Game Of Hype
by Stephen Van Esch, Low End Mac
Yes, Apple has created a product that almost sells itself. It's useless, though, if it remains vaporware for customers.

Apple's Hot New Market: PC Converts
by Charles Haddad, BusinessWeek
The new iMac is luring crossover buyers like never before, and that should help Jobs & Co. do well despite the industry's suffering.


Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Bill Stiteler,
This is certainly the most all-out fun game to come down the pike in quite a while.


Wednesday, March 27, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Microsoft poised to ship Windows 2000? Hello? Somebody's CMS is not working correctly.

And somebody over at Macsurfer is not working well too, by picking up this story. :-)


Price Cuts Ahead For Mobile Pentium 4
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
A mobile version of the Pentium 4 processor came out just this month, and already it appears that discounts are in the chip's future.

Xbox Sales Seen Missing Target
by David Becker, CNET
Microsoft is unlikely to meet current sales targets, owing to weak sales in Japan and Europe.

Eric Raymond: Microsoft Could Have Killed Linux
by Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK
Linux and the open-source movement could have been thwarted if Microsoft had launched its propaganda campaign early enough.

Microsoft Makes A College Try
by Tiffany Kary, CNET
Spooked by the growing popularity of Linux and Java, Microsoft is opening up its source code to up-and-coming programmers on college campuses.

Microsoft Judge Opens Door To Broader Remedy
by Peter Kaplan, Reuters
U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wants to know more about new computer technologies such as handheld devices to determine whether sancations against Microsoft should cover these items.

Write Once, Sue Many II
by Steve Gillmor, InfoWorld
Sun's commitment to preserving customer and developer choice through litigation, loopholes, and legislation rivals Microsoft's prior work in the field.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Top Stories

At 13, He's At Helm Of School Newscast
by Tanika White, Baltimore Sun
An imaginative eight-grader uses his proficiency with computers and the latest video technology to create another way to geet his school newsletter home to parents each week.


What's Next For OS X?
by Christopher Breen, Macworld
Apple's new operating system has made great strides, but more work is still needed.

Rising Component Costs May Eat At Apple Margins
by David Akin, The Globe And Mail
But most analysts agree the computer maker is still a 'buy'.

Want A Windows iPod? It's Easy
by Ben Berkowitz, Reuters
Apple's reticence has not stopped a legion of enthusiasts — professional software companies to college kids — from making their own software to solve the compatibility problem.

Tech Firms Take Their Wares To Hollywood
by Matt Krantz, USA Today
With telecom tanking and most firms still pinching pennies, tech firms are looking elsewhere to sell their wares. Some hope Hollywood is the answer.


Apple Rotten Says Former CEO Wannabe
by Michael Murdock,

OS X A Superb Successor
by Eric Schwarz, Low End Mac
Mac OS X is now almost as easy to use as OS 9, but it is many times more stable.

Thoughts On The iMac Price Hike
by Charles W. Moore, Low End Mac
People who waste their energy getting outraged by a price increase on a commodity ought to get a life.


Hard-Drivin' Tunes
by James L Kim, TechTV
Even with its minor faults, the iPod gets the nod as the best hard-drive MP3 player.


Tuesday, March 26, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

If you look beyond Gwyneth Paltrow and her, well, costume, you can actually see Steve Jobs at the Oscars.

Making the rounds... The new agency Federal Air Transportation Airport Security Service has a really bad acroymn.

Rumormonger: Digital camera from Apple.


Judge Asks DOJ: Can States Persist?
by Reuters
The judge in the case has invited DOJ to comment on whether states seeking harsher penalties against Microsoft have a right to pursue the case.

Is It Finally The Year Of The Tablet PC?
by John Morris and Josh Taylor, ZDNet

Microsoft Seeks To Discredit Gateway Witness
by Peter Kaplan, Reuters
Gateway executive was biased because AOL Time Warner holds a large chunk of the computer maker's stock.

Microsoft Said To Enhance PC Influence In Settlement
by Reuters
The government's proposed antitrust settlement with Microsoft has allowed the company to impose onerous new licensing terms on computer makers, said Gateway.

New Windows "Filesystem" A Threat To Open Source
by James Treleaven,
So Microosft wants to get rid of application files (such as MS Word doc files) and store everything in a database.

Sun's Catch-22
by Daryl Plummer, Gartner Viewpoint
Although Sun has had remarkable successes with Java, those victories have not translated into revenue.

Microsoft Sued Over E-commerce Patent
by James Niccolai, InfoWorld
Online services company Network Commerce has been awarded a trial date in its patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft.

Microsoft Amends Earnings Statement
by Associated Press
Software giant blames clerical error in reporting revenue.

Monday, March 25, 2002

Top Stories

Volume Control Knob Turns Heads
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Who but a jewelry designer could create a computer product that seems useless but is fast becoming a hit based on its good looks?


QuickTime Coming To PDAs
by Matthew Borersma, ZDNet UK
A California company says it is developing software that plays Apple's QuickTime video format on handheld computers.

The Five Most Popular Computer Accessories
by Jay Lyman, NewsFactor

Retailers To Hike PC Price Tags
by CNN/Money
After free-falling for more than a year, prices for PCs appear to be on the rise amid soaring component costs and a resurgence in demand.

Apple Fills Mac Cavity With Bluetooth Amalgam
by The Inquirer, Mike Magee
Jobs stirred a bit of controversy by saying it's more suitable to connect peripherals to the Mac using the still-rather-unready Bluetooth than 802.11b.

Mac OS X Version Of Mail Program Released
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Bare Bones Software released the first Mac OS X version of MailSmith.

Dashboard Confessional, Custom, Abandoned Pools Don't Need No Stinkin' Band
by MTV
"Now with Pro Tools and a Macintosh, you can bungle your way through creating things in your head without hiring 50 players and spending $2,000 a day for a 'real' studio."

Apple Computer Accelerates Innovation For Next-Generation Computing
by Yang Sung-Jin, Korea Herald
Is Microsoft closing the gap with Apple? The answer from Apple's top executive: "Not at all."

Taiwan Maker Of Notebook PC's Thrives Quietly
by Mark Landler, New York Times
Quanta Computer, a 14-year-old company based in Taiwan, is perhaps the most important, least well-known computer maker in the world.

Rising Costs Of LCD Screens Could Raise PC Prices
by Michelle Kessler, USA Today
Other PC and monitor makers could follow the lead of Apple Computer in raising prices to counteract increased component costs.

Getting Fired Up About FireWire
by Jim Heid, Los Angeles Times
Any device that deals with lots of data is an ideal candidate for the high-speed add-on connection interface.

Surrealist Views From A Real Live One
by Linda yablonsky, New York Times
At 91, Ms. Tanning is one of the only three surviving members of the art movement that the French writer Andre Breton founded with several friends in Paris in the 1920's.

Wireless Technology Helps To Make Gov. King's Vision A Reality
by David Sharp, Associated Press
Fast-growing wireless technology means there is no spaghetti-like jumble of cables in the classrooms in Auburn Middle School.


The Great Industrial-Design Shift
by Rodney O. Lain, Low End Mac
Apple has proven time and again that style sells when coupled with the right features and specs.

Discussion: Apple Wants Your Input
by Slashdot


by Stefano Scalia, TheMacMind

Apple Power Mac G4 (Dual PowerPC, 1GHz)
by Barry Lubov, CNET
If you can wait for a major revision that might provide more far-reaching performance boosts, we think you'll want to hold off for a bit. This is fast and solid machine, but we hope it's a sign of even greater things to come.

Readers Suggest Methods For Quieting The PowerBook G4

Mac: Lights, Computer, Action
by Jules Allen, St. Petersburg
Apple's iMovie and iDVD are a powerful video editing combintation for the home user.

Apple iBook G3: The New Generation
by Edward Taylor, Jamaica Observer


Monday, March 25, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

If you were at the Oscar, you would have gotten an iPod in your gift basket.


Doc Searls: Here's how think the wi-fi is here: I'm posting this from a stall in the men's room... I hear keyboards tapping in both of them... How much you wanna bet that this gets quoted more than anything I'm writing today that's actually meaningful?


A Test For Antitrust Laws
by Amy Harmon, New York Times
The federal judge presiding over the Microsoft trial has postponed ruling on the case's most contested question: how broad is the scope of this remedy proceeding?

NEC Plans To Raise PC Prices
by Reuters
NEC said Monday it plans to increase the suggested retail price on its PC due to rising prices of parts ushc as DRAM chips and LCDs.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

Top Stories

Apple's Mac OS X Passes A Time Trial
by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
At this one-year mark, OS X passes the most important test of an upgrade: I don't like using the old Mac OS 9 anymore.


Multi-Lingual In The World Wide Web
by DW-World
Professional translators and interpreters beware! There's a new product out at CeBIT this year and it's set to make your job obsolete.


'Not-Quite-Shareware' Lets You Sample Software Before Buying
by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times
Most shareware products morphed into other catagories of goods because of the vast number of new users entering the Net who lacked the experience with paying for things that appear to be free.


Hands On With The Pen Drive
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
If you need something compact for quickly transporting and sharing files between computers without cables or adaptors, it's a good buy.

Virtual PC 5.0
by Jonathan A. Oski, Macworld
OS X support and speed improvements highlight upgraded emulator.

Midrange Flatbed Scanners
by Tony A. Bojorquez, Macworld
New models provide higher resolution, great value.


Sunday, March 24, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

For those living here in Singapore, the 12-page iMac insert is in your Sunday Times today.

I'm going to face two of my fears early next month: fear of dentist, and fear of needles. Yeah, I'm going to have one of my two wisdom teeth taken out.

Steve Zellers: The big loser in Mac OS X is the file system fragility problem.


States Continue To Battle Microsoft
by D. Ian Hopper, Associated Press
The nine states still think they can persuade the court to impose far-reaching penalties on the software company.

Antitrust Suits Dent Microsoft Cash, Not Its Monopoly
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
Would even billions in settlements be enough to deter Microsoft from its core strategy, which boils down to preventing or eliminating competition in any market where it can extend or leverage its Windows dominance?

A World Without Windows?
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
Microsoft fears worst under states' plan; foes scoff at argument.

Saturday, March 23, 2002


Orphanage Goes 3D With Maya For Mac
by Apple
"Maya is the most powerful 3D tool on the Mac, bar none."

OS X Can Bypass PDF Security
by MacUser
Mac OS X's Preview application can bypass all the security settings in a PDF file.

Apple Tests History With iMac Increase
by MacMinute
A similar Mac price increase of up to 29 percent in 1988 ended up slashing Apple's profit margins from 51 percent to 48 percent.

Australians Willing To Pay Extra $200 For iMac
by james Pearce, ZDNet Australia
Apple has increased the price of all new imacs by AU$200, but Australian distributors doubt it will affect demand.


Macworld Expo: Preaching To The Converted
by Mary Kennard, Daily Yomiuri
If you're an Apple fan, you'll enjoy it — and if you use a Windows computer, you should go just so you can see what you are missing.

Are Macs Getting Too Cheap?
by Charles W. Moore,
Have Macs gotten too cheap for their (our) own good?


Low-End Dell PCs Get Speed Boost
by John G. Spooner, CNET
Dell updated its two low-priced, consumer-oriented desktop PC product lines this week with faster processors.

HP Shares Slip On News Of Memo
by Margaret Kane, CNET
HP shares dropped Friday after a report that the head of HP's services unit sent a memo to staffers Monday discussing possible problems with the division's performance.

Red Hat: Microsoft Scares Off Sales Reps
by Reuters
Computer makers are still fearful of offering an alternative to Microsoft's Windows OS, and Microsoft still dictates how they configure the machines they sell.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Top Stories

iMac Price Increase Not Contagious
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
PC makers probably won't follow with similar increases. Instead, PC makers will reduce the amount of memory or change the hard drive.


Fetch For Mac!
by Philip Towndrow, Computer Times Singapore
Shareware from Fetch Software helps Macintosh users transfer files faster on the Internet.


Friday, March 22, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

How to Crash iPhoto

At least, with my digital camera and my copy of iPhoto...

Download one whole bunch of photos from camera. Camera automatically turns off after a while, probably due to "lack of activities". (???)

iPhoto crash.

Luckily, OS X is still alive and well. All I have to do is restart iPhoto, do the whole download again (USB's speed is getting on my nerve.) And pressing the "forward" button on my camera every minute. (That last part is not fun. But I don't feel like turning off the auto-off feature of my camera.)

USENET and the Web

I wish the messages in my USENET newsreader have a link in there that brings me to the corresponding page at Google Groups. (No, reading posts on Google, or other web applications, is not what I want.)


Dan Gillmor: I wish Google had more spine.

John Hiler: Google is powerless to do anything before [DMCA], without risking its entire business on unproven legislation.

Does anyone has any pointers on how to teach somebody the concept of "drag and drop" over the phone?

E.T. The Extra Material


Dell Unfazed By Rival China PC Maker
by ZDNet
Dell doesn't seem too woried that a China rival is adopting its made-to-order model to defend itself against Dell in the crucial mainland market.

Losing The HP Way
by Jeff Goodell, Salon
Carly Fiorina may have triumphed over Walter Hewlett, but the effort to save her company's share price came at a cost: Silicon Valley's soul.

Intel Down As Analyst Trims Outlook
by Jason Chow, Naitonal Post

Meet The Real Microsoft: Why It's Not What You Think
by David Coursey, ZDNet
Some myths about Microsoft, and how they vary from the reality I've seen firsthand.

Microsoft Password Research Looks To Images, Not Text
by Reuters
Images thend to make more of an impression on people than string of text characters.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Puts More Stock In Jobs
by Reuters
Apple last year gave Steve Jobs a new set of options, in addition to his token $1 salary, since his existing right to buy some 5 percent of the company was not worth exercising, the company said Thursday.

Macs Macs Macs Macs Macs
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Apart from Apple's headquarters, perhaps the only other Macintosh mecca on the planet is the giant Computer Mac Kan store in Tokyo's famed Akihabara "Electric Town" district.

10GB iPod; iPod Contact Management Software Debuts
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Stre up to 2,000 CD-quality songs, and up to 1,000 names and addresses.

Apple Raises Prices On New iMac
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
Apple has been responsible for a number of PC innovations. On Wednesday, the company came out with a new one: higher prices. Apple is raising the price of its new iMacs by $100, citing rising costs of flat-panel monitors and memory.


Global Body Approves Version Of Bluetooth Standard
by Reuters

Parts Inflation Hits The iMac
by Diane Hess, The Street
Apple's news that higher component costs will force it to raise prices on its new iMac could bode ill for PC makers.

JP Morgan Trims Apple Computer Outlook On Higher Costs For iMac
by BusinessWeek
Analyst Daniel Kunstler says the company's costs have tripled since the new iMac launch in January.

Reader: CNN Stops Using QuickTime Video
by MacNN
In favor of "RealOne".

The Truth Behind PC Sales Figures: Does Everybody Really Have One?
by Jon Fortt, San Jose Mercury News
Six in 10 U.S. households have at least one personal computer, the same as a year ago. Does that mean everyone who wants a PC already has one?

iTunes 2.0.4
by Apple
iTunes 2.0.4 adds expanded AppleScript support, and improved stability and performance.

Apple Introduces 23-inch Apple Cinema Display
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Add Bluetooth to your Mac, starting in April.

10GB iPod; iPod Contact Management Software Debuts
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Stre up to 2,000 CD-quality songs, and up to 1,000 names and addresses.

Apple Brewing Up New Products
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple will unveil a new iPod that comes with a 10GB hard drive and optional software that will let consumers use it as a digital organizer, sources said.

Spider-Man Trailer Climbs Onto The Web First
by ZDNet
The trailer will be available in three sizes, including full screen, using Apple's QuickTime technology.


Deimos Rising
by Bill Stiteler,
Deimos Rising is certainly worth the shareware fee, if you're into scrolling shooters.


Thursday, March 21, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Termination of My Yahoo! Mail Account

If you are still sending e-mail to me at this website using the old Yahoo! account, please note that I'll be abandoning that account real soon now. Your mail will be ignored.

To communicate on matters relating to MyAppleMenu, please use Thanks.

Surfing While Shopping

Dave Winer: Downtown Palo Alto is in a depression... I thought it would be a good investment for renewal of the business district to have free WiFi for University Avenue, to attract people to local businesses.

I wish the local shopping centers here have free wireless access. I'll gladly go shopping with my wife every time she desires. :-) Of course, then, I'll have to start looking for something lighter than my PowerBook (Firewire).


MS Mira Beta: Buy $800 Web Tablet, Then Pretend It's Not
by John Lettice, The Register
Beta testers of Microsoft's Mira wireless display devices are going to have to pay for the hardware, which is not a wireless display at all.

In Microsoft Case, RealNetworks Says Competition Is Unfair
by Amy Harmon, New York Times

Compaq Shareholders Approve Sale To Hewlett-Packard
by Chris Gaither and Steve Lohr, New York Times
Investors in Compaq saw clear benefits from the deal.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Top Stories

How Apple's iMovie Made Me A Spielberg — In Just One Hour
by David Coursey, ZDNet
If you're buying a computer to make digital home movies, buy a Mac.


Apple Goes Hollywood
by Penelope Patsuris, Forbes
A tiny, recent acquisition by Apple Computer hints at how the niche computer maker plans to dominate Hollywood with its technology.

What's Behind That Apple Curtain?
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Apple is definitely up to something here at Macworld Tokyo.

Teen Reporter With Web Site Counts STARS Among His Fans
by Greg Hernandez, Los Angeles Daily News
Fred Medill will easily be the youngest journalist at Sunday's Academy Awards, wearing a tuxedo as he files celebrity inteviews for his popular FredTV Web site.


Secure Mail Reading On Mac OS X
by Jason McIntosh, O'Reilly Network
In this article I describe a danger inherent in most mail-reading methods, and ways to work around it on OS X, using the Macil program.


Wednesday, March 20, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Idiots Running The Show?

Is Apple trying to prevent people from attending its seminar?

I've just registered for this event, which required the user to first create an account with Apple first. As a Mac user, I already have an account, so it's fine. I wonder how many non-Apple users (which seems to be the target of this seminar) would bother creating the account.

But the worst has yet to come. Well, actually, it arrived ó in my mail box. The confirmation e-mail actually asked for me to print it out, and present at the seminar for a pass. Except that the e-mail contains my password, in plain text.

I hope nobody will steal all these sheets of paper at the seminar, and use them to, say, buy stuff from Apple's online store.


I'm so addicted to this game — which is so remarkably simple.

My past-addictions include Marathon and Starcraft, where complexity level is, well, at least one notch up.

Where's My Windows

One of the greatest problem I have with the new Luna interface of Windows XP is figuring which is the active window.

Odd, I wound imagine that I will have the same problem with Aqua, but that never happened.


Microsoft Judge Throws Out Testimony
by Associated Press
Written testimony from RealNetworks vice president David Richards could not be admitted because Richards did not have direct knowledge.

Ex-Chief Of Netscape Criticizes Microsoft's Penalty Proposal
by Amy Harmon, New York Times

Microsoft: Java Is Sun's Worst Problem
by Reuters
In antitrust hearings, Microsoft portrays Java as inherently flawed.

Charter Delays Using Microsoft TV Software - WSJ
by Reuters
The change in plans is significant because analysts had seen Charter's commitment to Microsoft's software as a big vote of confidence in Microsoft's TV program.

It's Deja Vu In Microsoft Antitrust Case
by Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle
"There's a remarkable similarity between the conduct in the record and the conduct being employed today and what will be available to Microsoft in the future."

Microsoft Hasn't Been Able To Stifle Linux's Growth
by Byron Acohido, USA Today
If Microsoft has tried to squash the Linux OS by bullying computer and chip makers into snubbing it, it hasn't succeeded.

New Beta Of Visual J#.Net Released
by Wylie Wong and Stephen Shankland, ZDNet
Microsoft has released a new test version of a programming tool aimed at luring Java developers to the company's .Net Web services strategy.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002


King Taps Private Sector For Maine's Laptop Plan
by Alexander Soule, Mass High Tech
The credit-card company MBNA became the second organization to donate $1 million to the $15 million war chest King hopes to amass to save the plan.

Reader: No iMac Shortage At Tampa Store
by MacNN

Homegrown Mac Whizkid
by Charles F. Moreira, The Star
Way back in 1996, Teng Chou Ming had no idea that he would be making a mark in the Mac world.


Take The Mac Challenge
by Steve Watkins, Low End Mac


Outliners For OS X
by Rob McNair-Huff, Mac Net Journal


Tuesday, March 19, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

David Coursey: If Bill Gates loved the Mac as much as he says, he'd do more to make sure it exists merely as a second-class citizen in the Microsoft worldview, rather than the third- or fourth-class place it occupies today.

The effects of cannabis on a web-based lifestyle.


HP Declares Merger Will Be Approved
by Ian Fried, CNET
HP declared victory Tuesday in its hotly contested battle to merge with Compaq.

States Tel Judge Microsoft Is Still A Bully
by Reuters
Microsoft is still using its monopoly power to bully potential competitors like RealNetworks and the Linux OS.

Microsoft Hearing: Sun On A Hot Seat
by Associated Press
Sun saw Microsoft's decision to stop supporting Java as an opportunity to highlight Microsoft's "hostile business practices."

PlayStation 2 Gets Kicked Out Of CeBit
by Steve Homer, ZDNet UK
Less than a week after Steve Ballmer told visitors to CeBIT that he wanted to see a warmer, friendlier Microsoft, his company has become embroiled in a row with Sony.

Does Microsoft Make The Grade? Well, Let's See...
by David Coursey, ZDNet
If you were grading Microsoft, what score would you give it?

Microsoft 'killed Dell Linux' - States
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
Carry On Kempin

Monday, March 18, 2002


From The Shareware Industry, Lessons On Keeping Downloaders Honest
by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
For shareware to survive, consumers have to pay for it. Do they?


Siriusly Twisted
by Glenn Fleishman, 802.11b Networking News
Let's raise a ruckus. Time to contact the FCC and offer some public feedback.


Solving The OS X Mystery
by David Frith, The Barrow
Mac OS X: The Missing Manual runs to just under 600 pages, and it covers pretty well any question you might ask.

PowerMac G4 Cube Serves Well For Talk To PCs
by Mark Kellner, Washington Times
Can the Mac talk to PCs? Can the Mac read and write PC-compatible files? Are there enough applications for the Mac to make life useful?

Hardware Or Software? Wading The Video Stream
by Darrin Woods, Network Computing
Our judges picked the images from our Darwin Streaming Server as either the best or the second best in our five bandwidth tests.


No 1 Is Not Enough For Michael Dell
by Kenneth James, Business Times Singapore
Rivals will feel the heat as PC maker seeks new markets.

HP Merger: Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose
by David Coursey, ZDNet
How else to explain why a seemingly rational person like Carly Fiorina would pursue something as irrational as this merger with Compaq?

Dell CEO: PC Rebound Not Happening Yet
by Reuters
Dell said he sensed some improvement in the US, but the overall tone was still cautious.

States Call For Tougher Penalties On Microsoft
by Associated Press
The states asked to force Microsoft to create a stripped-down version of Windows that could incorporate competitors' features and to divulge the blueprints for its IE browser.

XP Bandwidth Brouhaha
by Brian Livingston, InfoWorld
Using any software other than Microsoft's to view an XP desktop from Windows 2000 or any other OS would violate the company's license agreement.

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Top Stories

Paul Smith Meets The New iMac
by Jeannie Swales, Apple
Paul Smith, one of the world's top fashion designers, explains why he has been bowled over by the product he describes as "the perfect modern design".

Apple's New iMac: Hype Versus Reality
by Stephen Manes, Forbes
Does it now make sense for longtime Windows sheep to join the Mac flock? A rational comparison is in order.


Apple Out-Performs Competitors As It Moves Into Research Arena
by AME Info
In a marked display of its powerful ability, Apple's fastest machine yet, the PowerPC G4, has now made its presence known in the biotechnology arena.

With New Software Boxes, Smaller Is Better
by Gene Emery, Reuters
We're in the midst of a small revolution in the way computer software is packaged — and it's about time.

Design-It-Yourself Skis And Snowboards
by Barbara Gibson, Apple
"There's always a use for the Mac. We never get rid of them."

Pocket Playback
by Kip Crosby, Forbes
Tracking the evolution of take-out tunes.

Apple Updates AirPort BaseStation Firmware
by MacNN
Apple has released an AirPort Graphite Basestation 3.84 firmware update which addresses a DHCP lease issue when used on the Comcast and Rogers cable networks.

Where Music Will Be Coming From
by Kevin Kelly, New York Times
There is no music made today that has not been shaped by the fact of recording and duplication.

In Case Of Theft, Your Mac Can PhoneHome
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
A new security software application called PC PhoneHome that tracks and locates missing Macs.

Teachers Get Hands-On Experience With New Laptops
by Lindsay Tice, Lewiston Sun Journal
"I'm amazed with what I'll be able to do with this."


How Trade-Ins Could Grow Apple's Market
by Adam Robert Guha, Low End Mac


iTunes 2.0
by Jonathan Seff, Macworld
With its new features, iTunes 2.0.3 has become a fully capable MP3 player, encoder, and jukebox.

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
by Gary Coyne,
There is a lot of great information contained therein.


Sunday, March 17, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I'm back in Singapore... Now, catching up with my e-mails and all the Mac news...


Ruling Questions Protected Use Of The Name 'Windows'
by Dan RIchman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
In a narrow, preliminary ruling, a judge wrote that there are "serious questions regarding whether 'Windows' is a non-generic name and thus eligible for the protections of federal trademark law."

Comptuer Merger Faces Final Yea/Nay
by Andy Vuong, Denver Post
HP, Compaq investors vote this week.

Microsoft Heads Back To Court
by BBC News
The nine states want to see pre-emptive action to restrain Microsoft rather than merely redress for the company's past misdeeds.

Microsoft Case Enters Crucial Penalty Phase
by Joseph Menn, Los Angeles Times

Microsoft Should Be Punished
by J.J. Gifford, Salon
The feds failed to order a breakup when it could have done some good. Now, based on the government's findings, Sun, Netscape and Be are suing — with good reason.

States Say They Can Seek Own Microsoft Sanctions
by Reuters
The nine states still pursuing the Microsoft antitrust case told a federal judge on Friday that they have "long and clearly established" authority to seek their own sanctions against the company.

Friday, March 15, 2002


Adobe Earnings Beat Estimates
by David Becker, CNET
Adobe reported quarterly profit and revenues that were way down from a year ago but a slight improvement sequentially.

Pro And Con
by Joe Cellini, Apple
Final Cut Pro helped Jesse Moss discover the right edits to tell a story.

Macs Save Time On The Set Of “24”
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple
Rodney Charters hits the ground running to keep up with the real-time TV drama "24." Not only does he use Final Cut Pro to keep up with the daily shots, he also uses his iPod as a production assistant.


Killer Apps
by Tim Bajarin,
Apple has made handling mixed digital media so easy that the Mac has now become my preferred way of managing video, images and music.


A Thing Of Joy And Beauty
by Garry Barker, The Age
I know it is just a computer. I cannot fully explain why using a Mac is a totally different experience, but it is and thisnew iMac has taken that difference quite a bit further.


Ballmer Touts Cybercrime Pact With U.S.
by Reuters

Microsoft's Borrowed Code May Pose Risk
by Robert Lemos, CNET
A security flaw in open-source software used by Linux and Unix systems for compression may affect some Microsoft products that also uses the code.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Top Stories

UNIX Under The Desktop
by Doc Searls and Brent Simmons, Linux Journal
A penguin's-eye look at Apple's OS X.


Parents: Bath Not Ready For Laptops
by Christopher Cousins, Times Record
The school department doesn't have an adequate plan in place to support them.


Mac Market Built On Sand?
by Matthew Rothenberg, eWEEK
Are users going to be as patient about deferring an equipment purchase in the face of months-long delays?


MS Office X For Macintosh
Apple has been looking for a "killer app" to convince users to upgrade to Mac OS X and, ironically, rival Microsoft has obliged.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Top Stories

An Anti-Mac Corporate Conspiracy?
by Charles Haddad, BusinessWeek
A reader suggests that info-tech managers are keeping their companies PC-centric to protect their job secrutiy.


A Recording Studio, For A Song
by Charles F. Moreira, The Star
Digital technology has enabled musicians like local singer, songwriter and musician Amir Yussof to set up complete recording studios in their offices or homes — for virtuall a song (no puns intended).

Virtual PC 5.0.2 Improves Performance
by TidBITS
Chief among the improvements are a wide variety of performance enhancements aimed at addressing complaints about glacial performance under Mac OS X.

Tariff On Blank CDs? Blame Canada
by Michelle Delio, Wired News
Makers of MP3 players would pay $21 in fees for each gigabyte of memory, raising the cost of devices like Apple's iPod by more than $100.

Have Modem, Will Apple
by Glenn Fleishman, 802.11b Networking News
You can modify an Orinoco RG-1000 to use Apple's AirPort software, too.


Simplifying All Those Cords
by Edward C. Baig, USA Today
How did we get stuck in this morass? Call it Darwinism in reverse.


Digital Photo Goodies For Mac OS X
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
Mac OS X is becoming a great digital photography platform.


Wednesday, March 13, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Out Of Town

I'll be out of town over the weekend — this coming Friday till Sunday. No updates from me on these three days...


Share with the world what your iTunes is playing at this very moment.

Paul Hoffman: I'm more likely to put [bookmarks] in a file or in my blog's sidebar.. I guess that comes from switching browsers so frequently throughout the years.


"Ghost" Haunting XP Computers Unmasked
by New Scientist
The built-in voice recognition software is installed and activated by some computer retailers as a default option.

Xbox Awaits Friendlier European Arrival
by David Becker, CNET
Microsoft is expected to begin a comparatively pleasant European holiday this week, after a bruising arrival for the Xbox in Japan last month.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Top Stories

Future Boy: The Apple Touch
by Erick Schonfeld, Business 2.0
The company's deep talent lies in making technology that's easy to love — which is exactly what the digital world needs now.


Free Office Alternative Is Open
by MacUser
Mac OS X users can soon look forward to a free-of-charge altnerative to Microsoft Office, thanks to the efforts of open source developers.

Microsoft, Apple Brew Up
by Globe and Mail
The new site for Mac-using professionals is part of The Chemistry Project - a Canadian program that explores and promotes good hcemistry between the two companies, and Mac owners.

Apple Fans Anticipate New York Macworld
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
According to Macworld organizer IDG Expo, the show has already 'significantly surpassed Seybold, PC Expo and Internet World in New York.'


Those Still Living In Pre-OS-X World Need To ëLet It Go,í Cuz All Our Mac Belong To Unix
by Rodney O. Lain, The Mac Observer


Mac OS X - The Missing Manual
by Eugenia Loli-Queru, OSNews
If you are not the Ultimate Power User or a "hacker", this book is for you.


Tuesday, March 12, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Cameron Barrett: Almost every single Mac I've seen in use [at SXSW] has been running Mac OS X.

An Apple A Day: - Mac OS X deployment in higher education.


Intel Launches Xeon MP
by George A. Chidi, InfoWorld
Intel launched the long-awaited design for low-end multiprocessor servers.

Ballmer: Microsoft Wants To Be Trustworthy
Steve Ballmer attempted to build bridges with governments and industry rivals on Tuesday when he said Microsoft aspired to become a responsible industry leader.

Buffer Overflow Opens Windows
by James Middleton,
A buffer overflow vunlerability in the Windows shell could lead to the execution of malicious code with privileges of the logged in user.

Microsoft Makes Changes To Address European Concerns
by Reuters
Microsoft said it would open up some information that the European Commission alleged it unfarily kept secret to make life tough for rivals.

Intel Demos First Ultrawideband Wireless
by Rupert Goodwins, ZDNet UK
Intel gave the first demonstration of a radical radio technology that should allow up to 500mbps to be transmitted in 'steerable' beams.

PC Still Beige, And Butt-Ugly
by Chris Barton, New Zealand Hearld
I was hoping for something surprising, even stunning, in the lineup of new "concept PCs" at the Intel Developer Forum. I was disappointed.

Monday, March 11, 2002

Top Stories

iMac Emulators Will Always Fail - Design Guru
by Mat Loney, ZDNet UK
"People like details, and Apple understands that. Companies that try to copy the look of an Apple case without understand the Apple ethos always fail."

Outage Blocks E-Mail
by Ian Fried, CNET
Mac users who get their e-mail through Apple's servers had trouble getting access to their messages over the weekend, a problem attributed to maintenance and repair.

Apple Flat-Panel iMac The Better Way To Go With Digital Media
by Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle
In many ways, the Mac remains easier and more fun to use.


Cool Design Won't Save A Dud Product
by Bob Parks, Business 2.0
Ever since the iMac, shelves have been littered with bold failures. Here's how to get it right.

iMac Delays Highlight Apple's Forgotten Promises To Resellers
by Nick dePlume, Think Secret
Apple has been readily stocking its retail stores, but most independent resellers have been left in the cold.

Benchmarks Demolish Apple Speed Boasts
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
New kit bested by ancient PIII


CodeBitch In The Briar Patch
by MacEdition
Will your web site work in IE7?


Civilization III
by Bill Stiteler,
For challenge, depth, and replayability, there is simply no game to compare with any Civilization game.

A Movie Museum On Your Mac
by Advertiser News Service
The iDVD2 interface lets users create discs with menu buttons for a large number of movies by simply dragging and dropping icons into a template.

Power Macintosh G4/800, G4/933, And Dual -1GHz
by Rick LePage, Macworld
The real meat of Apple's product line remains in the desktop towers — excellent expansion, performance, and flexibility are still the standards that professionals require of their Macs.


Monday, March 11, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Catch a demonstration of Photoshop 7 on Mac OS X next week at PhotoshopWorld, San Diego.

A new Star Wars trailer has been posted.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden: If you just make the damn [dock] really big suddenly you can see beautifully-detailed icons of all your minimized windows... This is actually worth losing screen real-estate for. Rocking.

For those who care about these things, there's an RSS feed for VersionTraker.

MacDesktops is back.


Sun Vs MS: Lawsuit Makes Both Look Silly
by David Coursey, ZDNet

Experts: Sun Lawsuit Reaches Too Far
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Legal experts describe Sun's lawsuit against Microsoft as very aggressive and expansive, going well beyond anything pursued by federal and state trustbusters.

Bill Gates Isn't In The Clear Yet
by Dan Carney, BusinessWeek
In her court appearances so far, Kollar-Kotelly has signaled she'll give as serious consideration to the dissenting states' proposals as the Justice Dept's proposed settlements.

Walter Hewlett Confident HP-Compaq Deal To Fall
by Reuters

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Top Stories

Unite Friends And Neighbours: Just Install Your Nan
by John naughton, The Observer
We are looking at the emergence of a new grassroots phenomenon - the Neighbourhood Area Network, or Nan.


The Next Phase Of Digital Imaging
by Reid Kanaley, Knight Ridder News Service
Photography itself is being transformed by digital technology.

WebSTAR Thrice Faster Than Apache, Says 4D
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral


A Multiple-Bellow Show Stealer
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune
Adobe has packed the software with new tools and found welcome ways to reposition some of the best old ones.

Digital Power To The People With iMac
by Judy Voullaire, Stuff

Penguin2Apple: How A Linux Lover Turned To A Macintosh
by The Gamers Press
After 2.5 years of Linux, I've finally found joy in a Unix operating system.

Apple's New iMac Big Leap Over Older Models
by David Rosen,
One of the first things that hit me about Apple's new iMac models is its size.

Apple Base Station For Half Price
by Glenn Fleishman, 80.11b Networking News
Turn a $150 Orinoco RG-1100 into a $300 Apple AirPort Base Station, for free.


Sunday, March 10, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Barrett discovers how to export mail from Entourage to Eudora.

Kevin Hemenway: MySQL on Mac OS X.


Nobody Was Fooled By Microsoft Empty Threat
by Lauren Barack, New York Post

Saturday, March 9, 2002

Top Stories

Schools Unpacking The Laptops
by Tess Nacelewicz, Portland Press Herald
The new laptops are here - at least in nine "demonstration" schools.

DVD Player 3.1.1 Released For OS X
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Replaces the recently released DVD Player 3.1.


Microsoft: Appel's Enemy Or Savior?
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
Kevin Browne, head of MS' Mac business unit, said that customers are no longer caught in the middle of the feud.

Power Mac 'Is No Supercomputer'
by MacUser
The Motorola PowerPC 1GHz processor 'is far less suited for scientific applications.'

In Plein Sight: Macs Document Art On Missouri’s Katy Trail
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple
"The Mac was a pure joy to use. I found it refreshing tow ork with a machine that was not only totally reliable, but more importantly, completely internally compatible."

REALbasic Developer Magazine Coming This Summer
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Written by REALbasic users for REALbasic users.

Pitney-Bowes Files Suit Vs. Lexmark
by Associated Press
Alleges Lexmark, Apple, and others of violating patent on laser printer part.

Smile, You're On Bootleg Camera
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
There are myriad clever ways to steal software from computer stores.


The G4 iMac As A Portable Substitue Computer?
by Charles W. Moore, Applelinks
Of course, no desktop computer incorporates one of the laptop's most improtable portable features — battery power.

Upgrade Time
by Jeff Lewis, MacOPINION
It's always been an accepted belief in the Mac world that PCs have to be upgraded more often than Macs do.

Mac At The X-Roads
by Stephen Bollinger,
Your show of support will help the Mac community transits to OS X.


Apple's Final Cut Pro 3: Professional Video On Your Desktop
by David Rosen,


Japanese Retailers Pull Microsoft's Xbox Game Machine
by Ananova
Two major Japanese electronics retailers are suspending sales of Xbox after customers complained that the machine scratches game discs.

Judge Grants Delay In Microsoft Hearings
by Reuters
Microsoft granted a one-week delay to study last-minute changes to the sanctions proposed by the nine states.

Gateway Throws A Profile Punch At iMac
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple Computer has whipped up a frezny with its new flat-planel iMac, and Gateway is getting in on the action.

Friday, March 8, 2002


Mac Porn Sites Follow-Up
by John H. Farr, Applelinks

Stopping Hackers, While Doing Detective Work On The Side
by J.D. Biersdorfer, New York Times
Symantec has announced version 2 of its Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh.

Area Schools "In Good Shape" To Take On Laptops
by Jami Badershall,
"If it happens, we're in good shape to utilize it. The kids are knowledgeable, and the staff is knowledgeable."


iMac G4/800
by Jason Snell, Macworld
Bold Apple system avoids the sophomore slump.


Friday, March 8, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong


I'm looking for an iTunes-like MP3 player for my Windows XP machine. Everywhere I look, I see powerful skinnable modules. Nowhere do I see Macintosh-like usability and power.


(Suggestions welcomed.)


OSXFAQ: Can Your Dell Do This???


Do OS Vendors Sell Lemons?
by Robert Zarate, Wired News
"How could so many websites be hacked? The answer was that the system was sold broken."

Full Speed Ahead!
by Robert X. Cringely, PBS
Why Microsoft is thumbing its nose at the courts and will probably get away with it.

Intel Predicts Good Server Sales
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
Although the chip sector is still depressed, Intel says that server sales are stronger than expected.

Thursday, March 7, 2002


Don't Give Up On A Mac
by Gene Steinberg, Gannett News Service
You feel like a fish swimming upstream, and you're getting tired of fighting an uphill battle.


Thursday, March 7, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Rumormonger: Apple to release new education software.


Sony Plays PS2 Online Against Microsoft
by Reuters
Sony will launch online services for its market-leading PlayStation 2 in August.

Microsoft Addresses Japan Xbox Gripes
by Reuters
Microsoft said it would unconditionally replace all hardware and any damaged software due to scratches.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Top Stories

All-In-One iMac Hard To Come By
by Joe Wilcox and Michael Kanellos, CNET
The production problems have been caused in part by a shortage of 15-inch LCD flat panels, analysts and sources said.

Stop. Pay Toll. Download.
by Damien Cave, Salon
Backers of a next-generation multimedia compression technology want to charge a controversial fee — but instead their plan is fanning interest in free, open-source alternatives.

Apple: The Comeback Kid?
by Stewart Alsop, Fortune
Don't laugh (or worse, try to change the subject). Apple's new iMac may get businesses to buy its computers again.


iPod PIM App Posted
by Macworld UK
The organizer allows an iPod to store numbers, email addresses, flight numbers and appointment times.

An Apple Every Day
by Computer Times Singapore
When architect Karen Ho bought her latest Apple iBook recently, she was continuing a 20-year-old family tradition.

Low Profits Don't Faunt PC Firms
by Sam Diaz, San Jose Mercury News
Computers provide chance to push more lucrative products.


Bring Back The Cube
by Stephen Van Esch, Low End Mac

Cultlike Mac Followers Are Touchy Over Criticism
by Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press
What has most amazed me is the incredible fight-to-the-death loyalty my column's extremely mild criticism generated.

Macs And Businesses Just Don't Mix
by Charles Haddad, BusinessWeek
OS X has given Steve Jobs' quixotic corporate quest new vigor. Too bad the PC's cubicle dominance appears unshakable.

The Changing Mac Community
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
Many didn't realize that Steve Jobs was about to change the entire community as we knew it, and all the prodigal sons and daughters who had to leave to explore other platforms were welcomed home again.

Face Off
by Alfred Siew and Billy Teo, Computer Times Singapore
In case you still don't know, PCs don't run on DOS anymore. They don't crash twice a day. And games are just awesome.


Stitcher 3.1
by Ben Long, Macworld
While it is not the fastest stitching program, its support for VR formats and unique interface make it an ideal tool for creating panoramic environments.

iPhoto 1.0
by Jason Snell, Macworld
Easy-to-use photo utility still missing a few key features.

CorelDRAW 10: Great Vector Graphics At A Competitive Price
by David Rosen,
I'm happy to say that Corel's new CorelDRAW continues the MacDraw legacy of fast, easy-to-use vector-based graphics.


Wednesday, March 6, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The World & I

There are certain things in this world which I really want to do. But my doctor says no. Something that I know would bring happiness and all that sort of things to this world, but I can't, no matter how hard I try. It's not like learning C++ or C#. It's not like learning how to ride a bicycle.

Sometimes, I just want to contain all the sorrows in the world. But I can't.

The Worst of Microsoft

After using so many products from Microsoft over so many years, the one product whose user-interface still make me mad is, without a doubt, Microsoft Project.

And, no, I didn't have the opportunity of using Microsoft Word 6 on Macintosh.


An Apple A Day: Splorp.


FTC Gives HP-Compaq The Go-ahead
by Ian Fried and Dawn Kawamoto, CNET
No conditions attached.

DOJ: Microsoft Case Not Strong Enough
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday conceded that it settled with Microsoft in part because trustbusters failed to prove part of the basic theory of the antitrust case.

Microsoft And DoJ Pitch New Settlement
by Reuters
Lawyers for the two sides will try to convince the judge today that their revised settlement is in the public interest.

Microsoft Designing New Xbox Controller
by James Stevenson, Cinescape
Aha! Their original focus groups were wrong!

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Is Global Brand Of The Year
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Apple beat out such names as Volkswagen, Nokia and Starbucks to win the Reader's Choice 2001 Brand of the Year survey conducted by Brandchannel.


Apple Is Global Brand Of The Year
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Apple beat out such names as Volkswagen, Nokia and Starbucks to win the Reader's Choice 2001 Brand of the Year survey conducted by Brandchannel.

Omni Group: Java Fixed, Java Web Start Added
by Daniel H. Steinberg, O'Reilly Network

Technology Divide Creates Social, Educational Cavern
by S. Elizabeth Bird, Tampa Bay Business Journal
A growing body of research shows that in reality, access is just the beginning.

DivX Updates Digital Video Technology
by Paul Festa, CNET
DivX Networks on Monday released the latest version of its digital video technology, and an alpha version for Mac OS.


Discussion: Disney Blames Apple For Music Piracy
by Slashdot

Installers In OS X — The Good & The Guilty
by John C Welch,
When it comes to just plain annoying and sometimes destructive installers, there is one target, one virtual black hole for boots to the head... Apple.


Freakin' Cool iMac Has It All
by Andy Ihnatiko, Chicago Sun-Times
Stop looking at its body and try to appreciate the iMac for its mind.

iMac: White, Flat & Cool
by Mike Taylor, Sky News
The machine's innovative design, attractive hardware, and excellent software bundle means Apple's new iMac isn't easy to ignore.


Tuesday, March 5, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Brent Simmons: I love BBEdit. I wrote a song for it.

Best iMac Desk: the first portable desktop ever!

An Apple A Day (for Singapore): The cheapest Mac store in Singapore.. No, I don't have any vested interest. :-)

Dan Gillmor: Connectix says an update will be issued sometime in the next week or so, and that the speed will get markedly better.


HP Merger Plans Get Big Boost
by Ian Fried and Dawn Kawamoto, CNET
An influential advisory firm recommended that shareholders vote in favor of the deal.

Microsoft Makes Pact With PhotoWorks
by David Becker, CNET
Photo services company PhotoWorks announced Tuesday a deal with Microsoft to provide photo-printing services through the MSN site.

Microsoft Offers Patch For Java Software
by Margaret Kane, CNET
A flaw in Microsoft's JVM could allow hackers to hijack a browser and redirect traffic, capturing sensitive data such as the person's passwords, Microsoft has revealed.

Microsoft Reveals Antitrust Testimony
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Complying with a court order, the software company posts transcripts of antitrust case depositions made by chief executive Steve Ballmer and senior vice president Jim Allchin.

Monday, March 4, 2002

Top Stories

A Study In Contrasts
by Jim Heid, Los Angeles Times
The iMac and Apple's software have a design elegance that's missing from the Windows world.

Apple Chief Blasts Labels
by Sydney Morning Herald
Steve Jobs compalined that the digital music services backed by the labels don't make it easy for consumers to burn tracks from CDs they buy.


Crooner Uses Computers To Replace Sheet Music
by Teresa Riordan, New York Times
Technology had progressed far enough that the electronic page could be turned faster and more reliably than a paper page.

Apple Holds On To Core Customers
by Maggie Williams,
On its good days, Apple manages to make quirky design appear effortlessly easy.

High School Students Go High-Tech At LLCC
by John Reynolds, State Journal-Register


Monday, March 4, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Jack Trout: Apple is nothing more than a pretender in a Wintel world.


C# Virus Pitched Against .NET
by John Leyden, The Register
Sharpei is low risk, but worrying

IE, Outlook Run Malicious Commands Without Scripting
by Thomas C Greene, The Register
An attacker can run arbitrary commands on Windows machines with a simple bit of HTML, even with active scripting and ActiveX disabled.

The MS Antitrust Case: Why It's So Darned Hard To Resolve
by David Berlind, ZDNet
The burning question and the source of the controversy is how to write a remedy that accomplishes the three objectives: stop unlawful conduct, restore competition, and prevent future recurrence.

Sunday, March 3, 2002


Mom Scores High-Tech Win For Chazy School Kids
by Suzanne Moore, Press-Republican
"It'll enable so much more creativity to flow."


iPhoto Vs gPhoto
by John Buswell, TuxPPC

Best Bets On The Net
by Rich Ray, Florida Times-Union
Right on Mac is a fun, informative site.

iDVD2 Burns Discs With No Muss Or Fuss
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune
Two words: It works.

Smooth, Eye-Catching iMac Delivers The Goods
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune
We get a low-cost machine with huge innovations that runs as smooth as a luge track and looks good enough to frame. It also delivers as a computer.


A One-On-One Interview With Bill Gates
by CNN
"Research, I think, is the lifeblood of innovation in the economy."

Saturday, March 2, 2002

Top Stories

UI Expert Jef Raskin Talks Skins With OsOpinion
by Kelly McNeill, osOpinion
We must choose which is better: the ability to customize an ideal desktop for a platform, or the use of a less-than-ideal desktop in order to achieve consistency.


Wireless Networks Let You Finally Cut The Cord
by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times
Throw down that staple gun! Toss away that drill bit! Try wireless instead.

Effect-ing: Q&A With Stephanie Powell
by Anton Linecker, Macworld
The film world lost one of its top special effects artists late last year when Stephanie Powell suffered a fatal heart attack.

Apple Goes Great Guns In Malaysia
by Charles F. Moreira, The Star
Apple Computer Systems (M) Sdn Bhd opened its sixth AppleCentre retail store in the country, adding another feather to its cap.


PC MacLAN: Mac-Windows Detente
by David Tanaka, CanadaComputes
This is not an inexpensive solution, but it is a simple-to-use and elegant one.

Sonicblue's Rio Riot Can't Beat Apple iPod On Speed, Ease, Size
by Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal
The Riot looks and works like a larger, slower, predecessor product.


Saturday, March 2, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Hollywood Ho! Ho!

Dan Gillmor: What Hollywood wants is to embed technology into every digital device, including software, to guarantee that no bit of copyrighted content could move from machine to machine.

Fine. If Hollywood gets its way, Asia and Europe companies are ready to take over the lead in the computer industry. I'm pretty sure the market in Asia (especially the Greater China region) and Europe is bigger than that of the U.S. So, even if imports are disallowed, these new companies will survive.

But I don't think Hollywood will get its way.

After all, it is an open technology, no matter what Microsoft says. We all know how to build computers, how to write operating systems, and how to create applications. And most importantly, how to spread the news and distribute the software.


Settling States Question Microsoft Tactic
by Reuters
The Microsoft antitrust case can be a little unsettling at times — even if you have already settled.

Friday, March 1, 2002


Dual Chips Give Power Mac The Edge
by Matthew Fordahl, Associated Press
The horsepower is readily apparent in everything from games to running processor-intensive scientific programs.


Friday, March 1, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong Changing the world one server at a time.


Microsoft Again Pushes Back .Net Server
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Microsoft has again delayed the delivery of a major version of its Windows operating system.

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