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Monday, April 8, 2002

Top Stories

Stunning SuperDrive Puts The Latest Apple iMac Over The Top
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
Anybody can hang a DVD burner onto a computer. But Apple's SuperDrive is truly built it, as integral a part of the computer as its keyboard, and almost as easy to use.

Drowning In Aqua
by Peter Seebach, IBM developerWorks
Apple's new user interface, Aqua, reads like a checklist of things that the classic Macintosh interface got right, and everyone else got wrong. Aqua gets most of them wrong.

iPod: Music To Hackers' Ears
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Apple's iPod is the hottest digital music player on the market. And thanks to a small army of hackers, it's being transformed into a general-purpose device that makes the Palm seem quaint.


Hot Java Revives Mac Programming
by Peter Coffee, eWEEK
After years of being infamously unfriendly to casual programmers, the Macintosh has suddenly become the machine of choice for out-of-the-box programmability.

Apple Leads DVD Burning
by MacMinute
Apple is leading the industry in DVD burning, with nearly 500,000 SuperDrive-equipped Macs and more than 2 million pieces of blank Apple DVD-R media shipped.

FileMaker 5.5 Moves More Than 750,000 Copies
by MacMinute
FileMaker 5.5 database software has sold more than 750,000 copies.

Laptops Going Home With Students
by Tess Nacelewicz, Portland Press Herald
Now that the contentious debate over laptop funding appears settled, a new question is emerging: Should students be allowed to take their Apple iBooks home?

Adobe Enhancing FrameMaker Software
by David Becker, CNET
Adobe Systems on Monday will announce the release of a new version of its FrameMaker publishing software, which continues the company's push into server programs.

Apple, Panasonic Team On Upcoming Products
by MacMinute


Does Apple Have The Magic Touch?
by Erick Schonfeld, ZDNet
I wish more consumer technology companies would be like Apple Computer.


10 Free POP3 Email Services
by Charles W. Moore, Low End Mac

The ALtiVec Difference
by Craig Hunter, O'Reilly Network


Monday, April 8, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Rumormonger: Microsoft is coming up with MSN Internet Access and MSN Explorer for the Mac.

Congrats, Low End Mac, on your 5th birthday. It seems only yesterday that I showcased the Low End Mac web site on the now gone "An Apple A Day".

From the people who have too much time comes Star Wars, in ASCII.


Microsoft Brings Developers Deepder Into Its .NET
by Matt Berger, InfoWorld
An annual gathering this week for developers who build applications for Windows will provide the chance for a closer look at a set of recently launched development tools designed to further Microsoft's wide reaching .NET initiative.

Next Big Film Distributor: Microsoft?
by Associated Press
Microsoft is moving forward with its efforts to court entertainment industry companies as it tries to move into yet another new market — movie and television distribution.

Microsoft Hails Halo Success
by Ananova
Microsoft says it has sold a million copies of Halo, making it the fastest selling next generation console game in US and Cananda.

Microsoft Programmers Focus On Secure Software
by John Markoff, New York Times
Stung by a chorus of critics who said that its software code was increasingly buggy and vulnerable to attack, Microsoft began sending its programmers to a special course in writing secure software.

Finally, Someone Complains About Microsoft
by Anthony Doesburg, Computerworld New Zealand
An echo of the US government's case against Microsoft is being heard in New Zealand with the filing of a complaint against the company last week with the Commerce Commission.

What Microsoft's Reorg Means To You And Me
by David Berlind, ZDNet
With the possible exception of the Xbox, Microsoft hasn't found any real traction in these consumer markets. So maybe Belluzo's departure signals a return to the drawing board on the consumer front.

MS Office For Linux? Nope, Not Quite — But Close!
by David Coursey, ZDNet
CrossOver Office seems to be a viable alternative for Linux devotees — and Windows users who want to make the OS switch.

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