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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Top Stories

Put Up Your Digital Dukes!
by Steve Morgenstern, Popular Science

This Year, iMac Is Apple Of His Eye
by Chris Cobbs, Orlando Sentinel
Apple's iMac is the most talked-about computer of the year for a good reason — it shows how bad PC design has been.

Avid Eyes Cut Of Apple Video-Editing Market
by Tom Witkowski, Boston Business Journal
Market shifts in the technology used to edit films are turning up competition in the lower-priced software side of the market for one local company, and has caused another local firm to change its strategy completely and try to carve a new niche in the industry.


Apple's AirPort Wireless Standard Takes Off
by Ben Wilson, NewsFactor
Apple popularized the 802.11 wireless networking standard with its AirPort wireless LAN transceiver, and the standard has come to dominate the industry.

USB 2.0 Catches Up To Apple's Speedy FireWire
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
FireWire retains one big advantage: a large base of compatible consumer devices.

Teacher's Study Gives Pupils A Taste For Higher Technology
by Kami masemer, Gettysburg Times
"What excites me... is watching the students use a word processing program, publishing program, or art program to create an original piece of work on their own."


Can Macs And PCs Really Get Along?
by David Morgenstern, ZDNet
Isn't it about time for the enterprise to consider accommodating alternate computing platforms?

A Large What?
by Doc Searls
Years ago Jamie Zawinski told me that exactly one company had figured out e-commerce: I'm sure the number is a little higher now. But Apple's still got a ways to go before it's in the same league.


Tuesday, April 23, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Tampa Bay Online on MyAppleMenu: One barometer of a computer maker's popularity: the number of Web sites dedicated to fans of its machines. Hands down, Apple wins this contest. This site adds to the substantial number of places online that Apple fans can go to read news, keep up on the latest products and join discussion groups.

For some reason, the status bar on my Explorer and Internet Explorer windows (over at my XP machine) is missing half of the time. I have to go select "View Status Bar" menu item manually. And I don't see this in a preference.. oops, options anyway. It's really frustrating when the computer tries to guess what I want, and misses the mark most of the time.

The office I work in has a two-letter acroymn, except that there is an ampersand (&) in between ó and that seriously screws up the grammar checker in Microsoft Word.

Wanna read all those New York Times article, without registration and giving away your personal information? Here's one way of doing it.

Check out IBM's Glass Engine.

Developers, developers, developers, developers!


Gates: Remedies Would Bar Behavior
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Although he's highly critical of the remedies proposed by nine states and the District of Columbia in his company's antitrust trial, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates acknowledged Tuesday that some of the restrictions would have prevented the company from engaging in behavior that an earlier court deemed illegal.

Gates Gamble Pays Off For Microsoft
by Joe Wilcox, ZDNet
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates redeemed himself as a witness on Monday, repeatedly rebuffing attacks made by states' attorney Steven Kuney in the latest phase of the 4-year-old antitrust case.

Bill Gates Versus Truth
by Dan Gillmor,
The idea that Windows is the "epicenter of innovation" is an insult to true innovators. Microsoft's innovations have been almost solely in business practices, and they've been found to be illegal.

Gateway Line Undergoes Mac-Like Redesign
by ExtremeTech
Gateway Inc. is redesigning its PC line in a style reminiscent of Apple Computer Inc.'s PowerBook notebooks.

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