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Sunday, May 12, 2002

Top Stories

Apple Store Opens In Atlanta
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
"All that cheering is because they [are] opening a computer store?"


Jon Anderson: Solo Singing — Songs From The Spirit Game
by Apple
"The great Apple and Digidesign equipment I'm using affords me the opportunity to have a perfectly good studio at home, capable of producing truly professional quality work."

The Office Suite That Lets You See Past Redmond
by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
OpenOffice is what many computer users have been waiting and wishing for: It's free, open-source, Office-compatible and cross-platform.

When Good Enough... Isn't
by Marilyn Much, Investor's Business Daily
To Jay Chiat, every opinion was important.

Apple Asks For Your Help In Redesigning Support Site
by Bryan Chaffin, Mac Observer
Apple has put in place four different designs, and wants you to rate them, and offer any feedback on which one you prefer.

AppleCare To Reduce Pricing On Parts
by MacNN
AppleCare is expected to introduce lower pricing on select out-of-warranty parts.

Dying iPods May Have Common Cause Of Failure
by MacNN
Several iPod owners have experienced a complete and permanent loss of FireWire connectivity from the device to a Macintosh.


Implementing APIs
by Steve Zellers
I can't speak to what might happen, but I have every reason to believe that the APIs to access the AddressBook in future versions of Mac OS X will be public.

Is The Server Market Ripe For Apple?
by Robert Accettura,
With the cost of Intel-based hardware for an NT server going down, a business can afford to purchase a few hefty licenses of NT then go a bit cheaper on hardware and get several servers.


How To Build A Rockin' OS 9 Compatible OS X Box
The following is a list of 9 tips to put the 9 back into OS X.

Very Special Effects
by Sydney Morning Hearld
Final Cut Pro is a powerful piece of editing software that can transform you into a spare-room Spielberg.


Sunday, May 12, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

It's an all-new spinning-disc-of-death in Jaguar.

Screen shots from Jaguar.


And The Winner Is Linux
by Anthony Doesburg, Computerworld New Zealand
Considering the sums of meony big IT companies spend on projecting a positive brand image you'd think they would be careful to avoid mishaps that undermine the marketing message.

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