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Monday, July 29, 2002

Top Stories

Apple's Bait And Switch
by Rob Walker, Slate
All bias aside, this strikes me as the best batch of ads Apple has come up with in a long time.

Why Buy A PC When You Can Have A Mac?
by David Saraceno, The Spokesman-Review
I'm here to end the debate and stop the fight. Simply, the Macintosh is the best computer built today — bar none. Windows XP can't hold a candle to the elegant user experience provided by Mac OS 9 or OS X.


iTools: No More Free Rides
by Charles Arthur, Independent News
Recipe for a firestorm: take something that is free on the net. Start charging for it. Stand back in case you get your eyebrows singed.

Wireless Surfing For Shoppers
by Mongkol Jullayothin, Bangkok Post
Shoppers with laptop computers will be able to use the Internet while walking around the centre.

Linux Invades iPod
by Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK
A plug-in that allows Linux users to access Apple's iPod has gone on sale.

Watson Developer Speaks Out Against Apple; Plans Port To Windows
by Brad Smith, The Mac Observer
"What I would liked would have been some minor compensation and public recognition, or even for them to have asked me if it was OK if they used the specific tools and layouts for those tools in Sherlock."


Full Disclosure: Sick Of Blue Screens? Get A Mac!
by Stephen Manes, PC World
Don't fret: Fantasies about ditching Windwos are perfectly normal—maybe even healthy.


Teeny, Tiny Gizmos For Travelers
by Julio Ojeda-Zapata and Phil Larose, Pioneer Press
Today's digital devices pack an astonishing amount of functonality into ultracompact packages.

Clive Barker's Undying
by Nick Chojnowski, MacTeens
Offering something for seemingly everyone, mystery, action, horror, fantasy and adventure fans should all be happy with Undying. Just don't play it alone.

Links And The Changing Mac Web
by Dan Knight, Low End Mac
There are several sites that do a good job of linking to original outside content. Here are my thoughts on them.

PowerBook G4 Is Laptop With Desktop Shoulders
by John P. Mello, Jr., Boston Globe
PowerBook G4, with its eye-popping display, processing power and digital monitor support, is a laptop with shoulders broad enough to bear the burden of a desktop machine.

iPod's On THe Prize
by Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle
It's clear the iPod will continue to set the pace.

The Bluetooth Blues Play On
by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
Right now, Bluetooth costs too much in dollars and aggravation.


Monday, July 29, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Beginning Of The End?

Many people were questioning the future of Apple's office productivity suite when it moved from ClarisWorks to AppleWorks. Now that Apple is collaborating with Sun on Star Office, does that finally spell the end of AppleWorks?

And will there be any upgrade path? :-)

Are You Looking At Me?

Cameron Barrett: It's really kind of weird, after years of being ignored, people are looking at Apple's product in a new light and are starting to evaluate it in their minds as a replacement for increasingly expensive Microsoft solutions.

An Apple A Day

John H. Farr has a weblog too.

And you can have one too.


Low-Cost Laptops Jump On P4 Bandwagon
by John G Spooner, CNET
Gateway and Micron PC became the latest companies to forgo portable procesors in favor of more powerful but power-hungry chips in their low-priced notebooks.

In Microosft We Trust
by Phil Lemmons, Upsdie
To win its antitrust suit against Microsoft, Sun will have to overcome judges trained to disregard the law.

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