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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Top Stories

Comparing Apples And Penguins
by Moshe Bar, Byte
For a newcomer to the Unix market, I am actually surprised at the very decent results and stability of OS X.


Future Teachers Adapt To Life With Laptops
by Katherine Sayre, Daily Texan
"We want to train our teachers for the future. We want the initiative to transform teaching and learning with the goal of improving education."

Darwin 6.0.2 Released
by Ron Calrson, Insanely Great Mac


Macintosh Teachers Challenge: Give Apple Education A Road Map
by Mark Marcantonio,
Once again, the real power of computing is in how much time one gets to spend being productive.


Building Mac Applications Using REALbasic 4.5 For Mac OS X
by Wei-Meng Lee, O'Reilly Network
The syntax of the language is very similar to Visual Basic and the online help reference is a real lifesaver.

Unleashing The Power Of The PowerMate
by Kirk McElhearn, TidBITS
It is rare that I adopt such a new type of tool so quickly, but in just one week I have become convinced that this is an essential tool for any kind of computer use.

Take A Closer Look
by Amanda C. Kooser, Entrepreneur Magazine
They may be stylish, but are oversized LCD panels worth the price? Here's the flat-out truth.


Tuesday, October 29, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS : Something tells me that someone over at CARS received some expert advice. :-)

MAC PEOPLE : Jim O'Rourke, producer and musician.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING WARDRIVERS : As recounted by Matthew Haughey...

Drop the laptop and leave! We intercepted the message and traced the IP address. The killer's message originated from your local network.

REALISTIC INTERNET SIMULATOR : Kill the pop-ups, kill'em all! Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, install Mozilla.


Microsoft Slammed For Palladium 'Lies'
by Iain Thomson,
Critics have slated a Microsoft document on its upcoming Palladium digital rights software as containing several outright "lies".

Microsoft's Media Monopoly
by Farhad Manjoo, Salon
Bill Gates wants to control the delivery of digital entertainment into your home. And according to a lawsuit brought by a pioneering software company, he's prepared to crush anything that gets in his way.

Microsoft Tablet PC Technology A Stroke Of Genius
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
It regards handwriting as a normal method of communication, worthy of the same respect as any text typed into a word processor. It's the kind of innovative thinking that's not supposed to happen at Microsoft, yet here it is.

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