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Monday, May 19, 2003

Top Stories

Apple Sales Outstrip Growth
by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK
Apple's success in achieving sales in the UK PC market exceeded market growth in the first quarter 2003, reports IDC.


Wozniak To Speak At MacMania III
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
There's still two weeks before MacMania II sets sail from Honolulu, Hawaii on June 1, but Geek Cruise Captain Neil Bauman is already releasing news about MacMania III.

Apple Stores Worry Dealers: Resellers Fret About Competition From New Apple Computer Stores
by Jeff Meisner, Puget Sound Business Journal
"There's no question we're competing with [Apple] head to head. I can't say I believe Apple is doing the right thing 100 percent across the board here."

Computers At The Center Of Home Entertainment
by Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle
New research to be released today could be an indication that iTunes Music Store and other online services are tapping into a fundamental shift in home entertainment habits.

Threat Is Seen To Heirloom Software
by John Markoff, New York Times
Mr Kahle [, chairman of the nonprofit Internet Archive,] said the [DMCA's] stringent anticopying provisions, and the decay of the floppy disks and other magnetic media used to store early PC software, could allow early programs like Apple Computer's AppleWriter, a word-processing program, and the VisiCalc spredasheet software to be lost forever.

Keith Hilebrandt: Designer Of Sounds And Soundscapes
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple

Scott Sneddon: Drug Discovery On The Fast Track
by Nancy Eaton, Apple
"For people who are bashing out UNIX code, the PowerBook running Mac OS X is handsdown the best development environment there is."

Apple's Music Store Getting Rave Reviews
by May Wong, Associated Press
Steve Jobs has succeeded in a major coup, forcing tectonic chnage in an industry notorious for its dinosaur pace and dragon tactics.


Of Using A Mac, Despite The Mac
by Vern Seward, The Mac Observer
While OS X, iLife, and other technologies have made Apple a darling in the media, those technologies can only carry Apple so far as it tries to diversify its markets and attempt to sell to corporate IT shops and small businesses.


Apple Hits Right Note: It's Not Perfect, But iTunes Music Store Is Impressive
by Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle
It's clear [Apple] has indeed come up with an impressive and promising entry into the field of paid online music services, albeit with some important limitations.

Mac Vs. PC: Which Is Better For Business?
by David Coursey, ZDNet
Can you run a small business on Maicntosh? The question is too complex to be fully answered in a short column like this. The applications on which most business people depend are all available for the Mac and work great, but you may have to make trade-offs for nonstandard apps.

More Capabilities In A Slimmer iPod
by James Coates, Chicago Tribune

MSN For Mac OS X
by Anthony Zurcher, Washington Post
While more experienced users may turn up their noses, MSN for OS X is worth a look from Mac users nervous about dipping their toes into the Internet.


Monday, May 19, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WOZ'S 17-INCH : This photo, according to Macs Only!, is Steve Wozniak's 17-inch PowerBook, sitting comfortably on a tray table up in a plane at the first-class section.

If somebody can get me a 17-inch PowerBook and a first-class plane ticket — heck, even an economy-class plane ticket — I'll do some research on whether the PowerBook can be comfortably be used on a plane. I promise an evaluation report with photos. :-)

FLAMINGOS IN NEWTON : Call me tacky, but I like fake flamingos. Okay, I like watching the real ones too, but we only get to see them at the Bird Park here in Singapore. But the fake ones are cool too. Especially in such a fun neighborhood.

STOP THE PRINTWASH : Once it's out there, it should stay out there.

Or, as Doc Searls puts it (much nicer), "In the age of the Web, the practice of charging for access to digital archives is a collossal anachronism. It's time for The New Yrok Times and the other papers to step forward, join the real world and correct the problem. Expose the archives. Give them permanent URLs. Let i nthe bots. Let their writers, and their reputations, accept the credit they are constantly given and truly deserve."


Microsoft To License Unix Code
by Scott Ard, CNET
Microsoft is acquiring the rights to Unix technology from SCO Group, a move that could impact the battle between Windows and Linux in the market for computer operating system.

Microsoft Losing Market Grip As Rivals Go On The Offensive
by Tony Glover,
After years at the cutting edge of technology, Microsoft seems in danger of falling off the pace.

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