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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Top Stories

iTunes Undermines Social Security
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Thanks to the ability of Apple's iTunes to share music collections over local networks, it is now possible to judge someone's taste in music — or lack of it — in a way that previously required a certain level of intimacy.

Public Schools: Why Johnny Can't Blog
by Evan Hansen, CNET
At issue is a fundamental question heretical to many who have preached the power of computers in education over the last two decades: Does technology do more to improve learning than traditional teaching methods?


MyTunes Exploits iTunes Windows Playlist Sharing
by Jim Darlymple, MacCentral
Bill Zeller, a 20-year-old Trinity College student, wrote and released MyTunes just 10 days after the official release of iTunes for Windows. His Web site claims that the application is intended to enable users "to save music from other computers to your hard drive."

640MB iBook RAM Barrier Smashed
by Macworld UK
Trans' 1GB memory upgrade module allows the main memory of the 800MHz, 933MHz, and 1GHz G4 iBooks to be upgraded to a maximum of 1.15GB.

A Failing For Apple In The Classroom
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
Visually impaired students now lack a Mac screen reader. That could hurt school sales — and put Jobs & Co. on the wrong side of the ADA.

Music ISP Poses iTunes Threat
by Karen Haslam, Macworld UK
Subscribers to the PlayLouder MSP (Music Service Provider) will be allowed to legally share, download and stream, via file-sharing programs such as KaZaA, licensed tracks from labels signed up to the scheme. PlayLouder MSP director Paul Sanders confirmed that the service "will be Mac compatible". He also predicted that the Apple service and his MSP would be able to coexist happily.

iPods Seal Clubbing Fame
by Macworld UK
A new iPod craze has hit clubs in East London — with DJs using iPods rather than vinyl.

Laptop Expansion For Henrico Pupils Unclear
by Nicole Johnson, Times-Dispatch
With a number of board members already expressing reservations about how the iBook program has been administered so far, winning approval for its expansion may not be easy.

EAST Lab Students Report On Training Session To School Board
by Josh Troy, Helena Daily World
"This is really some great equipment. I can't wait to put it to use for our project."

Apple Opens DJs Stores
by Kelly Mills, The Australian
The new stores within David Jones will be structured differently to Apple's previous, less than successful attempts at selling computers in the department store chain, as well as Harvey Norman. The 'stores' will be Apple branded and staffed by trained Apple employees.

'Light' Not Quite Right For This Forum
by Howard Kurtz, Washington Post
"In an attempt to encourage a lighthearted moment in this debate, a CNN producer working with Ms. Trustman clearly went too far. CNN regrets the producer's actions."

Williams Elementary School Unveils Wireless Mobile Lab
by Larry Kratka, WUPE Radio News
Williams Elementary School in Pittsfield is on the cutting edge of technology and will unveil their Ibook Wireless Mobile Lab today. Kindergarten children, who will work in pairs with laptop computers, will use the lab today.

Action Sports Athletes Tour High Schools
by Apple

Apple Posts Mac OS X 10.3.1 Updates For Client, Server
by MacNN


Griffin Technology's iFire
by Macs Only!

Panther Internet Sharing
by Wei-Meng Lee, O'Reilly Network
In this article, I'm going to show you how to share an Internet connection using some IP over FireWire (more secure) and AirPort Internet broadcasting (less secure).

Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz
by Jean-Luc Dinsdale, Inside Mac Games
Although the G5s are pricey as simple gaming machines, the fact that today's new, triple-A games require a 700 MHz processor as a minimum configuration mean that getting your hands on a G5 now will ensure that your machine will be able to play the latest and greatest titles comfortably for a number of years to come.


Wednesday, November 12, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

RUMOR DU JOUR : The cube returns, and will be branded an iMac.

OH NO, another Microsoft patch to attend to, another holiday burned. Now you've really alienated your customers. :-)


Microsoft Keeps $51.6B Cash Hoard For Legal Contingencies
by Associated Press
Microsoft's dividend policy will not change substantially anytime soon because of legal concerns, the company said Tuesday.

Next Explorer Breaks Everything
by Dana Blankenhorn
The next version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, due out early next year, will contain technology that breaks just about everything you're used to on the Web.

Microsoft Prepares Security Assault On Linux
by Kieren McCarthy,
In a sign that the inroads made by the Open Source community are starting to rattle the software giant, Microsoft has hired several analysts to review how fast holes are patched in the open source software and is expected to announce that Windows compares favorably.

Microsoft Releases Windows, Office Fixes
by Robert Lemos, CNET
Microsoft released three security updates for the Windows operating system and one update for Office, leaving many federal system administrators with no choice but to work on a U.S. national holiday.

Shareholders Approve Microsoft Stock Plan
by Ina Fried, CNET
Microsoft shareholders on Tuesday gave their endorsement to the software maker's plan to start awarding restricted stock to employees instead of granting stock options.

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