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Friday, April 9, 2004

Top Stories

More Details On Trojan Horse For Mac OS X
by MacNN
"A file can be made to appear as an ordinary mp3 file... however, the file contains a PowerPC code fragment, a piece of executable code."

See Also : Intego Security Alert: Intego Announces Protection Against The First Mac OS X Trojan Horse: MP3Concept by Intego Press Release


At The Core Of The Apple Dispute
by BBC News
A legal battle between The Beatles' record label Apple Corps and Apple Computer, which is to be heard in the High Court in London, is the latest move in a trademark dispute spanning 24 years.

Cheat Sheet: The Mini iPod
by Will Sturgeon,
THe low down on this year's must-have gadget.

iPod Owners Dissatisfied With Quality Of Headphones
by Marcus Lillkvist, Wall Street Journal
The iPod's rave reviews have created heightened expectations for some customers, many of whom are hard-core music listeners to begin with.

CNN/Money: Apple Earnings Don't Matter
by MacMinute
"Apple is clearly an innovative and cool company but in the grand scheme of things, its results are only significant for Mac junkies and/or Apple shareholders."

See Also : Seven Earnings Reports That Matter, And One That Does Not by Paul La Monica and Alexandra Twin, CNN/Money


Game Copy Protection: It's 1994 All Over Again
by Peter Cohen, Macworld
Caught in the middle are regular, run of the mill consumers.

A Two-Button Scrollable Apple Mouse?
by Gregory Ng, Apple Matters
There's a difference between want and need.


RapidWeaver 2.1.1 Web Page Design Software
by Charles W. Moore, Applelinks

12" iBook 800MHz G4
by Markkus Rovito, MacHome
If you want an Apple laptop, this is the most supremely portable, affordable way to go.


Speculation: The Real iPod Killer
by Heng-Cheong Leong

No, it may not be Microsoft's portable media player. It may well be Xbox 2.

Pink iBook
by Heng-Cheong Leong

No, Apple has not gone color-crazy, but here's a custom-painted pink iBook.

Reduce CPU Usage
by Heng-Cheong Leong

... simply by closing your Safari Downloads window.


Perfect Storm Brewing For Microsoft?
by Michael Gartenberg, Computerworld
Why is Microsoft in this position? It's not about bad product, but rather poor marketing and evangelism.

See Also : Microsoft Headed For Tough Times, Gartenberg Says by Robert Scoble
We'll have more to say on [the evangelism and marketing] front soon.

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