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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Top Stories

Apple And RealNetworks — The 'Real' Story
by Peter Cohen and Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
"I can say this: It's true that Rob sent an e-mail to Steve... Certainly some of the things [in the e-mail] are consistent with what we've said before — that Apple should open up the iPod."


Music To Their Ears
by Lilibet Snellings, The Daily Camera
"It seems like every other person on campus has the white ear phones in."

Pearl Jam: Making Videos On Their Own Terms
by Bija Gutoff, Apple
"Final Cut Pro was an essential piece of the puzzle. We never could have created anything without it."

Is Apple Computer Inc. Getting Ready To Take Another Bite Out Of The Twin Cities?
by Star Tribune
A third Apple Store in this market comes as Gateway Inc. recently closed its 188 stores nationwide, including a location close to Rosedale.

Small Businesses Point To Hidden Costs Of Xserve Support
by Nick dePlume, Think Secret
Owning one of Apple's rackmounted Xserve products comes with hidden support costs, some small business customers say.

Apple Still Aims To Launch Europe iTunes This Year
by Lucas van Grinsven, Reuters
Apple said on Friday it was sticking to a plan to launch a European version of ite iTunes Music Store on the Internet this year, saying it would not rush it out until it is perfect.

PlayFair Pulled Again
by MacNN
"[PlayFair] is contrary to our clients' terms and conditions governing availability of the service and is causing them enormous potential loss of revenue and reputation."


America's 25 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs
by Robert X. Cringely,
I've spent 27 years talking to, writing about, and watching Steve Jobs. And I have to say he has the best taste in product design, the best abaility as a one-on-one technical manager, and the greatest skill at making the rest of us want to buy stuff we don't strictly need of any American industralist, ever.

The Joys Of Apple Computers
by Ernie The Attorney
The sad fact is that Windows is so pervasive that i probably can't live without at least one Windows machine in my house. But, at least I've learned that I'll live a much happier life if the rest of them are Macs.

Low End Macs: Why Apple Needs A Headless Model For Education And Home Users
by Jeff Adkins, Low End Mac

Apple Should Look Abroad
by Dennis Sellers, Macsimum
After all, what platform is better suited to those getting their first computer?


Apple iPod Mini
by Steven Bush, Brighthand
Once again Apple has done it. It's combined sleek industrial design with an elegant easy-to-use interface and top-of-the-line sound at a reasonable price. Plus, it's just plain fun!


Rumor Today: Laptops Coming. Really.
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Think Secret: Apple will announce new laptops on Monday, sources confirmed.

First The Mini, Now The eMac
by Heng-Cheong Leong

AppleInsider: According to sources... Apple has recently placed its 1.25GHz eMac SuperDrive model on a short-term quality hold.


PC Makers Win Back Right To Sue Microsoft
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
PC manufacturers have regained the right to sue Microsoft for patent infringement, according to the latest report on Microsoft's compliance with the Antitrust settlement.

PCs 'Infested' With Spy Programs
by BBC News
The average computer is packed with hidden software that can secretly spy on online habits, a study has found.

Shake Your Groove Thing
by Robert X. Cringely, PBS
The only way to beat Microsoft is by ignoring Microsoft.

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