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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Top Stories

From His Computer To Cannes
by Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle
Sifting through 70 hours of home moives, as well as tape recordings, snapshots and even phone messages, Caouette has pieced together a wrenching look at his life, called Tarnation. The cost of making this starkly stylized and riveting documentary, edited with Apple's iMovie software on a Macintosh PC, was $218.32.

600 Macs, 4,000 Lines, One Giant Leap For DVD's
by Fred Kaplan, New York Times
Walk into the suites of Lowry Digital, the company that Mr. Lowry started six years ago, and the first sight that strikes you is the computer bank — rack after rack of Macintosh G5 computers. What he is doing will make a DVD look nearly as sharp and detailed as a 35-millimeter film print.


Apple Recruiting For London Retail Store
by MacMinute

Going The Refurbished Route
by Wayne Rash, Washington Post
The availability of refurbished desktops and laptops at a discount isn't a new thing. But the rapid pace of computing evolution means that even a computer that's six or nine months old is more than ready for most home-computing tasks.

Restrictions And Price Remain iTunes Turnoffs
by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
The iTunes Music Store's success hides a couple of unsettling trends. One is pricing — a lot of albums now exceed the store's customary $9.99 price, and a few even exceed their cost as CDs in a store. The other is compatibility — though a variety of consumer-electronics devices could be made compatible with iTUnes music files, the only one Apple permits is its own iPod digital-music player.

Mo. Apple Store Location Scooped
by Sean Bonner, Unofficial Apple Weblog


I Love Bluetooth iSync
by Brian D Foy, O'Reilly Network
Wireless networking means not only do I not need to find the missing cable, but I do not even need to know where the phone is.


Peak 4
by Kirk Hiner, Applelinks
When you're ready to advance from amateur to professional, as Apple makes it so easy for us to do, BIAS will be waiting.


EU Official Downplays Microsoft Decision
by Robert Mcleod, Bloomberg
EU Competition Commissioner Mario Monti said Friday that his decision to force Microsoft to change the way it does business won't harm relations with the United States.

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