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Friday, May 28, 2004


An Apple Grows At Carousel?
by Bob Niedt, Syracuse Post-Standard
Apple and Carousel aren't confirming it, but apparently talks are serious again and might mean an Apple-owned store at the mall is imminent.

iLife Crucial Piece Of Mac Purchase Puzzle
by Blane Warrene, MacNewsWorld
"Usability is an Apple hallmark. [Apple] will sacrifice openness and on price to insure that superior usability."

Ground Force: Final Cut Pro Has Changed Our Lives
by Apple
"Final Cut Pro has changed our lives — it's always been a dream of ours to work together from home and Final Cut Pro has given us the means to do it."

Microsoft: We'll Offer $50 Player With iPod 'Look And Feel'
by MacMinute

PowerBook G4 Wins D&AD Award
by MacMinute

Veteran Laptop Users Nonchalant
by David Ress, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Now that the class of 2004 is about to graduate, many students don't see what all the fuss is.


Starting To Regret Picking On The Mac
by Justin Gehtland, O'Reilly Network
I was not trying to single out hte Mac. It just happened to be the experience I'd just had.

Music Companies Getting My Money Again
by Jim Darlymple, Macworld
Record companies are once again getting my hard earned dollars, $0.99 at a time, but it's adding up.

Beyonce, Your Mix Tape Sucks
by Dan Kois, Slate
The perils of iTunes celebrity playlists.

How iPod Changed My Life
by Alejandro Ramirez, MacNewsWorld
The most revolutionary thing about my iPod is how it has changed my CD purchasing.

iPod: Leader, But Not Ruler
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
A quick look at the big picture shows that Apple has yet to achieve dominance in the sector, despite the hype.


The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
by Greg Turner, Inside Mac Games
With its excellent mix of sound and graphics, as wwell as button-mashing, sword-slinging fun, Lord of the Rings delivers on many levels.


iTunes For Europe Next Month
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Reuters: [Apple] may have the necessary licensing contracts to launch in Europe by the middle of next month, according to sources.

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