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Friday, June 11, 2004


Small-Scale School Enthuses Students
by Maggie Shiels, BBC News
At the Marin School of Art and Technology in norhtern California things are done differently from most other estalishments.

Architects Respond Favorably To Apple's New Power Mac G5 Lineup
by Architosh
Apple continues to lead and "inspire the industry and enables new possibilities for architecture and design."

'Silhouette' iPod Ads Receive Top Honors
by MacMinute
The Magazine Publishers of America have awarded TBWA/Chiat/Day the US$100,000 Grand Prize Kelly Award for its work on Apple's iPod "Silhouette" ad campaign.

Laptop Initiative Faces Hurdle
by Erik Arvidson, North Adams Transcript
Educators and school officials in Berkshire County are waiting with cautious optimism to hear whether a proposed laptop initiative in North Adams and Pittsfield will clear a key legislative hurdle.

Apple's Jobs To Preservationists: Think Demolish
Is Apple CEO Steve Jobs' house a dump? That's what he claims, as part of his effort to tear down a 17,000 square foot home in Woodside, Calif. Local officials, however, say the home, designed by George Washington Smith, has histoci value, and they're threatening to block Job's effort to demolish the building.

'Flash-obbbers' Do The Rush-Hour Waltz As New Craze Of Mobile Clubbing Moves Into Britain
by Danielle Demetriou, Independent
Mobile clubbing is the latest in a series of movements involving the seemingly random convergence of strangers in a public location.

Analysts Weigh In On Apple's Newest Power Mac G5
by Jim Darlymple, MacCentral
While analysts aren't concerned about the clock speed of the G5s, some are concerned about IBM's ability to keep up with the demand for the machines.


Today's Kluge Is Tomorrow's...
by Douglas Rushkoff, The Feature
Technology innovation in the age of wireless may have come to the point where we don't need startling new technologies as much as simple ways of doing all those things we're doing in less simple ways.

How To Un-DRM Your Un-DRM'd iTunes 4.6 Songs
by Gizmodo
The saddest part is this means the next version of Hymn will probably strip out the personal information from the legally-purchased files, since Apple is too beholden to the RIAA to look the other way.


Light Factory 2
by Carlyle Gordon, Creative Mac


Speculation On iTunes 4.7
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I am "almost certained" that Apple will introduce the ability of streaming music to mulitple AirPort Express. Just some minor modification in iTunes, and add in some sync code between different AirPort Express, and, viola, Apple customers have another reason to buy more AirPort Express.

Of course, I am not the Apple engineer to add in all these codes, so I probably made this a little simplier than it is. Well, maybe iTunes 4.8 then?

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