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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


A Tougher Sell For iTunes
by Paul Jackson and Rebecca Ulph Jennings, CNET
The online music market has changed significantly during the past 15 months, and Apple is no longer a standout leader in this field, especially in Europe.

700,000 iTMS Cuts In UK? More Like 300-400K, Analysts Told
by Brad Gibson, Mac Observer
Analysts who were briefed by Apple were told each country would only have between 300,000 and 400,000 cuts available for download — a far cry from the total of 700,000 available from its US online music site.

Apple Marches To Own Tune In Shunning Video iPod
by Duncan martell, Reuters
Brokering licensing deals with content distributors and creators, such as movie studios, is expensive and time-consuming. Also, there is yet to be any sign of great clamoring for portable video players by consumers.

Blackout Hits Major Web Sites
by Jim Hu, CNET
A domain name outage Tuesday morning that left many popular Web sites such as Yahoo, Google, and temporarily inaccessible was the result of an Internet attack, according to Web infrastructure company Akamai.

Injecting Fun Into Learning
by Mike Perrault, The Desert Sun
Students in Michelle Loya's combined third-, fourth- and fifth-grade special education class are showing how a fledgling computer project can help them tap their creativity and better express themselves.

The Perils Of Random
by Leander Kahney, Cult Of Mac
"It was not until Pennsylvania that we realised that we had neglected to turn off the 'random' feature of the iPod, so we were getting chapters in arbitrary order, the plot entirely in the mischievous hands of fate."


Make Your Own Private Radio Station With An iPod
by Engadget


What Is A Boolean?
by Heng-Cheong Leong

A boolean in programming langauge, if I remember my computer science lessons correctly, is a value that can either be "true", or "false."

Except in Microsoft-land, that is, where it can have a value of either "true", "false", or negative one. :-)

Rumor Today: The All New iPod Car Adapter
by Heng-Cheong Leong

MacMinute, quoting from a yet-to-be-released advertisement: "With the installation of an integrated adapter developed by BMW and Apple, you can control your iPod through the existing audio system adn multi-function steering wheel."


Microsoft Security Exec Details Windows XP Service Pack Plans
by Carol Silwa, Computerworld
The release, due this summer, places strong emphasis on firewall capability.

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