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Sunday, June 20, 2004


Austin Store Can Make Apple Lovers' Dreams Come True
by Paul Vaughn, San Antonio Express-News
This sort of high-profile retail presence is great for the Mac-using community in Austin and the surrounding area. It is worth a look next time you are in Austin.

Big Blue's Big Bet
by Steve Alexander, Star Tribune
"Manufacturing PowerPC chips in volume pays off for IBM."

It Was The Week The Future Finally Arrived... But Will iTunes Really Change Our Lives?
by Iain S Bruce, Sunday Herald
"We are at a crossover point in history where the reality is far more exciting than the hype."

Apple Calls The iTunes But Launch Is Off-Key
by Graham Stewart, Scotland On Sunday
The lack of songs from artists on independent record labels has left iTunes looking like a poorly-stocked American import store, lacking local talent.

PC Users Can Play Too
by John O'Brien, The Courier-Mail


From Bravo To Word
by Rick Schaut
The basic design goal behind Word's file format was to be able to read in only that amount of information that was necessary to fill the document window with text.

Apple Holds Keys To Music Kingdom
by John Naughton, The Observer
I have seen the future of music on the net — and it works. It's the Apple iTunes store.

Anxious For Airport Express
by Mike Wendland,
I'm finding myself as excited about this product as much as I have been for any Apple device in a long time.

New Wi-Fi Device Has Sound Future
by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times


Windows Server 2003 Vs. Mac G5 Xserve
by Daniella Abruzzo, VARBusiness
Easy maintenance interpretation, speed, quick user set-up; what more could you want from a server? Sorry, Windows fans, better luck next time. The Apple G5 Xserve is simply too impressive to pass up.


Two Of The Best
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Congratulations to Roger Ebert, who is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He, together with James Berardinelli, are two of my favorite film critics in this world.

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