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Monday, June 21, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Announces Remote Desktop 2
by MacMinute
Apple Remote Desktop 2 includes more than 50 new features for centrally managing Mac OS X systems.


Canada, iTunes' Next Online Target
by Robert Thompson, Finacial Post
'On Steve Jobs' radar now," says EMI's CEO.

FileMaker Announces FileMaker Mobile 7, Work Requests
by MacMinute

Apple Again Expands iBook Logic Board Repair Program
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral

Mac-Friendly Arts Center
by Mike Wendland,
The music theory department where the tablet PCs are being tested bristles with Mac technology.

Apple Top On Design, Says MS
by Macworld UK
The computer industry has failed to follow Apple's lead on design, a Microsoft hardware boss has admitted.

Apple And iPod Boost English Football
by Macworld UK
Apple technology may have handed England its 3-0 victory against Switzerland last week. Segments of video briefly available online clealry shows that some England footballers like to chill out before a match — by listening to their favourite tracks on an iPod.

Apple Computer Loses Appeal Against China Trademark Panel Decision
by AFP
Apple has lost a court appeal against a decision that rejected its application to have its trademark logo extended to cover clothing and other items in China, state media reported.

iTunes Is A Hit, But Will It Be A Star?
by Paul Durman, The Times
Apple's virtual music site wants 10% of total song sales, but in its present form that looks ambitious.

Fans Forge Future iPods
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
For a peek into the dark recesses of the iPod community's collective id, browse the gallery of iPod concept designs at the iPodlounge.

An Apple So Hot It's Liquid-Cooled
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
The heat problem is back, thanks to the chip makers' determination to obey Moore's Law.

Apple Resellers Expect Dual G5 Delays
by Tim Lohman, ARN
"If there's one constant in life it's that there will be delays with any new Apple products."

iPod Minis Are In
by Brian Castro, Huntsville Times
In Huntsville iPod minis have been back ordered for months.

Digital Music Wars Play Out In Europe
by Eric Pfanner, International Herald Tribune
The competition among online music services pits the titans of the technology world against each other. Getting ordinary web surfers to fall in love with these new offering smay prove anything but easy.

MP3 Players Fit The Bill
by Kaya Laterman, New York Post is hoping the hype surrounding Bill Clinton's audio recording of his upcoming memoir "My Life" will make it a household name.


Apple Impresses With New Xserve Hardware
by P.J. Connolly,
Feature for feature, Apple's Xserve holds its own against anything I'vve seen in a Xeon- or Opteron-based system, and forthcoming additions will only sweeten the pot.


Back To 1989
by Heng-Cheong Leong

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