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Saturday, July 3, 2004

Top Stories

Dimmer Fades On Desk-Lamp iMac
by Ina Fried, CNET
It may have been "flat-out cool" — as Time proclaimed on its 2002 arrival — but "flat" had also begun to describe sales of the just-discontinued second-generation iMac.


Nels Israelson: Capturing Spider-Man
by Barbara Gibson, Apple
Part of the reason Nels was able to get what he needed in such a compressed timeframe, he says, "is that we had the review process right there. Working digitally, we could see what was or wasn't working technically or creatively."

Apple Comptuer Shares Tumble On iMac Delay
by Matthew Fordahl, Associated Press
Shares of Apple Computer Inc. fell nearly 4 percent Friday, a day after the company announced a delay in the release of the next-generation iMac.

iMac G4: 2002 - 2004

Time Canada Prints Early Story Show New G4 LCD iMac!
by Raena Armitage, Mac Observer
Shortly after midnight on Monday morning, added its January 14th issue to its Web site that brings most of the speculation to a close.

Jobs: Flat-Panel iMacs On The Way
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
"This is the official death of the CRT today," Jobs said during the keynote speech at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. "This is the best thing we have ever done."

Apple's New iMac: Team Develops Unique Ideas
by Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle
Steve Jobs and his design team proved once again that they can come up with ideas no one else has.

iMac Blowback
by Michael S. Malone, Forbes
The next insanely Great Thing is — a 1966 Luxo lamp!

Apple Delivers Hyperbole And Beauty
by David Pogue, New York Times
The new iMac is, indeed, a huge idea. And if this idea shakes up the world of design the way that the original iMac did, then the Apple hype will have been justified.

The Best Revenge
by Robert X. Cringely, PBS
Why the new iMacs will be successful no matter what they look like.


Mac Or PC? That Is The Question...
by Phillip Robinson, Knight Ridder
Windows can be OK, with work, and is sometimes required by corporate or school rules, but don't write off Linux or Mac until you've seen what they can save and do.

Average User Not Likely To Pounce On Tiger
by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times
While Tiger claims 150 new features, just as Panther did, an average user won't notice or care about most of them.

Europe Hears Apple's Song
by Eric Wahlgren, BusinessWeek
iTunes Music Store made a loud debut on the Continent, but while the service could boost iPod sales, drowning out rivals won't be easy.

Apple's iMac Attack
by Seth Jayson, Motley Fool
The real problem is that the iMac line hasn't been selling.

Product Ideas
by Brent Simmons

iMac, My Mac, Your Mac
by Joe Wilcox
eMac is Apple's school model, not iMac. College students would be better off with an iBook or PowerBook. Apple wouldn't likely lose much from iMac over the next two months.

The Mighty Mac
by Tom Yager, InfoWorld
OS X will trounce Linux on the desktop (notebooks are a given) and give Microsoft a fast-moving target for Longhorn.


Hacking Mac OS X Panther
by Rael Dornfest, O'Reilly Network
Rael Dornfest, coauthor of Mac OS X Panther Hacks, has selected these three hacks from the book for your sampling pleasure. The first two detail how to find anyone in your Address Book who has an Amazon Wish List, and how to build a GUI to your Unix scripts with a bit of Perl or Python; the third is just for fun. Enjoy.

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