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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Reports $61 Million Profit
by Jim Darlymple, MacCentral
"It was an outstanding quarter — our highest third quarter revenue in eight years."

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During today's Quarter 3 results conference call, Apple announced that the next iMac will have a G5 processor.

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Apple Rises Sharply On Earnings Report
by MacNN
Shares of Apple opend up nearly $3 from yesterday's close following Apple's third quarter earnings report yesterday.

EyeTV 1.5 Adds Safari Support, More
by Brad Cook, MacCentral

The Little Rumor Site That Could
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
In the absence of big boys like Apple and Microsoft, one of the largest and splahiest booths at Macworld belongs to an unlikely candidate: Spymac, a fast-growing, Mac-oriented community website that began three years ago as a lowly rumor site.

Key Euro Apple Man Quits
by Macworld UK
Apple's managing director of European operations Joe Gantly is stepping down after six years.

Dottiness Is A Family Affair
by Garry Barker, Sydney Morning Herald
"Driving from home to the studio wasted time. That's why we built Dot-Pod. Now we are collaborating and sharing music by iPods across the web."

Macworld Boston: Photo Gallery
by MacNN

Macs Help Turn Photos Into 'Time Capsule Of America'
by Dennis Sellers, MacMinute
The session, "How Mac Technology Enabled 25,000 Americans to Capture the Essence of Amercia", at the Macworld Conference and Expo, looked at how Mac technology was used to "turn over one million photographs into a time capsule of American life."


Macworld Boston 2004: Brains Over Beauty
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
Since you don't have the magnificent mother ship on the trade show floor attracting minions from all over the world, you have to go with what's in your control. And that's content.

Why Apple Employees Will Blog In Revolt
by Steve Rubel
My hunch is that Apple will continue to prevent its employees from blogging for the foreseeable future so that it can maintain its mystique. THis approach may work for awhile, but the employees in Cupertino will eventually revolt.

And Like Magic, Barclaycard Works Again On The Mac
by Charles Arthur
Either someone had a programming epiphany some time yesterday, or it was a lot simpler to fix than they'd been making out.


Apple In Tune
by Greg Thom, The Courier-Mail
The beautifully designed, deceptively simple, digital audio player has redefined the notion of listening to music on the move.

Big Bang Chess
by Michael Phillips, Inside Mac Games


Super Customized iPod Mini
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Sean Bonner: Yes, we know it's a fake.

Have You Heard...
by Heng-Cheong Leong

... of the new No-CARB Diet for 2004?


Jaded Users Roll Their Eyes At IE's Latest Security Debacle
by Lisa Vaas, eWeek
The most recent of a spate of Internet Explorer crash and burns is drawing the user reaction, "So, what else is new?"

Service Pack 2: Patching The Unpatchable
by Rupert Goodwins, ZDNet UK
Windows XP Service Pack 2 addresses many of the security problems of the past few years. But it can't do much about this year's model.

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