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Friday, July 23, 2004


Jump On Tiger's Tools
by Rebecca Freed, PC World
The next rev of Mac OS X won't be out until the middle of next year, but you can approximate some of its slick new features now.

Apple Blows Fuse Over Ads
by Tim Arango, New York Post
Apple is outraged over new advertisements by upstart music channel Fuse that resemble ads for the iPod.

Overrides Restore Laptop Initiatives
by Erik Arvidson, Berkshire Eagle
The Legislature yesterday gave a final green light to a planned wireless learning initiative that will provide middle-schoolers in North Adams and Pittsfield with laptop computers after overriding Gov. Mitt Romney's veto of a $2 million earmark for the program.

Sixth-Grade Class, Faculty At Vestavia Hills School Getting Laptops
by Associated Press
A class of sixth-graders and faculty at Cahaba Heights Community School apparently will be the first in Alabama with laptop computers assigned to each of them.

Apple Rides High On New iPod
by Jake Shaw, NewsFactor
Apple's image as an innovator — and its bottom line — have received a huge boost from its popular iPod line of digital music players.

Tokyo Apple Store Holding iPod Mini Event Saturday
by MacMinute

Virtual PC 7 Expected In October
by MacMinute
"We are waiting for the release of Windows XP SP2 in order to offer the most recent, most secure versiono f Windows XP to our Virtual PC for Mac customers."

Apple's New Core
by John Dobosz, Forbes
"The 'digital lifestyle' era is still in its infancy, and I believe that Apple is at the forefront of defining what this paradigm shift will look like."


My iBattle At Home: iTunes For iTots?
by Cindy DiMattia, ParentingBloggger
I must say that I am disappointed that iTunes does not include a Children category in its list of genres.


007 Nightfire
by Pat Miller, Applelinks

Wither Art Thou, Low End Mac?
by Alex Kayhill, Mac360
While Mac users wait for the next generation iMac, the low-end continues to be a sweet spot for the user on a budget. The eMac.

Music Takes Wing On Airport Express
by Crayton Harrison, Dallas Morning News
I ran into a problem when I tried to connect the Express to the wireless base station I already have.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
by Eric Ford, Inside Mac Games
It's a decent game with a good single player game and an outstanding multiplayer outing. But, its 'realistic' and sometimes difficult approach may turn some off, while its accurate protrayal of history may be another's muse.

I Think I'll Sit This iPod Out
by Jason Deraleau, O'Reilly Network
I can certainly applaud Apple for offering a slightly revised product for a hundred bucks cheaper. And if I weren't so happy with my mini and were still toting myPod III around, I'd probably make the jump. But, I'm sorry, Apple, I think I'm going to sit this one out.


Mr. Softee, Meet Ma Bell
by Daniel Gross, Slate
At the risk of biting the hand that feeds me: Microsoft looks a little something like — gulp! — AT&T in the early 1980s. It is a lumbering giant, viewed with suspicion by consumers, rivals, and the government.

See Also : AT&T Retreats From Tradition by Washington Post
AT&T Corp., once a cornerstone of the U.S. telecommunications industry and still one of the world's most recognizable brands, announced yesterday that it will no longer market long-distance service to consumers, a business that it has dominated for 100 years.

Microsoft Is Dead. Long Live Microsoft.
by Nicholas G. Carr, New York Times
Microsoft's decisiion to return $32 billion to its shareholders may be a wise business move, but it is also an admission of defeat. The company is confessing that despite years of trying, it has not found an attractive way to invest its cash reserves.

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