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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Top Stories

OS 9, Mine, All Mine
by Giles Turnbull, O'Reilly Network
Lots of people are using old systems and old software. Some are quite happy with their existing setup; others have made a deliberate effort not to follow the upgrade path.


iPod Mini Launches, But Not In Norfolk
by Steve Downes, EDP24
Many electrical stores were not intending to stock the tiny Apple music player because they had deals with other suppliers.

Japanese Music Fans Rush To Buy New iPod Mini Players
by Mainichi Shimbun
Thousands of people lined up outside electronics stores in Japan on Saturday as Apple launched sales of its iPod mini digital music player.

Superintendents Face Deadline For High School Laptop Program
by David Sharp, Associated Press
Enough schools must agree to participate by July 30 to account for 8,400 computers — the minimum threshold for Apple to agree to the same low price for laptops in Maine's 241 public middle schools.

The (Not So Big) Apple iPod Mini Goes On Sale
by Tania Branigan, The Guardian
Small is beautiful — all the more so when it comes in a rainbow of colours. So the new iPod mini is expected to fly off the shelves when it launches in Britain today.

iPod Mini Sparks Major Battle In Portable Audio Player Market
by Asahi Shimbun
Can disks overtake discs in Japan's portable audio player market?

iPod Dominates, But For How Long?
by Elizabeth Millard, MacNewsWorld
Although the digital music arena is getting more crowded, Apple is distinguishing itself in a number of important ways, say analysts. Not only is the company continually innovating, but also it is apply marketing muscle to every new effort.

Shedding Light On Apple's Enterprise Movements
by Blane Warrene, MacNewsWorld
A closer look at Apple's past four years unveils the assembly of an enterprise-ready portfolio of hardware and software. Yet, just how has the companyd one in turning its capability into unit sales and market penetration?

The Race To Catch The iPod
by The Economist
Apple's portable iPod music player has revolutionised the way in which music is delivered to consumers. However, as Apple launches its iPod mini worldwide, the brand is under attack on two fronts: from copycat products from the likes of Sony, and from subscription services, which will soon be helped by software from Microsoft.


Just A Thought — iPod And Me
by Vern Seward, Mac Observer

PowerBook Setup App — I Want This Utility!
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
This utility dramatically reduced set up time.

My New Mac!
by Russell Beattie

Is Apple Making The Grade?
by Eliot Van Buskirk, ZDNet
I decided to take a closer look at Apple's progress to see where it's succeeding and where it could stand to innovate even further.


Dot Com Crash Continues?
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Two very good things that came out of the dot com era are Slate and Salon. One has deep pockets, and the other has, well, a knack for finding last-minute funding, and both seems to have survived the dot com crash.

Or have they?

Well, reports are out that Microsoft is looking to sell Slate. Looks like the recent cost-cutting measures at Microsoft has now trickled down to this particular product. I wish all the best to the people behind Slate, and hope that the online magazine will not suck after being bought over.

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