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May 21, 2007

Why I Really Prefer Mac Over PC

by Jon Holato

Macs provide a better overall computing experience.

A Knack For Macs

by Richard Carter, Times Record News

"Computers are supposed to work for us. We are not supposed to work for the computers. But we are working less for the computer than we used to. It's getting there. I don't see it though in the near future. They're complicated machines."

Ogg's Creator On Why Open Media Formats Still Rule

by Michael Calore, Wired

"Every iPod in the country could offer Ogg support tomorrow if Apple wanted it. However, Apple is a member of MPEG which owns and licenses all the patents on the mainstream formats (MP3 and AAC) and by adopting Ogg they'd be cutting into their own license revenue stream."

Adobe, Please Stop The Insanity

by Gus Muellr

What happened to you Adobe? You used to be so good!

Emotional Fonts

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

There is something about Macintosh and fonts that ties. Mac users are, generally, fussy about the fonts their system and applications use. If you are Windows user, and you are particular about fonts, chances are, you are a Mac user in future.

BBC queried its readers, asking them to "explain the reasons they fell in love with their favourite font, or what rankles about their most-loathed font." Maybe this will inspire you to go into the preference dialog of your favorite application, and change a font or two.

One Year As An Indie Mac Developer: What I've Learned

by Kevin Walzer, Code By Kevin

Actually building a software business — even the modest one I've developed thus far — is several orders of magnitude more complex than simply writing code. But it's a great pleasure to earn part of my living writing software, and it's an honor every time someone parts with a few dollars because my software has helped to solve their problem.

Hither And Dither

by Waffle

Apple's using displays that are literally dithering some colors for you.

By Heng-Cheong Leong