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June 30, 2007

Gave Up Sleep And Maybe A First-Born, But At Least I Have An iPhone

by Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Apple wanted a spectacle when the iPhone went on sale, and it got just that.

Some People Can Buy iPhone Without 2-Year Contract

by Sinead Carew, Boston Globe

What's the best way to beat the commitment involved in iPhone ownership? Bad credit.

Immediate After-THoughts On The Apple iPhone Launch

by Thomas Hawk, Digital Connection

Camping out last night at the Palo Alto Apple store was not about an iPhone. It was about an experience.


by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

Purchasing a new iPhone wasn't the ordeal I expected.

iPhone First Impressions

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

The iPHone is 95 percent amazing, 5 percent maddening. I'm just blown away by how nice it is — very thoughful UI design and outstanding engineering. It is very fun.

iPhone First Impressions

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Words cannot describe how incredibly wonderful this thing feels to touch and hold. It is an absolute marvel of engineering. Gorgeous in every way.

Accessing From An iPhone

by Gizmodo

It's an RSS application that handles your feeds' URLs in iPHone's Safari.

Eye Phone

by The Economist

Apple is changing the way we view mobile phones.

Eager Customers Finally Get iPhones

by May Wong, Associated Press

Techies, exhibitionists and luminaries — even the co-founder of Apple and the mayor of Philadelphia — were among the inaugural group of iPhone customers.

SIM Card Swappin' And The Early Snap Of iPhonation

by Victor Agreda, Jr, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Contrary to previous reports, you will be able to swap out that SIM card on your iPhone.

iPhone Activation Disasters

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Three hours after getting my hands on an iPhone, I am ready to drop the thing from the 44th floor of the New York Hilton — and I probably would if I was sure it would hit someone from AT&T.

2-4 Week Wait For iPhone Online

by MacNN

Gadget Fans Speak Out From iPhone Lines

by Reuters

Secrets & Features Of iTunes 7.3

by Jesse David Hollington, iLounge

Here is the breakdown of what is new and interesting in iTunes 7.3.

Apple Issues Five iPhone Tech Notes

by MacNN

First Look: Five Fast iPhone Impressions

by Shawn King, Macworld

The iPhone is not the "Perfect Device." But it is a darn cool piece of technology that does a lot of things surprisingly well. And, for those of you waiting for "Version 2.0," it will only get better.

iPhone Release Brings Out The Crowds

by Chris Barylick and Mathew Honan, Macworld

From coast to coast Friday, the covetous and curious stood in line at Apple Stores and AT&T retail outlets so that they could be among the first to lay their hands on Apple's new iPhone.

High-Quality Apple iPhone Unboxing Photos

by AppleInsider

Finding A Mouse For The Creative Mac Pro

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Recently, I found myself wanting a new mouse and decided to dig out some of my old hardware and try out some new stuff.

Consumer Group Warns Apple, AT&T On iPhone

by MacNN

The fact that neither Apple nor AT&T have disclosed whether they will charge customers to replace failing batteries has led the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FCTR) to officially call upon both firms to provide free and immediate replacement at retail locations for the life of the iPhone.

AT&T: iPod Gear Can Function With iPhone

by MacNN

AT&T states that while many products with the 'Made for iPod' branding are compatible with the iPhone's 30-pin connector, the wireles broadcasts the phone emits may cause audio interference.

Apple Opens Largest European Store-In-Store In Paris

by Peter Sayer, IDG News Service

Apple opened its largest European Apple Shop to date on Thursday, inside the FNAC Digital store on the chic Boulevard Saint Germain in central Paris.

June 29, 2007

iPhone Under The Knife

by Rachel Rosmarin, Forbes

A few people in line for Apple's latest device has something a little more destructie in mind: They plan to tkae it apart.

iPhone Lines Grow Across Country

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

Taiwan Hit By iPhone Craze

by Dan Nystedt, IDG News Service

The surrest sign marketing hype surrounding the iPhone has ountdone itself is that a small island on the Pacific rim is abuzz over the device, despie the fact it won't be on sale here until next year at the earliest.

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iPhone Launch Grabs Headlines In China, by Sumner Lemon, IDG News Service.

AT&T Quietly Bumps EDGE Network Speed

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

iTunes 7.3 Adds iPhone Integration, Apple TV Features

by MacNN

Apple Posts "Finger Tips"

by Dan Pourhadi, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Demonstrating various iPhone functions and offering some pointers to make good use of your new multi-touch monster.

Macworld Awards 2007 - The Winners

by Macworld UK

Each year Macworld's editors decide what the finest products of the last 12 months have been across different industry sectors; professional creative, consumer and Apple's own offerings.

The iPhone's Potential

by Kate Greene, MIT Technology Review

Apple could do a lot more with all the sensors in the iPhone.

iPhone 'Surfing' On AT&T Network Isn't Fast, Jobs Concedes

by Nick Wingfield and Amol Sharma, Wall Street Journal

In an interview on the eve of the iPhone launch, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs and AT&T Inc. CEO and chairman Randall Stephenson addressed concerns that the device will have slow internet access on AT&T's cellular network.

Mr Jobs acknowledged that the company's new iPhone won't surf the internet as fast as he would like on the network, called "Edge," but added that the device's ability to connect to wi-fi hotspots would give consumers a speedier alternative for web browsing.

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A Trade-Off On iPhone Data Speed, by John Markoff, New York Times.

Apple Releases MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

A Closer Look At Lightroom 1.1

by Rick LePage, Macworld

Another Innovation At Apple: The Retail Strategy

by John C. Dvorak, MarketWatch

Apple gets a lot of credit for nifty product design, but should actually be lauded for its successful foray into retail.

First Impressions Of Pathfinder

by David Sparks, SurfBits

Pathfinder is my Finder replacement. It is robust and bends to fit my needs.

Get On ScobleShow, Get Fired

by Robert Scoble, Scobleizer

Microsoft is changing its approach to PR. Why? Two words: Steve Jobs.

Steve Job Buries Radical Transparency

by Valleywag

WHo wants a bunch of jargon-spouting geeks putting the word out?

iPhone 2.0

by Brian Caulfield, Forbes

You can bet Steve Jobs' already stirring up his minions as he prepares for his next performance: iPhone 2.0.

Steve Jobs: Free iPhone For Apple Employees

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

I wonder will Apple employees outside of U.S. get iPhones too. And if so, how can they use the currently-AT&T-only phone? A secret activation code that allows the iPhone to use with other mobile carriers?

Jobs Explains Thinking Behind iPhone

by MacNN

See Also:

Internal Apple Stevenote: iPhone, iPods With OS X, And "Off The Charts" Macs In The Pipeline, by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica.

AT&T: iPhone SIM Cards Are Portable

by MacNN

The Missing Sync For BlackBerry 1.0: New Syncing Software Shows Real Promise

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0.1 certainly has room for improvement — it needs e-mail synchronization, Bluetooth support, and profile automation, to begin with — but it's light years ahead of the free option.

Apple On Board?

by Arik Hsseldahl, BusinessWeek

WIth both the iPhone and Apple TV running versions of OS X, rumors of an in-car navigation and infotainment system are not inconceivable.

June 28, 2007

Apple's Core Conspirators

by Lewis Lazare, Chicago Sun-Times

Some media members too willing to help turn the hype surrounding iPhone release into something that was even hyper.

iPhone: How Apple Created A Frenzy

by Tricia Duryee and Kristi Heim, Seattle Times

Welcome To Planet Apple

by Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

How the high-tech maverick became a global trendsetter.

A Better Way To Stream TV?

by Neal Sandler, BusinessWeek

In a model that could galvanize the net, Israeli startup Arootz says it can satisfy web video demand using multicasting and cheap hard drives.

iPhone: Jobs' Revenge

by Adrian J. Slywotzky, BusinessWeek

A decade after Apple was pushed out of computing's mainstream, it's taking center stage in a host of other industries—with the iPhone.

Even After Apple, Designers Dig Jobs

by Helen Walters and Reena Jana, BusinessWeek

Apple's design alumni agree: There's no easy formula for a design-driven business strategy. That takes a single-minded risk tker like, well... Steve Jobs.

Q&A With Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini

by BusinessWeek

Tog Tognazini joined Apple in 1978 and worked at the company for 14 years. He explains why he thinks the iPhone will be a hit—and why Apple is so far ahead of the industry's other "giant noninnovators."

Apple Limits iPHones Sales To 2-Per-Person

by MacNN

In addition, beginning Saturday morning, Apple will be offering customers free, in-depth workshops throughout the day at all Apple retail stores.

Apple Expo Paris 25-29 September

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Data Backup 3

by Rick Curran, MacNN

Gartner Urges IT To Embrace Devices But Resist iPhone

by Matt Hamblen, Computerworld

Gartner is known for its comprehensive market research, but Wednesday, the firm produced two separate reports that could leave IT managers scratching their heads over whether to support Apple's iPhone.

The Pros And Cons Of iPhone Security

by Robert Vamosi, CNET

Few people standing in line to buy an iPhone Friday will be focusing on the security of Apple's new phone. But some influential security researchers already have given the matter lots of thought.

Steve Jobs To Make A Rare Company-Wide Speech Tomorrow

by Ryan Block, Engadget

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

iPhone-only web-based RSS aggregator from Apple. No more making fun of Apple for not eating their own "web apps as iPhone SDK" dogfood.

Some Camp Out For The iPhone, Others Just Want To Make A Buck

by Kim Hart, Washington Post

An iPod Has Global Value. Ask The (Many) Countries That Make It.

by Hal R. Varian, New York Times

Who makes the Apple iPod? Here's a hint: It is not Apple. The company outsources the entire manufacture of the device to a number of Asian enterprises, among them Asustek, Inventec Appliances and Foxconn.

But this list of companies isn't a satisfactory answer either: They only do final assembly. What about the 451 parts that go into the iPod? Where are they made and by whom?

AT&T Limits iPhone Sales To One Per Customer

by Kent Pribbernow, The iPhone Blog

The Mac With The iPhone

by Miles Evans, MacApper

Many employees with access to the iPhone have been using them, often in public, with permission, since sometime in May.

Apple Posts A Boatload Of UPdates

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The End Of iPhone Innocence

by Andy Ihnatko, Macworld

As for me, my elan has been dampened. My joie is nowhere near as vivre-ey as it once was, and I find that someone has gone and installed a screen door on my submarine.

Why? Because I have only a few more hours to lording it all over people that I've already used an iPhone and they haven't.


Apple Confirms iPhone VPN Support, Headset-Charging Dock

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

Acting Up

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

It seems clear to me that the iPHone is not a new "act"; it's the natural extension of the third one.

A Year On, Cider Takes Mac Game World By Storm

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

To help understand what Cider's continuing role is in the Mac game market, Macworld recently spoke at length with the company's CEO, Vikas Gupta.

Analyst: Cost, iTunes Set iPhone Apart

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

Apple Retail Stores To Host Nationwide Employee Sleepover

by Prince McLean, AppleInsider

Motion 3: 3-D, Paint And Motion-Tracking Features Add New Depth To Graphics Tool

by Peter Kim, Macworld

By adding some new dimensions to the visuals Motion can produce, Apple has vastly expanded the value of its motion-graphics tool. It's a complement to Final Cut Pro for video processing, but it's finally looking like a serious motion-graphics contender in its own right.

Saft 8.3.12

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

I feel it's well worth its $12 cost of entry—especially if you spend a lot of time browsing the web in Safari.

iPhone Returns And Cancellation Policies

by Eric Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The iPhone return policy won't be nearly as friendly.

June 27, 2007

iPhone Spawns Gray Market

by Steven Schwankert, IDG News Service

Cottage industry of 'line-waiters' and advance sales is springing up prior to the iPhone's Friday launch.

As The iPhone Launch Nears, The Wireless Industry Needs A Clue

by Marty Graham, Wired

On the eve of the iPhone's June 29 arrival, wireless-industry insiders are scrambling to understand their customers before Apple takes them away. The trouble is, they can't seem to agree on the problem, let alone the solution.

FireWire Headed For Slow Decline, Says Report

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

A new report from In-Stat says that IEEE 1394, known to Mac users as FireWire, is heading for a slow decline in the face of major challenges from other interfaces and a stagnating market share.

Apple Posts iPhone Keyboard Video

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The main thrust of the video seems to be 'trust the keyboard.'

Waiting For The Latest In Wizardry

by Katie Hafner, New York Times

MacBook's iSight: No Assembly Required

by Catherine Holahan, BusinessWeek

The picture quality is super and it's a snap to use, but this built-in webcam has lag and zoom issues that may disappoint frequent video bloggers.

Adobe To Open Lightroom To Developers

by Stephen Shankland, CNET

Adobe plans to release Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 on Tuesday, but bigger changes will come later when the company starts letting outside programmers add their own plug-ins to the software.

Wi-Fi Still A Missing Piece Of iPhone

by Glenn Fleishman, Wi-Fi Networking News

Because seamless connections to hotspots require custom software—software that a third party can't install on an iPhone yet—iPhone owners who want to use hotspots will have to connect, use the browser, and login, too.

iDay Minus Three...

by Chaterine Elsworth, Telegraph

So it turns out I'm not the only journalist struggling to get my hands on an iPhone ahead of Friday's launch.

Behind The iPhone Music

by Stephanie N. Mehta, Fortune

Stanley Sigman, CEO of AT&T Mobility, has been getting his team ready for iPhone mania for months. Sigman, a wireless industry veteran who is credited with turning around Cingular (as AT&T's wireless unit was previously known) five years ago, recently spoke about his company's hot new device, AT&T's partnership with Apple — and why the iPhone could be bigger than Caller ID.

Testing Out The iPhone

by Walter S. Mossberg and Katherine Boehret, Wall Street Journal

Our verdict is that, despite some flaws and feature omissions, the iPhone is, on balance, a beautiful and breakthorugh handheld computer. Its software, especially, sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry, and its clever finger-touch interface, which dispenses with a stylus and most buttons, works well, though it sometimes add steps to common functions.

Without Wireless Downloads, iPhone May Not Rock Music Industry

by Associated Press

"The whole idea of on-the-go instant gratification isn't there."

I wonder if one can download MP3s from iPhone's Safari browser?

Apple's iPhone Isn't Perfect, But It's Worthy Of The Hype

by Edward Baig, USA Today

At Last, The iPhone

by Steven Levy, Newsweek

Certainly all those people lining up to buy iPhones will find their investment worthwhile, if only for the delight they get from dazzling their friends. They will surely appreciate the iPhone's features and the way they are intertwined to present a unified experience. But in the future—when the iPhone has more applications and offers more performance, with a lower price—buyers will find even more value.

Rumor Today: Apple Licensing Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Microsoft Exchange is much more than an e-mail server. Just turning on IMAP and letting iPhone access the e-mail portion is to ignore the other goodies that Exchange brings to the table. To access all the other stuff — calendaring, for example, Apple will need to pay Microsoft some money for a license.

And the rumor today is that Apple has done that already. Expect some announcement soon?

The iPhone Matches Most Of Its Hype

by David Pogue, New York Times

Even in version 1.0, the iPhone is still the most sophisticated, outlook-changing piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles.

Analysis: How Apple Sees The iPhone

by Peter Cohen and Philip Michaels, Macworld

Just glancing at the names on that list, it's clear that whatever analysts think of the iPhone, Apple sees it squarely in the middle of smartphone territory.

Analysis: iPhone's Rate Plan Is Actually Pretty Good

by Sascha Segan, PC Magazine

New Yorkers Camp Out For iPhone Despite Summer Heat

by Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Early adopters equpped with food, water, and other supplies as they await arrival of Apple's first cell phone.

Color 1.0: Apple Unleashes Final Cut Studio Grading And Finishing Tool

by Gary Adcock, Macworld

Apple Stores To Close From 2 To 6 On Friday

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple has just announced that its retail stores will be closed on Friday, June 29th between 2 and 6pm to prepare for the iLaunch. Many retail AT&T stores have announced they will also close between 4 and 6pm for similar reasons.

June 26, 2007

iPhone's iPod Features Only Active With New 2-Year Plan

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

Can iPhone Change The Way We Live?

by Ellen Lee, San Francisco Chronicle

The iPhone won't stop global warming. It won't bring peace to the Middle East. But if it lives up to even a portion of the hype, it does have the potential to change how people interact with their cell phones, computers and each other.

Apple Drops Ringtone Tab From iTunes

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

LicenseKeeper 1.1.2

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

LicenseKeeper is an invaluable tool for keeping track of thsoe vital bits of information.

Apple Places Full-Screen QT, ZFS, More Hidden Features In Leopard

by Aidan Malley, AppleInsider

A new version of QuickTime included with Leopard will reportedly allow full-screen mode without a QuickTime Pro key, echoing teh feature added months before to iTunes. DVD Player will also see a major update with an HD options pane for Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs as well as the opportunity to add DVD cover art and change movie region support on the fly.

Apple Says iPhone Can Be Activated By Users At Home

by AppleInsider

Apple and AT&T Inc. said Tuesday that iPhone users will be able to activate their new iPhones using Apple's popular iTunes software runnig on a PC or Mac computer in the comfort and privacy of their own home or office, without having to wait in a store while their phone is activated.

AT&T And Apple Announce Service Plans, iTunes Activation For iPhone

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The iPhone will work with any of AT&T's service plans, bu tthey have put together three bundle plans that include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail (apparently not included if choosing a standard plan), 200 SMS and of course, roll-over minutes and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling.

Analyst Alleges iPhone Already Hitting Palm Sales

by Tony Smith, The Register

The Wrath Of Steve Jobs

by Valleywag

Don't be surprised if Fortune, the nation's premier business magazine, has to scramble to assemble coverage of the hotly anticipated cellphone device.

iPhone Line Has Started... 100-Hours Early

by Gizmodo

Two dudes are already waiting in line at the NYC 5th Avenue Apple flagship store.

Want One Friday? It Calls For A Plan

by David Colker, Los Angeles Times

Across America, people are planning to line up for hours and even camp out overnight to be among the first to lay down $500 or $600 for the long-awaited cellphone-on-steroids from Apple Inc.

Some of the early adopters planning to be out there Friday were willing to share their strategies for iDay.

Steve Jobs A Controversial Visionary

by AFP

Apple's founder and rejuvenator Steve Jobs has revolutionised culture; up-ended the music world and set his sites unabashedly on the "smart phone' industry.

Shut Out Of Service, Tech-Head Alaskans Will Need Guts To Get Hands On An iPhone

by Lelie Anne Jones, Anchorage Daily News

Daring Fireball On iPhone Exchange Support (Or Lack Thereof)

by BabyGotMac

The problem isn't simply email. It's collaboration.

Appleism Is A New Religion...

by David Kuo

I, Too Ponder The Switch

by Musings On Photography

The big win is that the hardware is just so darn well designed.

Importing Data Into iLife Applications

by Barkings!

Quick Look And Excel Files

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Makes me wonder whether this is finally the year Apple adds a spreadsheet to iWork.

Apple Basks In iPhone Buzz

by Tom Krazit, CNET

As iPhone Week dawns, one thing is clear: marketing is a lot easier — and cheaper — if you let other people do it for you.

Apple's iPhone Marketing Machine. Is It Enough?

by Aaron Huslage, O'Reilly Emerging Telephony

Apple will need to have another device available soon that requires les of carriers.

Arrival Of iPhones Greeted By 'Armed Guards'

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Connect360 3.1: Software Turns Your Xbox 360, Mac Into An Integrated Media Center

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

SafariSource 1.7.1

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

The Once And Future iPHone

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

I like new gear as much as the next guy, but I dread the notion of upgrading my phone every year. The iPod-update model should be our guide. Let's hope Apple and AT&T agree.

Hands On With Final Cut Studio's Color

by Grover Saunders, Ars Technica

With features like motion tracking and advanced chroma keying, Color seems like a pretty amazing value to have gone from five grand to free with purchase.

Soundtrack Pro 2: Improved Editing And New Features Help You Sync Audio With Video

by Peter Kirn, Macworld

No other tool implements these combined features so elegantly, and SoundTrack Pro 2 is the only tool with this level of Final Cut Pro integration.

Backing Up Your Mac

by Justin WIlliams, MacZealots

I prefer SuperDuper for backing up my entire machine to an external drive connected to my Mac, but I also recommend using a service like CrashPlan if you are storing mission critical data on your Mac.

Apple Stores To Offer 25 iPhone Accessories Near Launch

by AppleInsider

The majority of those products will likely consist of third party cases and protective gear, which are amongst the simlest for outside firms to develop given the limited xposure to the Apple handset thus far.

Analyst: Apple To Sell 10 Million iPods In June Quarter

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

First Apple iPhone Shipments Arrive Stateside

by Kasper Jade, AppleInsider

Arriving Friday, The iPhone Is Already Having An Impact

by Seattle Times

It's not unusual to hear industry executives, analysts and consumers talk about it as if it's been a tried-and-true product — even though only a few select testers have even used it.

June 25, 2007

iPhone: It All Comes Down To Buttons

by Brier Dudley, Seattle Times

What's still unclear is the best way to manipulate tiny computers — the ideal combination of buttons, keyboards, touch screens and voice commands.

Apple's iPhone Will Chnage The Very Nature Of Mobile Communications With Its Dazzling Design And Interface

by Ryan Kim, San Francisco Chronicle

Call it the iPhone effect.

That's what you get when you throw a potentially game-changing device from an innovative pioneer into an established but stil evolving industry. Apple's uber-phone, a media and internet device that goes on sale Friday, has the potential to create seismic shifts in the cell phone industry larger than the size of the iPhone's sales, analysts and observers said.

Apple Posts Security Update 2007-006

by MacMinute

IT Braces For iPhone Debut

by Matt Hamblen, Computerworld

As Friday's scheduled release of Apple Inc.'s iPhone draws ever closer, some IT managers are hustling to get ready to support the new devices, anticipating the moment when the CEO walks in with one and demands to read his corporate e-mail on it.

Will Apple's iPhone Connect?

by Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times

The tech innovator will face a steep learning curve and powerful rivals as it enters a promising new market.

Microsoft's Anti-Virtualization Stance: Forget DRM, Think Apple

by Ken Fisher, Ars Technica

Microsoft, I suspect, is terrified of a world in which standard, Joe-Consumer Windows can be virtualized and made to play second fiddle to Mac OS X, or even (say) Ubuntu Linux.

Hollywood Seeks Ways To Fit Its Content Into The Realm Of The iPhone

by Laura M. Holson, New York Times

Mobile phone makers are scurrying to offer new products to compete with the iPhone's touch screen. Wireless carriers also seem more willing to listen to their partners' advice. And in Hollywood, where Mr Jobs' convention-defying tactics are all too familiar, media executives are eagerly preparing for a new era as they hope to position more content where consumers want it: in their hands.

Prepare For The SAT Test, Or Play With Your iPod? Have It Both Ways

by Maria Aspan, New York Times

N.Y. Geeks Drool For Cool iPhone

by Angela Montefinise, New York Post

The city has gone iPhoen crazy, with gadget geeks willing to do just about anything to score one of the coveted Apple creations debuting Friday — including bribery, sexual favors and payoffs.

In Defense Of Ajax For The iPhone

by Ryan Breen, Ajax Performance

I believe that Ajax on the iPhone represents nothing less than the future of mobile development, and we'll look back on Apple's decision to forsake a 'Real SDK' as ana rticulation of a bold and correct vision that perfectly fits where the market is heading.

I'm yet to be convinced that traditional operating-system API is dead, and developers should all be moving onto the web.

Get Over It. The Web Is The Platform

by Benlog

If you're not writing apps in cross-browser-compliant HTML+JavaScript, the clock is ticking. Or maybe I'm just an Apple fanboy.

iPhone Developer Specs Leaked Online

by Shaun Nichols, CRN Australia

Delegates attending the session were told that the phone will not offer Flash or Java, the two technologies that developers commonly use for online and mobile applications.

JavaScript, meanwhile, will be limited to five seconds of runtime, and HTML pages will be limited to 10MB in size.

Release Of iPhone Has Industry Abuzz

by May Wong, Associated Press

Mac 101: The Lozenge Button

by Mat Lu, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

It's that little gem-like button on the top right of OS X windows, and what it does is reveal or hide toolbars.

June 24, 2007

New Details About The iPhone

by Ryan Block, Engadget

We managed to smuggle out some fresly leaked details from a very trusted inside source who's been fooling around with a unit.

Four Ways To Improve Productivity On Your Mac

by Caitlyn Imburgo

These four steps will hopefully increase your productivity and inspire you to get your work done in a more timely manner.

OS X 10.4.10 Causes Audio Pops In Some Macs

by Mat Lu, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Windows Share As Seen By Mac OS X Leopard

by Guillaume Carbonneau

Looks like the Apple team dropped a funny easter egg when viewing a Windows share.

Steve Jobs In A Box

by John Heilemann, New York Magazine

It's a stunning box, a wizard object with a passel of amazing features (It's a phone! An iPod! A web browser!). But for all its marvels, the iPhone inaugurates a dangerous new era for Jobs. Has he peaked?

Apple's iPhone Casts Big Shadow On Cell Industry

by Mike Hughlett, Chiacgo Tribune

If the device—a melding of phone, web browser and music and video player—is a hit, analysts say it will cut into market share of major phonemakers, including Schaumburg-based Motorola.

Nanoseconds Of Happiness

by Darrin M. McMahon, Washington Post

You're going to love your iPhone, until the next gizmo calls.

June 23, 2007

AT&T Hoping The iPhone Has Coattails

by Matt Richtel, New York Times

Industry analysts and executives offer mixed opinions about how much the iPhone will shake up the wireless business. They are torn, too, about how much it will benefit AT&T — Apple's execlusive partner — in its fierce competition with Verizon, Sprint Nextel and other carriers.

eWeek And iPhone: Fear And Loathing?

by Bizhack

Is 3 negative articles in one day a coincidence?

More iPhone Earlybirds Claimed

by David Becker, Wired

Tales continue to proliferate of pre-release iPhones in circulation.

Where'd Apple Get Its Juice?

by David Sessions, Slate

How they made the iPhone battery last longer.

A Gamer's Look At Parallels 3

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

The penalty in performance and the lack of compatibility with any DirectX 9-compatible games really hurts Parallels' usefulness for gamers. But if you have modest gaming needs that can be served by older titles, and you have a need to use Parallels for other things besides gaming, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Safari 3.0.2 Beta Released

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple's Mac Market Share On The Rise

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Apple Adds Excel, Word Support To The iPhone

by MacNN

Apple's guided tour of iPhone reveals clearly that the device does in fact supporting viewing Microsoft Word and Excel documents received in email messages.

The Top Secret Apple iPhone Tests

by Mobility Today

Doing dry runs with Apple's iPhone has been chanllenging. Tests of the iPhone had to be done in places frequented by wireless users. Under strict orders to keep the phone under wraps, technicians had to hide or disguise the phone when in public.

Final Cut Pro 6: Apple's Professional Video Program Offers Powerful New Tricks

by Mike Curtis, Macworld

Final Cut Pro 6 is a solid upgrade featuring greater ease of use and enhanced workflow flexibility. For users of previous versions, the decision to upgrade will be a no-brainer, as the new ProRes and Open Format Timeline features alone are worth the price of admission.

Apple Revamps iPhone Site, Posts' Tour'

by MacNN

Apple has redesigned and further populated the iPhone section of its website, pushing live a new 20-minute guided tour video and offering easier access to previously posted information.

iPhone: It's The Features, Stupid!

by Marc E. Babej and Tim Pollak, Forbes

Those features better work—and wow—because a brand, even one with Apple's vaunted reputation, won't carry the day by itself.

10.4.10 Update Hints At New iMacs

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Canceling iPhone Service Early Will Cost $175

by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe

Even though AT&T isn't subsidizing the iPhone's hefty price, the company will charge a $175 termination fee for iPhone users who want to break their two-year contracts.

Vista 'More Secure Than OS X And Linux'

by Tom Sanders,

Microsoft has boasted in a new study that Windows Vista has needed fewer security patches than any other recently released desktop operating system.

Leopard Preview: What's New In OS X 10.5

by Macworld

What you need to know about the changes to Apple's next OS.

iTunes Now 3Rd Largest Music Retailer In US

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

June 17, 2007

MyAppleMenu Goes Dark For A Week

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

MyAppleMenu will be back in about a week's time. Take care, and see you soon.

Jobs Does Windows With Open Source

by Dana Blankenhorn, ZDNet

See its weaknesses as opportunities. See what you can do with it. What can an outstanding open source browser be?

Safari For Windows: All About The Money?

by Nancy Gohring, IDG News Service

Revenue sharing deals among search providers could be Apple's real motivation behind offering its browser to Windows users.

Apple Faithful, We Must Prepare Together For The Media Backlash

by The Secret Diary Of Steve Jobs

June 16, 2007

Eric Schmidt With iPhone

by HanWorks Research

iLust For iPhone

by Chiacgo Tribune

In the coming weeks, you will be able to tell the techno-hip from the rest of us. They'll have the iPhone. We won't.

WWDC 2007 Epilogue

by Scott Steven, Theocacao

This has been one incredible week. I put a lot of faces to names for the first time, learned about what sort of apps are in development, and found out that there are a lot of newcomers to the platform. The thing I couldn't get over all week long was the sheer number of people there.

The iPhone Will Fly And Keep Flying

by Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine

It will fly off the shelves and continue to gain consumer interest and demand.

My Safari For Windows Theory

by Peer Pressure

Could it be that Apple plans to release its own APIs for offline apps in Safari?

Safari For WIndows... But Why?

by Om Malik, GigaOM

Every time I ask someone why aren't you switching to a Mac, they show fear of having to relearn everything. What if Apple gives out small doses of Apple experience, slowly trying to overcome their fear of re-learning?

Why No iPhone SDK?

by Dave Winer, Scripting News

There's one application, for sure, that could mess up not just Cingular's West Coast network, but the whole idea of an internet-capable PDA with wifi that wants to be a conventional cell phone. It's called Skype, and it really worries the phone companies.

A Third-Party MagSafe Solution?

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

iPhone Headset Sees Last-Minute FCC Nod

by MacNN

Apple's first Bluetooth headset has been approved just two weeks before its parent iPhone's launch, according to a new FCC filing made public today.

A Second Look At The MacBook Pro LED-Backlit Screen

by Iljitsch van Beijnum, Ars Technica

Apple Picks A Fight It Can't Win

by Mike Elgan, Computerworld

Wy Safari for Windows will leave Apple bruised and bloodied.

Quake Creator's Mac Support Offer Should Be A Boon

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Id's continued support of the Mac market means that other games that use the same game-engine technology will have an easier time coming to the Mac.

iSale 4.1: Feature-Packed Software Makes Listing Auctios On eBay A Snap

by Tony Bojorquez, Macworld

Its strength comes from its easy-to-use interface and tight integration with Apple software. However, high-volume eBay sellers may find that the program's bulk-processing limitations slow down the listing process.

Apple To License Interface Technology As Part Of Settlement

by AppleInsider

Apple has reached an out-of-court settlement with little-known intellectual property agency IP Innovation LLC, which earlier this year alleged that the Mac maker's universal use of tabs in its Tiger operating system infringed on a 20-year old interface patent.

June 15, 2007

Earrings For Web Mistresses

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Here's a pair of HTML earrings for the geeks in your life. :-)

Steve Jobs: Struggling To Redefine The TV Paradigm

by The Register

The picture around Apple TV is starting to clear with some rumours and snippets revealed this week.

Mac Developers Weigh Safari Potential As iPhone App Platform

by Daniel Drew Turner, eWeek

Newest iPod Ad Star: Sir Paul McCartney

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Life At WWDC

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

A Picture's Worth 100M Users???

by John Lilly, Mozilla

This world view that Steve gave a glimpse into betrays their thinking: it's out-of-date, corporate-controlled, duopoly-oriented, not-the-web thinking. And it's not good for the web. Which is sort of moot, I think, because I don't think this 2 party world will really come to be.

Game On For Apple

by Scott Hillis, Reuters

Macs are finally gaining some credibility in the gaming world thanks to faster processors and growing market share that make them a viable business opportunity for publishers.

Apple Reports 1 Million Safari For Windows Downloads

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Mac BU: Office 2008 On Track

by MacNN

Safari 3.0 Install Snafu Cripples Some Macs

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Beta testers have to figure out a fix on their own.

June 14, 2007

Bridging The Mac-Windows Gaming Gap

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

New developments announced at Apple's Developers Conference take different approaches to getting games to run on both platforms.

Apple Goes On Safari With Hostile Security Researchers

by Ryan Singel, Wired

Apple has a mixed reputation in the security community. It's been critized for how it handles reports of vulnerabilities, how it reports the severity of bugs in automatic security updates and how long it takes to patch flaws.

Happy Hour With The iPHone

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Apple and AT&T are being coy about how many units they expect to have on hand in major stores around the country, but it's not expected to be very many, and presales are not an option.

Apple Cancells Personal Shopping Appointments For 29 June

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

Updaed Safari For Windows Improves Security

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Apple has released Safari Beta 3.0.1 for Windows, an update to their recently-introducd web browser for Windows XP and Vista.

iTunes Music Store Pushes Sony Aside On Yahoo Japan

by Martyn Williams, Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan replaced a Sony-affiliated music download service with Apple's iTunes Music Store on Thursday as the default music store on Yahoo Music Japan.

The partnership means that visitors to the Yahoo Music pages now see a prominent link to iTunes in the menu bar and one-click access to the download service.

Apple Escapes Censure Over Mithcell And Webb Ads


Britain's advertising watchdog has ruled that consumer electronic giant Apple did not breach regulations in its adverts featuring comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

On Switching

by Informationaly Overloaded

Apple Rant: We Need Another Paradigm Shift On The Desktop

by Webomatica

A Very Sweet Solution

by Michael Tsai

"You can't do that stuff in a browser." "You can write amazing web 2.0 and AJAX apps that look exactly and behave exactly like apps on the iPhone."

It's Not Just The "What", It's The "How"

by Michael Gartenberg, JupiterResearch

Even more important isn't what the iPhone does, but how it does it.

A Developer's-Eye View Of Leopard

by Tom Yager, InfoWorld

Leopard's new features will be taken up extremely rapidly by developers, extending the transformation of the Mac platform from the OS all the way up end-user applications.

Saft Updated For Safari 3.0 Beta

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Developers Split On Usefulness Of iPhone Access

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Finder Window Manager 1.9.6

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

If you regularly work with different set of folders and windows, it's a handy way to swtich between those sets without having to manually close and open everything each time.

The End Of Mac Gaming

by Charles Jade, Ars Technica

64-Bit Support In Leopard: No Carbon Love

by Iljitsch van Beijnum, Ars Technica

Sources tell Ars that not mentioning Carbon was no oversight: apparently, Apple has decided to scrap the intended 64-bit support in Carbon.

The Ups And Downs Of EA's Mac Return

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Apple's Disappointing iPhone Message

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

For the real innovation to be seen, Apple must give developers access to the entire iPHone, not just its browser.

Journler 2.5.2: Program Lets You Organize Everything Around Your Writing

by Jason Cranford Teague, Macworld

Journler 2.5.2 turns the basic word processor into a tool you can use to connect and organize your thoughts and ideas. Whether you need a tool to keep a daily blog, record project notes, or write a novel, if you own a Mac and use it to write, you should try Journler.

Analyst: iPhone Development Secure, Limited

by MacNN

The developer community was hoping for the release of a software development kit for the iPhone, but unanimously agreed that web-based applicatinos are more secure in spite of their limited capabilities.

June 13, 2007

"Sleep Camp" Nixed, You Still Have To Reboot

by Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

In an unusual move, Apple has seemingly pulled the "faster restarts" feature and removed it entirely from the Boot Camp page.

Santa Rosa Comes To The Mac: A Review Of The 17" MacBook Pro

by Eric Bangeman, Ars Technica

To me, the biggest difference is the high-resolution screen. If your eyes can take it—and I'm approaching the age where I have to hold things farther away from my eyes to read them—the extra $100 for the 1920x1200 display is money well-spent.

Safari 3 Beta On Windows Vs. Firefox 2 And IE7

by Ryan Paul, Ars Technica

If the folks at Apple think that providing Windows users with a taste of Mac OS X through Safari is going to entice them to buy a Mac, it's going to take a beter effort than the Safari 3 beta. Even if the final release is more polished and completely bug-free, it still won't be as powerful or feature-loaded as Opera or Firefox.

Safari For Windows Offers No Compelling Reason To Switch

by Michael Calore, Wired

It's hard to find a compelling reason to like or to dislike the beta version of Safari 3. And without compelling reason to switch, most Firefox and IE users won't.

Analysts Mixed Optimism At Apple Futures

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Initial analyst reactions to Apple CEO Steve Jobs' WWDC 2007 keynote speech are rolling in, and while some articulate disappointment in the short term, their Apple target prices remain strong.

Font Smoothing, ANti-Aliasing, And Sub-Pixel Rendering

by Joel Spolsky, Joel On Software

Apple chose the stylish route, putting art above practicallity, because Steve Jobs has taste, while Microsoft chose the comfortable route, the measurably pragmatic way of doing things that completely lacks in panache.

Apple Design Awards 2007

by Apple

The Apple Design Awards, now in their 12th year, recognize technical excellence and outstanding achievement in Mac OS X software design and development.

Apple's iTunes Doing A Lot More Heavy Lifting For Co.

by Dow Jones

Apple this week demonstrated how heavily the consumer electronics company now relies on its iTunes digital media store to market and sell a broad range of products.

What Apple's counting on the "halo effect," in which a well-received product boosts sales of others, say Apple analysts. This was particularly true of the iPod, which has helped to boost sales of Apple's computers. iTunes represents the next step.

That iPhone Is Missing A Keyboard*

by John Markoff, New York Times

Designers and marketers of electronic devices centers are having a spirited debate about whether consumers will hve the patience to overcome the hurdle that will be required to type without the familiar tactile feedbck offered by conventional keyboard.

Safari On Windows Falls Short Of Top Browsers

by Jim Rapoza, eWeek

Based on this beta, if we had to rank the major browsers right now, Safari would be about on par with Internet Explorer but still a good distance behind Opera and Firefox.

Watch Different: How The Apple TV Changes The Whole Television Landscape

by Aaron Barnhart, Macworld

Safari For Windows - Do We Really Need Another Browser?

by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

After taking a look at Safari, I have to conclude that it contains some useful features. I particularly like the RSS reader and the way you handle bookmarks. But to be honest I really can't see myself going to the bother of introducing yet another browser into the mix.

Safari And .Mac

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Like so many people out there, I wondered: why Safari for Windows?

I don't think the apparent consensus that Safari for Windows is meant for iPhone developers is the main reason. After all, fonts are different on Windows than on Mac and iPhone. The availability — and maybe even the behavior — of plug-ins are different on Windows than on Mac and iPhone. Plus no multi-touch on Windows, and different screen resolution too. Sure, Safari for Windows will help a little towards iPhone web app development, but any serious developers will need to buy an iPhone to test everything out.

Now, what else does Apple do that requires a web browser? Besides WebObject, which I think we all agree is pretty irrelevant in this discussion, the only thing I can think of is the good old .Mac web services.

iTunes will be used to manage iPhones, that's pretty much obvious. But to manage your .Mac account — if Steve is indeed hinting of an upcoming major upgrade — does not make sense on the iTunes application. Here's where Safari comes in. One route that Apple can take, of course, is to bake a lot of the features into Safari and make available to both Mac and Windows customers.

This does not mean that .Mac will not be usable on other browsers, I don't think. Apple lately has a pretty good track record in supporting open standards, and I don't expect them to change. But, Steve Jobs likes to control the entire widget, and this is no different. Safari will probably offer the best .Mac experience. At the minimum, Safari will be the insurance that .Mac services are available on both Mac and Windows, no matter how Microsoft and Mozilla tweak their browsers.

I am not really excited with Safari on Windows today as there are really no compelling and significant advantages that Apple brings to the table over what is already available. But the potential possibilities are exciting.

The Great iPhone Hunt Of 2007

by Anne Broache, CNET

Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently gave free advice to a columnist asking how to get an iPhone when they go on sale: head to an AT&T store, Jobs suggested, rather than Apple's own retail outlets.

See Also:

Tips For Landing An iPhone, by Anne Broache, CNET

Microsoft Versus Google: Apple Wins

by Brian Caulfield, Forbes

Apple is free to do things Microsoft can only dream of doing — and Google isn't about to complain.

Thinking Aloud On The New Finder

by Giles Turnbull, O'Reilly Mac DeveCenter Blog

The advent of CoverFlow within the Finder takes it even further away from the concept of spatial orientation which made the old classic Finder such a pleasure to use.

Do We Expect Too Much From Apple?

by Gary Marshall,

Jobs' earlier comments about super-secret Leopard features that he couldn't possibly talk about for fear of theft certainly fuelled those expectations. The result? Leopard looks great but maybe not insanely great, so the fanboys fume and the share price gets a spanking.

WWDC Keynote: Is That All There Is?

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

In The Shadow Of iPhone

by Jason Snell, Macworld

Apple May Have The Last Laugh As Parallels And VMware Duke It Out

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Apple didn't announce some sort of virtualization solution in Leopard that would essentially cut Parallels/VMWare out of the picture. The bad news is that if it works as advertised, it might render Parallels Desktop and VMware redundant for a variety of virtualization tasks.

Running Mac OS X and Windows together offers a lot of productivity-gaining advantages that Boot Camp simply will not be able to offer, however.

Apple Says No Sun File System For Leopard

by Antone Gonsalves, InformationWeek

Brian Croll, senior director of product marketing for the Mac OS, said Sun Microsystems' open-source file system would not be in the next version of the Mac operating system, contradicting statements made last week by Sun's chief executive.

See Also:

Apple's Leopard Will Use ZFS, But Not Exclusively, by Tom Krazit, CNET Apple has clarified reports that it won't use Sun's ZFS file system in Leopard, confirming that ZFS is present in Leopard but that Apple has not yet made it the default file system.

iPhone Email Arrives

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Your iPhone will require an iTunes Store account.

Researchers Find Eight Bugs In Safari For Windows

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Just hours after Apple Inc. released a Windows version of Safari yesterday, security researchers had uncovered more than a half-dozen vulnerabilities in the browser beta, including at least three that could let attackers grab complete control of a PC.

Two of the researchers blamed Apple's "false claims" about security and what they called its "hostile attitude" toward bug finders for the rush to dig up flaws.

It's Official: No Flash Support On The iPhone (Yet)

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

VMWare Pricing Announced

by Dave Caolo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Fusion will be shipping at the end of August 2007 for $79.99US (pre-order pricing is available at $39.99US for a single license).

Found Footage: PC Is Steve Jobs, WWDC 2007 Edition

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

There is one thing that everyone in attendance agreed on, the video that started the keynote is well worth a watch.

Apple Announces London iTunes Festival

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Over 60 of the world's best current bands and artists will perform at the iTunes Festival, which takes place at the prestiious Institute of Contemporary Arts in London throughout the month of July.

June 12, 2007

Who In Their Right Mind Would Run Safari On Windows?

by Leander Kahney, Wired

A lot of Mac users won't run the browser (I'm one of them), so why would anyone run it on Windows?

Apple Brings Safari To Windows - First Take

by Michael Gartenberg, JupiterResearch

While today's browser battles are being played for different stakes, they are no less important. This is a great strategic move by Apple that will push their technology further on to the Windows platform. Expect a response from Redmond.

Apple Reignites The Browser Wars

by Aaron Ricadela, BusinessWeek

The maker of the hotly anticipated iPhone is on the hunt for market share, with new versions of its Safari web browser. Watch out, Microsoft.

Parallels Breathes Sigh Of Relief After Jobs' Talk

by Ina Fried, CNET

While most of the crowd at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote address was eager to hear about all of Leopard's new features, Benjamin RUdolph was only interested in one.

Rent A Flick, Not A Tune

by Louis Hau, Forbes

The overriding factor appears to have les to do with consumer behavior than it does the vastly different environments in which the music and film industries are operating.

Leopard "Stacks" Implement Ages-Old GUI Concept "Piles"

by Pete Mortensen, Cult Of Mac

The future's the past, people. Steve has finally been in the job long enough that he's ready to re-examine technology that the companyd developed while he was at NeXT. If that isn't news, I don't know what is.

Honorable Not-Mentions

by Dan Moren, MacUser

As much as Steve talked about Leopard this morning, remember that Apple claims there are over 300 new features in Leopard, so there were plenty of little details that were not given their time in the spotlight (har har).

Apple EU Head: iPhone Will Be Contract Only

by MacNN

Pascal Cagni, the head of Apple Europe, has apparently stated that the iPhone will be available with service contract in European countries, and not be available with pre-paid plans that are popular there.

Hype Over iPhone Hangs Over Apple

by Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times

Not even an appearance from hype-master Steve Jobs could satisfy the craving Apple Inc. has created. Tech enthusiasts made clear Monday that they won't be happy until Apple starts selling the iPhone.

Islands And Lakes, Lakes And Islands

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Catch them all here, the largest island, the largest lake, and... the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island, and everything in between.

iPod Kills Our Sense Of Art, Laments Hockney

by Nigel Reynolds, Telegraph

"You notice that on buses. People don't look out of the window, they are plugged in and listening to something."

WWDC 2007 Keynote News

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

If all you have to offer is a shit sandwich, just say it. Don't tell us how lucky we are and that it's going to taste delicious.

Apple Unveils New Leopard Server Features

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

What Happened To .Mac?

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

As usual with Apple's quiet attitude towards development, we'll have to play the waiting game to see what becomes of Apple's polarizing web service package.

First Look: Safari 3 Beta

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

There may not be any earth-shattering new features, but what is new feels well thought-out and improves on Safari's already strong performance.

Everything Old Is New Again


The item even has the heading "Data, detected".

Universal Denies DRM-Free iTunes Claim

by James Rivington,

Universal Music has denied that it plans to make its music available DRM-free on Apple's iTunes store.

Safari Becomes A Platform

by Stan Schroeder, Frantic Industries

THe following announcement made Apple's intentions clear: iPhone apps will work in Safari. The idea, obviously, is for Safari to become a platform which would work hand in hand with the iPhone, with the popularity of one driving the other.

Safari On Windows Could Be Target For Malware

by Ryan Naraine, ZDNet

Just hours after today's Apple announcement, Errata Security researcher David Maynor downloaded the beta code and found two potentially serious security issues.

Taking Safari On Windows XP For A Spin

by Joey deVilla, Global Nerdy

On first glance, I like Safari's font rendering the best.

Three Photographer-Friendly Features In Leopard

by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Digital Media Blog

Hollywood Balks At Apple Online Movie Rentals

by Bob Tourtellotte, Reuters

Apple Inc.'s plans to enter the nascent online movie rental business drew skepticism on Monday from Hollywood executives who questioned pricing, copy protection and the timing of a possible launch.

Some said that, because the film download market remains small, the studios do not need to rush into a deal with Apple.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Stevenote

by Valleywag

Almost a million Apple developers.

VIdeo: At WWDC, Jobs Shows Off New Leopard Features


Why You May Not Want An iPhone

by Dan Frommer, Forbes

Web Apps Are Not Applications

by Rogue Amoeba

Leopard's New UI

by Giles Turnbull, O'Reilly Mac DeveCenter Blog

So far, so good? On the whole, I like what I see, although I'm most interested to see the extent to which it can all be customized and tweaked.

What The ....?

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

So Apple releases a new browser for Windows and Apple stock tanks? That makes sense... not.

iPhone Release On The 29Th... At 6 PM

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Leopard's New Finder

by Pat Nakajima, MacUser

One of the biggest ways to convince PC users to switch has been to tell them that in OS X, everything works as well as iTunes. In Leopard, making that claim gets even easier, with the redesigned finder, which looks quite similiar to the latest version of iTunes.

Mac OS X 10.5 Goes 64-Bit

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

Leopard's Boot Camp Brings 'Fast Switching' Between Mac OS X And Windows

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple has hooked their safe sleep feature into Boot Camp to allow Mac OS X to save all your open applications and windows, and then boot over into Windows.

Front Row Reworked To Resemble Apple TV

by Dave Caolo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

AAPL Down After Disappointing WWDC Keynote

by Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog Sports New Look

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple's iPhone Open To Software Developers

by Robert Mullins, Computerworld

Third-party software developers can create Web 2.0 applications to run on Apple Inc.'s forthcoming iPhone, company CEO Steve Jobs said today.

Developers will be able to create applications for the iPhone by using Web 2.0 programming tools like AJAX and taking advantage of the full version of Apple's Safari web browser incorporated into the devices. A separate, special software developer's kit is not needed, Jobs said.

EA Games, Id Software Plan Mac Push

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Apple Launches Safari For Windows

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Apple makes a bid to develop Safari's marketshare with Windows version of browser.

June 11, 2007

A Few Details Of The iPhone Galvanize The Apple Cadre

by Andrew Adam Newman, New York Times

Pacific Catch, a restaurant in San Francisco whose phone number appeared momentarily in one of the iPhone ads, average 100 extra calls a day the next week, the general manager, Rob Schechtman, said.

Movie Studios Fear The Sequel To iPod

by Dawn C. Chmielewski and Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times

Some movie fans hope Apple TV will do for internet video what the iPod did for digital music.

That's precisely what some Hollywood executives are afraid of.

Mac For A Week

by Fugitive Thought

I have gotten very much attached to the dock.

When all you have is the stupid start + launch bar + task bar + system tray combination, the Dock is really really great!

At Long Last, Switching Back To Mac

by Marc Andreessen,

The most wonderful thing about the Mac in 2007 is that is has what Bill Joy refers to as the "it works" feature.

Hollywood Studios In Video Talks With Apple

by Matthew Garrahan, Financial Times

Apple is in advanced talks with Hollywood's largest movie studios about launching an online film rental service to challenge cable and satellite TV operators.

The service could be more significant for Apple. If it signs enough studios, the group will get access to more preimum film content.

And Apple will soon control the entire supply chain, from movie making to distribution to the television.

See Also:

Apple Seeks A Deal To Make Movies Available For Rent Via iTunes Service, by Sarah McBride and Nick Wingfield, Wall Street Journal. The rental service is being pitched aggressively by Apple, with titles to rent for $2.99 for a set number of days before expiring, two studio executives familiar with the matter said. It is unclear which studios might partiicpate, with Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures currently in favor and General Electric Co.'s Universal Studios Inc. currently opposed, for example. The service is far from a certainty with several details to iron out, said a person close to the situation.

Apple Plots A DVD Player For The Broadband Era, by Om Malik, GigaOM. The strategy is typical of Apple: it lets the market reach a point of confusion, and then starts offering a service that emphasizes ease of use and elegant out of the box experience.

Clever iPod Advertising In South Africa

by Dave Caolo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Check out some images of this recent campaign, created by Net#Work BBDO in South Africa to announce the functionality of video iPods.

June 10, 2007

Why An iTnes Track Record Needs To Finish WIth A Coder

by John Naughton, The Observer

Apple ought to encrypt the consumer data, and implement a system for checking that the data have not been tampered with.

As far as I understand, nobody has determined whether Apple do have encrypted customer data inside the so-called DRM-free tracks.

Here Comes The iPhone

by Bob Keefe, David Ho, Cox News Service

Beneath Apple's marketing savvy is a device that could shake up the cell phone industry.

The GM Shuffle

by Rick Schaut, Buggin' My Life Away

So, he gets the Mac, he gets Microsoft and he understands that running a successful business is measured in terms of the value of the product to users and customers. Best of all, he gets my twisted sense of humor.

iPhone Hopes And Dreams

by ~stevenf

As desirable as the iPhone seems to be, very few people have actually used one. It does demo amazingly well, but then so does Spotlight.

WWDC 2007 Keynote Bingo

by John Siracusa, Ars Technica

An Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Interface Theme Shws Up For THe WWDC Preview Build Of Mac OS X Leopard

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

The Big Apple WWDC Secrets Revealed (Not)

by David Morgenstern, eWeek

Maybe some. Apple's deveoper get-together is upcoming and wild, strategic theories are being floated online. But as history proves,with Steve Jobs and Apple, anything is possible.

Whither .Mac?

by Charles Jade, Ars Technica

June 9, 2007

St. Phil Laptop Program COnsidered A Success

by Ryan Holland, Battle Creek Enquirer

As St. Philip Catholic Central High School freshmen begrudgingly handed in their iBooks this week, administrators, teachers and students described the first year of the laptop-per-student program as a success in progress.

iPhone Details From AT&T's Sales Training Workbook

by Mac Rumors

iPhone Hype Has Gadget Geeks Camping And Drooling

by Dana Ford, Reuters

With free wireless internet, a hot dog stand and a few friends, Daniel Eran Dilger calculates he could survive for days outside a store in a dogged attempt to grab the latest must-have consumer gadget.

Massive Adobe Upgrade Offers Lots Of Improvements

by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times

Adobe didn't just accomplish a nearly impossible software feat — coordinating even a couple of programs to work together and ship at the same time is considered rather hard — but it also managed to smooth out rough edges and improve how each program works with every other program.

Latest Photoshop A Trove Of Treasures

by Linda Knapp, Seattle Times

Who's Afraid Of The Stevenote? Virtualization Developers Should Be

by Michael Calore, Wired

As far as Parallels and VMWare are concerned, those dirty words are "Virtualization in Boot Camp." If they are uttered during the Stevenote, the companies' young products are as good as dead.

Paralels 3.0 A Worthy Upgrade

by Marc Orchant, ZDNet

It's all very seamless.

Apple iPhone, Not Yet For Sale, Drives Stock

by Reuters

Apple has not yet sold a single iPhone, but investors are driving up the company's shares to record highs as they bank that the combined telephone and media player will be a major hit.

Developers To Jobs: Give Me My iPhone!

by Rachel Rosmarin, Forbes

As iPhone anticipation reaches fever pitch, more than 4,000 of Apple's faithful techies are making their way to San Francisco. Where they won't get a chance to play with the must-have gadget, which won't be formally unveiled until the end of month.

"Oh, one more thing. There's an iPhone under every seat...." "Just kidding." :-)

MacBook Pro Benchmarks

by James Galbraith, Macworld

15-inch configurations show performance gains, but games test is puzzling.

Roz Ho Steps Down From Microsoft's Mac BU

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

Roz Ho, well known for her role in leading Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, is leaving the group after seven years to work in the company's entertainment and devices division. Craig Eisler will be taking over the reigns as Mac BU general manager.

Hello From The New General Manager Of The Macintosh Busienss Unit - Craig Eisler, by Mac Mojo.

Get A Mac Ads Honored As Most Effective

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

The Effie Awards honor the most significant achievements in the business of marketing communications, and Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign won the Grand Effie, the biggest award.

WHy A .Mac-Google Apps Integration Makes Sense

by Seth Weintraub, Computerworld

June 8, 2007

Mac Vs PC Cost Analysis: How Does It All Add Up?

by Scot Finnie, Computerworld

Everybody knows PCs are cheaper than Macs, right? Wrong! (At least sometimes.)

Get Ready For The Summer Of Apple

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Apple is preparing for one of the most pivotal summers in its history.

Kiss Boring Interfaces Goodbye With Apple's New Animated OS

by Scott Gilbertson and Leander Kahney, Wired

When Steve Jobs takes the stage Monday at Apple's programmers conference, he's likely to give the world a glimpse of an upgraded Mac operating system that could herald the biggest changes to the machine's interface in 30 years.

Well, the OS 9 to OS X transition was a rather big change in UI terms too...

JDiskReport 1.3.0

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

Apple MacBook Pro 15" With Intel Santa Rosa Review

by Notebook Review

I'm new to Mac computers, new to OS X, but I am one happy switcher.

Apple WWDC: Nothing To See Here?

by Tom Yager, InfoWorld

With developers unable to grab iPhones and Leopard still under wraps, what of note will come out of WWDC?

iTunes And Identity-Based Digital Rights Management

by Randy Picker, University Of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog

Apple may have a legitimate strategy for disclosing identity in the clear. It will be interesting to see what Apple says next.

Twiddling Fingers

by The Economist

What is in the next must-have.

The Third Act

by The Economist

Steve Jobs has twice taken Apple to new heights. With the launch of the iPhone this month he is hoping to do so for a third time.

Lessons From Apple

by The Economist

What other companies can learn from California's master of innovation.

Breaking Down The Walls Between Mac OS X And WIndows

by David Pogue, New York Times

I'm a bi-platform kinda guy. Not just becase I need to be conversant in both Mac OS X and Windows for my job, but also because my life revolves around certain Mac programs and certain Windows programs.

Who Is John Galt...Er...I Meant John Appleseed

by Erica Sadun, O'Reilly Mac DeveCenter Blog

I may have discovered where all those names from the iPhone commercials are coming from: the class lists of a small Australian High School.

Boot Camp 1.3 Beta Adds New Drivers, Apple Remote Pairing

by AppleInsider

Apple has released an update to its Boot Camp dual-boot software that adds new graphics drivers among other improvements.

The Missing Sync For Palm OS 6.0 Ships

by MacNN

The latest release introduces a new Call Log application and Palm conduit for Mac OS X that provide access to the Tero's log of phone call information on the Mac.

Iconfactory Releases Twitterrific 2.1

by MacMinute

Un-Watermarking iTunes Plus

by Christopher Breen, Playlist

Parallels Desktop 3 Officially Released

by David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Offering significant new features such as 3D acceleration and SmartSelect for specifying file types to open in apps across virtualized OSes, this could easily be called the most significant release of Parallels since the advent of Coherence Mode.

Device Conditions MacBook, MacBook Pro Batteries

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

NewerTech on Thursday announced the Intelligent Battery Charging Station, a $149.95 device that charges and conditions batteries designed to work in Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.

Mysterious Twelfth Application Vanishes

by Dan Moren, MacUser

Geez, Apple has been all over editing those iPhone ads.

June 7, 2007

The Power Of Scarcity

by Steve Rubel, Micro Persuation

The power of scarcity applies to companies, products, people, social networks and more. The formula is simple.

First Photos From Apple's WWDC EMphasiz Leopard Focus

by AppleInsider

So far, there are no surprises - the focus appears to be strictly Leopard.

Apple Removes '2-Year Plan' Disclaimer From iPhone Ads

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

How Big Will The iPhone Be?

by Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

The new must-have smartphone may be a $10 billion business — and could send Apple shares even higher.

Here's A 'Fight' We Viewers Win

by Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

This might not make for great TV, but it's truly how the technology business works.

Are Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Friends Once Again?

by Charles Arthur, The Guardian

WHat do you mean, "again"? They've never been enemies; in fact, they've been friends for decades. There has never been any real animosity between them.

MacBook Pro Backlight Comparison: LED Vs CCFL

by Ryan Block, Engadget

Why I'll Gladly Pay $600 For An iPhone

by Jon Holato

The iPhone has many features which places it ahead of the pack of Windows Mobile Smartphones and RIM Blackberry devices and make the $600 price tag a steal of a deal.

You're Using iTunes, But Are You Missing Some Of The Fun?

by Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

Many people don't realize that every time they install iTunes on a Windows PC, they also are installing Apple networking software called Bonjour.

2007 MacTech 25 Most Influential People Announced

by MacMinute

iPod's Been Mostly Virus-Free, But Hackers Might Be Lurking

by Paul Korzeniowski, Investor's Business Daily

The iPod presents a taxing challenge for hackers, which some say could motivate such folks.

Apple, AT&T Stores Prepare For iPhone Frenzy

by Marguerite Reardon, CNET

With a little over two weeks until the iPhone hits store shelves, Apple and AT&T retail sales representatives say they are preparing for a quick sellout and huge crowds on the June 29 launch date.

Apple And The Value Of Design

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

Jonathon Ive And Apple Win Again

by Jessie Scanlon and Helen Walters, BusinessWeek

It's no surprise Cooper-Hewitt honored the doyen of computer design, but some 2007 National Design Awards did go to lesser-known talents.

Another New iPhone Ad Touts Browser Features

by Gizmodo

Japan Finally Gets Warner Music On iTunes

by Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen, MacUser

Macworld Lab Tests: Eight-Core Mac Pro

by James Galbraith, Macworld

Eight-core desktop thrives with multi-core apps, not general tasks.

Apple To Adopt ZFS As Default File System For Leopard

by AppleInsider

It may have been a premeditated outburst or a sudden slip-of-the-lip, but either way Sun Microsystems chief executive Jonathan Schwartz is claiming that Apple next week will announce a plan to replace the default Mac OS X file system with the Sun-developed ZFS.

The Frontier

by John Siracusa, Ars Technica

A stylus is like a mouse, right? The iPhone says no to all that, and in the process leaves behind everything famliar to application developers.

Monitor Magic Manages Multple Cameras

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Big Mug Software has announced the release of Monitor Magic for Mac OS X, a utility designed for video professionals who need to monitor multiple DV, DVCPro, DVCProHD and HDV cameras.

June 6, 2007

Smart Duck Storybooks Reader For Mac OS X

by MacNN

Apple's iPhone Will Fly... Then Flounder

by Jim Louderback, PC Magazine

There's a lot of pent-up demand for the overpriced phone, particularly among the urban congnoscenti and techno-elites. Once the initial fever wears off, however, the bloom will really be off the rose, and sales wil be disappointing (at least here in the U.S.).

iPhone To Flop... Then Fly

by Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

The iPhone will struggle initially because consumers will be unwilling to break their cellular-service contract simply to have a new phone.

Genius Bar Clones And Other Crazy Apple Conspiracies

by Lore Sjoberg, Wired

Apple TV An Expensive 'Hobby'

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Fresh teardown analysis of the device by the researchers at iSuppli indicate that Apple is selling the product with very little profit attached.

BeLight Software Ships Live Interior 3D 1.1

by MacMinute

BeLight Software today released Live Interior 3D 1.1, an update to its new software for Mac OS X that lets users design house, office, apartment, and other interiors with realistic 3D walk-throughs.

Details On The New LED MacBook Pro

by Gizmodo

In-Room Entertainment: What Offerings, At What Price?

by Steve Mollman, CNN

With gadgets ever more capable and online offerings ever more compelling, "there is simply no question that we are in the middle of a major paradigm shift," says Jeffrey Catrett, dean of the Les Roches School of Hospitality Management at Kendall College in Chicago.

Mac OS X Tiger Vs. Windows Vista

by Jeffrey L. Wilson, Laptop Magazine

Although Vista is pushing the envelope with some of its features, it's still unproven in several key areas and could use snappier performance. Until that happens, we'll stick with OS X Tiger.

MacBook Pro Knows The Way To Santa Rosa

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

My Gripes On My MacBook

by Gadzooki


by Steve Gillmor, GestureLab

In a world post-iPhone where everything changes, battery life becomes the arbiter of usage.

Apple Hits High On iPhone Prediction

by Associated Press

Shares of Apple Inc. set an all-time high Tuesday after an analyst said the company's iPhone will be a hit because of its superior technology.

AT&T Dressing Up EDGE Network For iPhone?

by Paul Roberts, InfoWorld

Behind the speculation about AT&T's network upgrade is some real anxiety that the iPhone, when it's released, will be a Maserati stuck on the traffic jammed highway that is the U.S. mobile broadband market.

EU Extends Deadline For Apple To Respond To iTunes Antitrust Concerns To June 20

by Thomson Financial

The European Commission says it has extended the deadline for Apple to respond to its antitrust concerns until June 20.

ChangeShortName 1.3

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

If you're determined to change your short username, ChangeShortName is the easiest way to do so. Just be sure to read the ReadMe file that comes with it.

Unsanity Releases FontCard 1.5

by MacMinute

MarsEdit 1.2 Published

by Dan Moren, MacUser

Version 1.2 adds Growl functionality, support for the Vox blogging system, and the ability to upload images to the Picasa web service.

MacFamilyTree 4.4: Genealogy Program Makes Excellent Use Of Your Mac's Built-In Assets

by Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

It's interface is not nearly as polished as other genealogy software on the market. And if you're looking for more than causal religious references, this program would not suffice.

Apple TV (40GB/160GB)

by Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

We continue to hope that pragmatism wins out here, and that Apple TV becomes what users truly want it to be, sooner rather than later or to late at all to matter.

See Also:

What Apple TV Costs To Make, by Arik Hesseldahl, Business Week. By typical Apple standards, the new set-top video box may as well be a hobby given how unprofitable it is in its current form.

Typinator 2.0 Adds Structure To Snippets

by MacNN

Ergonis Software today released Typinator 2.0, the latest revision of the company's tool for automatically correcting typos and automatically typing text as well asinserting graphics across all Mac OS X applications.

Camino 1.5

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

June 5, 2007

Apple Offers Free iPod Nano In 'Major In Mac' Promotion

by Charles Starrett, iLounge

NetNewsWire 3.0 Adds Mac App Support, More

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

See Also: 5 Questions With Brent Simmons, Creator Of NetNewsWire, by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Apple Updates MacBook Pro

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Apple today updated its MacBook Pro line of notebooks with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, memory up to 4GB, and high-speed graphics from Nvidia, the GeForce 8600M GT.

Apple has also introduced a new mercury-free, power-efficient LED-backlit display and a 17-inch model with an optional high-resolution display in its updated iteration of its MacBook Pro range.

The State Of Mac Reliability: Where Do We Stand?

by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl

Competing As Software Goes To Web

by John Markoff, New York Times

In the battle between Apple and Microsoft, Bertrand Serlet and Steven Sinofsky are the field generals in charge of competing efforts to ensure that the PC's basic software stays relevant in an increasingly web-centered world.

The two men are marshaling their software engineers for the next encounter, sometime in 2009, when a new generation of Macintosh and Windows operating systems is due. Their challenge will be to avoid refighting the last war — and to prevent finding themselves outflanked by new competitors.

I Want My *TV: Comparing Video Acquisition Methods

by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Join me on a long tour through our video-filled world.


by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

It's a testimony to just how clever the iPhone UI is, and just how bad the UIs are on the competition.

Developers See Possibilities In iPhone Apps

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

For software makers, the latest pronouncement by Jobs, though lacking specifics, couldn't be more welcome.

Maybe there'll be an iPhone simulator that can run on your Macintosh. It'll be great fun for those of us who cannot get an iPhone. :-)

New iPhone Ads: What Mac Ads Should Be

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Where are the ads actually showing someone making a photo book with iPhoto (instead just mentioning that it is possible)?

June 4, 2007

Pacific Catch, The SF Restaurant In The iPhone Ad

by Gizmodo

After watching the iPhone Calamari ad, I found myself starving for seafood.

Steve Jobs/Bill Gates D5 Interview Available In iTunes

by Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Why Are Macs So Expensive In Australia?

by Duncan Riley

iTunes Pluses And Minuses?

by Wes Phillips, Stereophile

Not Feeling It...

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Well, I'm not feeling the excitment here in Singapore. The iPhone will not be available, according to Apple, any time this year. In fact, Apple has not even promised anything anytime. Asia — that can mean anything.

(And, to bring out my rants again — we are still waiting for iTunes Store and iPhoto photo book printing down here, letalone anything new and modern.)

Hopefully, the "true" wide-screen iPod will be hitting our shores soon. I need a target in order to save money. :-)

The UK's Consolation Prize: New Mac Ads

by Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen, MacUser

Two additional commercials, still featurning the ever-so-funny Mac and PC duo, popped up on Apple's UK Get a Mac page.

iPhone TV Ads

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

No other cell phone is advertised by showing off the user interface.

See Also:

Apple's "iPhone Ad Slip Up" Reveals "Mystery App", by Macenstein. Apparently some mystery app has pushed the icons down 1 slot, but we cannot see what it is.

The Three New Apple iPhone Ads Teasing Us With The June 29Th Release Date

by Gizmodo

With The iPhone, Steven Jobs Casts A Spell On The American Consumer

by John Markoff, Internationa Herald Tribune

The anticipation, which is intense even by Jobsian standards, has led to some quiet behind-the-scenes anxiety at Apple.

June 3, 2007

Improving Mac OS X: Coping Bundles

by Crumi The Blog

The point is that the end user shouldn't see these internals at all.

One Year After Switching From Windows To Mac

by Ollie's GeekBlog

I use Windows at work and when I come home, I use my Mac to do my personal stuff. The experience, to me, is more personalized, including a great graphical user interface, and is refreshing to use after a day of Windows running business apps. I may not be a die hard fan boy, but I will probably put an Apple sticker on my car.

Harvard, Stanford On An iPod Near You

by Evelyn Shih, The Record

You may not be able to earn a degree, but you will be able to explore a new area of interest, freshen up your high school French or just impress someone at your next dinner party.

Chances Are, You'll Buy The Next New Thing

by Mark McGuire, Times Union

According to a consumer model developed nearly a half-century ago but still in use, roughly one out of 40 who will get an iPhone will rush out to buy one as soon as possible. Another 13.5 percent will buy one in the relatively near future.

THen there are the laggards.

My Apple Store Has Been Remodeled

by Terry White

At first glace you'll notice how much larger the store is. You'll also notice the new shinny stainless steel look and fixtures.

June 2, 2007

Allow iPods In School

by Cody Bernal, The Coloradoan

I think that student performance would improve if students could listen to their iPods.

I'm iFedup

by Leah McLaren, Globe And Mail

Even a solvenly Mac girl like me can reach her breaking point.

Apple Takes A Bite Out Of DRM

by Michael Brown, Maximum PC

We decided to test a random sample of our colleagues to see if they could detect any audible difference between a song ripped from a CD and encoded in Apple's lossy AAC format at 128K/s, and the same ripped and encoded in lossy AAC at 256 Kb/s.

Why Microsoft's Innovation Is Only Surface Deep

by Andrew Fentem, Channel Register

A major usability problem that has dogged multi-touch computer interfaces for the last twenty five years is the lack of tactile feedback.

Some of Apple's recent patent applicatios appear to be addressing this issue.

iTunes Crosses Language Barrier With Foreign Exchange

by Brian Garrity, Billboard

Apple's iTunes Music Store is introducing a new original programming feature designed to promote foreign-language music in its stores around the world, Billboard has learned.

Why Is DRM-Free Music Tagged With Name And E-Mail? Apple Keeps Mum

by Cyrus Farivar, Wired

An Apple spokesman suggested by e-mail that Wired News contact Michael Gartenberg, an anlyst at Jupiter Research who has been briefed about iTunes Plus. The Apple spokesman didn't respond to further requests for comment.

Gartenberg said there are many reasons why Apple would want to tag music sold through the iTunes store. The information could be used as a proof of purchase, or to facilitate upgrades. The identifier could help identify songs missing from albums, as well as to thwart piracy.

iPhone SDK, iPhone SDK! Wherefore Art Thou iPhone SDK?

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Downplaying the prospects for third-party app development in the meantime is a way of under-promising and over-delivering. By setting initial expectations that there might never be third-party software for iPhone, any future support for third-party app will be treated as good news.

Steve Jobs has indicated that Apple is treating the iPhone and iPod as separate busiensses. The rules that apply for the iPod — no third-party apps without Apple's approval — may not apply to the iPhone, eventually.

Mac Coming Into Focus As Attack Target

by Lisa Vaas, eWeek

There haven't been mass Mac exploits to date, but interest is growing, as evidenced by the quick turnout of exploit code for a recently disclosed vulnerability.

Why Is The Mac OS More Secure Than Windows?

by David Morgenstern, eWeek

PC users should forget their outrage and come to understand that life isn't fair. THe Mac platform is more secure than WIndows and will continue to be so.

Beatles Unlikely To Turn Up On iTunes Until 2008

by Aidan Malley, AppleInsider

The widow of Fab Four giutarist George Harrison has revealed that the music group's catalog should be available by next year.

Yep 1.6.2

by Dan Miller, Macworld

Simpl put, it's a file manager specifically designed for PDFs, handling those files in much the same way iPhoto manages your photos.

Alan Pollard: Mechanized Mischief

by DUstin Driver, Apple

Fotomagico 2

by Ilene Hoffman, MacNN

June 1, 2007

Anger Over DRM-Free iTunes Tracks

by BBC News

The launch of music tracks free of digital locks on iTunes has been overshadowed by the discovery that they contain data about who bought them.

iPhone's Secret Ingredient: Google

by Jeremy Caplan, Time

Apple looks smart partnering up.

BinaryNights Introduces ForkLift 1.0

by Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

ForkLift can connect to FTP and SFTP servers, manage Amazon S3 accounts, remotely edit documents on Bluetooth devices or via FTP, and more.

Parallels Desktop 3.0 Coming Soon With 3D Graphics Support

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

Parallels 3 will soon support both DirectX and OpenGL games in the virtual machine, so you can get your gaming fix without having to reboot into Windows.

Apple II Turns 30 Years Old

by Retro Thing

There were other affordable hobbyist computer kits available before, but the Apple II was the first computer that was ready to run out of the box.

MacBook Core 2 Duo/2GHz And 2.16GHz

by Henry Norr, Macworld

Not So Cloudy Skies For Third Party Applications

by Derik DeLong, MacUser

Steve specifically mentions a timeline. I think that says a lot.

With Success, A Kinder, Gentler Steve Jobs

by Om Malik, GigaOM

Success, they say, mellows out even the fiercest of tyrants, making their dictates seem almost benevolent. Steve Jobs, the enfant terrible of yesteryears, whose unrelenting quest for perfection has driven many to Ole Tennessee or an asylum (whichever is closer) is showing signs of a kinder, gentler self, happy to share (within limits) the glory, and espousing the virtues of team work.

Apple's DRM-Free AAC Files Contain More Than Just Names And Email Addresses

by EFF

We've found that there isn't a watermark in the compressed audio signal itself, but there are surprisingly huge differences in the encoded files. Much bigger differences than just different tags, or even different signed/encrypted tags.

Bitcartel Announces PandoraJam 1.0

by John Martellaro, Mac Observer

DivX For Mac 6.7 Now Available

by MacMinute

By Heng-Cheong Leong