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February 29, 2008

Apple: It's Business, It's Business Time

by Tom Krazit, CNET

Next week Apple plans to show off some "exciting new enterprise" features for the iPhone, which will presumably make it easier for those of us who can't push the CIO around to use our iPhones as tools for work.

Will there also be a re-purposed iPod touch — for those areas where the phone is not available — for the business people too?

Time Capsule Ships Networked Backup In Single Case

by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

Apple: All Signs Point To A More Business Friendly iPhone

by Larry Dignan,

February 28, 2008

Aple Finally Sets iPhone SDK Release Date

by Farhad Manjoo, Salon

Better late than never.

February 12, 2008

Farewell, And See You In March

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Tomorrow, I will be starting my 2.5 weeks of reservist duties. So, updates to this website will be very infrequent and minimal. Regular updates will only resume on the 1st of March, when I finally resume my civilian life.

Steve Jobs Rules The Recording Industry. Now What?

by Jimmy Guterman, O'Reilly Radar

Music is everywhere, just as software is everywhere. It should be easy to sell music, certainly easier than it is to sell software. The music industry has much to learn from the computer software industry about reinvention and staying in touch with the customer.

Realbasic 2008 Release 1 Now Shipping

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Flock 1.0.3

by Lisa Schmeiser, Macworld

With the ability to update blogs, track socal-networking sites, and managing RSS feeds, Flock is a highly effective tool for web surfers who want to keep tabs on their miscellaneous online networks.

Monday Update Bonanza!

by Dan Pourhadi, MacUser

In addition to OS X 10.5.2, Apple also dished out a few other software updates for your downloading pleasure.

Appel Releases Mac OS X 10.5.2

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

Apple released Mac OS X 10.5.2 on Monday, an update that addresses several common complaints regarding some new Leopard features, while also adding new features and fixing numerous bugs.

In 10.5.2, users can view any folder in the Dock as either a Folder or a Stack, and view content as either a Fan, Grid, or List. The 10.5.2 update also adds an option to the Desktop & Screen Saver preferenc epane to turn menu bar translucency off.

See Also:
10.5.2 Update Shows Apple Listens To Users, by Dan Frakes, Macworld.

iStopMotion 2 Express

by Cedric Bosch, MacNN

February 11, 2008

SuperDuper, Time Machine And Bulletproof Backups

by Shawn Blanc

My advice for a good backup strategy? Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Don't stress the details.

Make The Most Of Your Dual Monitors

by Gina Trapani, Lifehacker Australia

Whether you want to stretch your desktop wallpaper or taskbar across two monitors or perfectly snap all your windows into place every time, there are a few utilities that can help you make the most of every last pixel of your dual monitors.

Should We Even Bother?

by Christopher Dawson,

The focus needs to be on the content aind instruction, not on the presentation, right? However, one of the key points of my post was that Macs help some teachers avoid the trap by allowing them to create really engaging content quickly and easily.

Apple Seeks Staff For New Europe Stores

by Reuters

Apple Inc is recruiting staff for new retail stores in Germany and Switzerland, according to a job opportunities on its web site.

Will Apple Stores boost sales of iPhoens in Europe, just like they did boosted sales of Macintosh in U.S.?

Apple Applies For Trademark Extension Relating To Gaming

by Ken Fisher, Ars Technica

The trademark filing seeks to extend the "APPLE" trademark to cover a wide swath fo the gaming world.

But first, will Apple please take my money and sell me some games for my iPod nano?

What's The MacBook Air Good For? What Developmental Psychology Can Tell Us...

by Les Posen, CyberPsych

Once more the Apple design team reminds us of the difference between good and great design, the latter perhaps revolving around what designers choose to leave out, rather than include in their designs.

The Air may be, well, five years ahead of its time. The question is, of couse, will Apple see through it for five years?

February 10, 2008

The iPhone: The Right Device At The Right Time

by David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun

February 9, 2008

The MacBook Air: Sleek, Light, Classy - And Limited

by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times

Microsoft Is Stupid, Apple Is Not

by Jim Lynch, ExtremeTech

32GB iPod Touch

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

If you held off on purchasing an iPod touch because it hasn't offered enough of the iPhone's functionality or storage, it may be time to reconsider unbuckling your credit card.

For those who live outside of an iTunes Store, I'd recommend further waiting. Those who bought the early version of the iPod touch cannot easily add on the five 'new' applications. I'd wait at least after the SDK announcement is out, and make a decision then.

Simplify Working With Shares In 10.5

by Rob Griffiths, Macworld

Security Software Aids iMac Recovery, Free To School

by MacNN

Backstage At The Grammy Awards, Macs Run The Show

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

February 8, 2008

Getting Testy With The MacBook Air

by Brian Chen, Macworld

The MacBook Air is a different kind of beast, and it's going to take a little while for us to learn all its idosyncracies.

16GB iPhone Upgrade Doesn't Extend Contract

by MacNN

Apple No. 2 In Smartphone Sales In US, No. 3 Worldwide

by Ryan Kim, San Francisco Chronicle

Solid-State Drives Challenge Hard Drives In Speed, But Not Value

by Walter S. Mossberg, AllThingsD

The SSD is a promising improvement over the hard drive, but now is not the time for most users to buy it.

Cake Mania

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Cake Mania is a basic, by the numbers Diner Dash clone that's good, but unremarkable.

Remote Instlal Mac OS X On MacBook Air: Pokey, But It Works

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Xcode: Apple's Not-So-Secret Weapon

by John C. Welch, Macworld

One of OS X's biggest strengths is hiding in plain sight.

I used to pay good money for CodeWarrior. Imagine that!

Apple Exec Touts MacBook Air Innovations

by Ken Mingis, Computerworld

"MacBook Air is designed for people who value portability."

Apple Hit With Summos Over iTunes Store Allowance Feature

by Kasper Jade, AppleInsider

xScope 2.0

by Dan Frakes, Macworld

XScope combines a number of onscreen-measurement tools into a single, convenient utility.

Apple Drops Out Of NAB Show


Apple has announcd that it will not have a booth at The NAB Show this year.

See Also:
Apple: "There Are Better Ways To Reach Customers" Than NAB 2008, by Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica.

February 7, 2008

Report: Apple Cuts iPod, iPhone, And MacBook Orders (Again)

by Slash Lane, AppleInsider

Shares of Apple Inc. slumped further south on Wednesday amid a weakening macroeconomic outlook and reports of additional production cuts affecting not only the company's handhelds, but also its red-hot notebook business.

Freeverse Ships Neon Tango Game

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Why Is The MacBook Air Configured With Standard Power Settings?

by James Kendrick, jkOnTheRun

Aussies And New Zealanders Finally Get iPhoto Print Products

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

I'm still waiting, here in Singapore.

Audio Hijack Pro Brings Its Recording Prowess To Leopard

by Aayush Arya, MacUser

Commander: Europe At War

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

This isn't the flashiest strategy game ever, but it's a welcome respite for gamers who miss turn-based strategy games like the old Avalon Hill variety.

From THe Lab: Building A Better MacBook Air

by James Galbraith, Macworld

Faster processor, solid-state drive bolster laptop's performance.

First Look: Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

by MacNN

Apple Patches January's Critical QuickTime Bug

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Apple Inc. today patched its QuickTime media player for the second time this year, closing a critical hole that's been known for nearly a month.

A Tale Of Two Apps

by Chris Bowler, The Weekly Review

Can you see the difference?

February 6, 2008

MyAppleMenu Going On Hiatus

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

This website is going on hiatus for the rest of Feb. Updates will be minimal and irregular, as I celebrates Chinese New Year, followed by 2.5 weeks of reservist duties in the army. (No, I am not celebrating the latter.)

Regular updates will resume on 1 March 2008. See you then.

Analysis: Are The New iPhones Worth The Price?

by Tim Gideon, PC Magazine

SuperDuper! 2.5 Intros Side-By-Side Backup

by MacNN

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6

by Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Time logging program offers easy setup but lacks good admin features.

Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.8GHz

by Rik Myslewski, Macworld

Many refinements provide potent power and upgrade opportunities.

Apple Updates iPhoto, Braille Display, More

by MacNN

From The Lab: The Fastest Mac Ever

by James Galbraith, Macworld

Built-to-order 3.2GHz Mac Pro turns in top score in our Speedmark tests.

February 5, 2008

Apple Introduces 16GB iPhone, 32GB iPod Touch Models

by AppleInsider

Apple on Tuesday added new models of the iPhone and iPod touch which have double the memory, doubling the amount of music, photos and videos that customers can carry with them wherever they go.

16GB iPhone Just Around The Corner?

by Paul Miller, Engadget

We just received word from multiple sources that the O2 staff has been notified of the 16GB iPhone launch at 1.30pm UK time.

Chess, Backgammon, Naval Battle Games For iPod

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

7 Months Later, And Still Loving The iPhone

by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

Where else can you find a world-class phone, plus video, audio, web and e-mail, all in a single hand-held device with an intuitive user interface?

Jumping PC Ship For A Mac Can Be Smooth Sailing

by Allan Hoffman, Star-Ledger

I see fewer hurdles and a lot more benefits to switching. If you plan to buy a new comptuer, do yourself a favor and at least consider buying a Macintosh.

Incubator 2.4 Adds Leopard Compatibility, More

by MacNN

Austin-based Mindcad today unveiled Incubator 2.4, an update to its outlining and brainstorming program designed for visual thinkers.

So, I Switched To A Mac...

by What's Up With Jay?

and the commercials don't lie. They're better. Period.

Hey, Steve Jobs, Since The Economy Sux, Why Not A $699 MacBook?

by Russell Shaw,

I'm not saying Apple needs to shift to down-market mode. Talking more here about expanding to that market.

Habemus Dialogum - We Have A Dialog

by Culture Code

This article is about a single dialog.

Apple Stock, Still Smarting. But It's Been Worse.

by Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

Wal-Mart's Digital Media Chief Departs For Apple

by AppleInsider

My First Macworld

by Rich Mogull, TidBITS

Perhaps I'm taking a little literary license, but as someone who attends sometimes dozens of technology conferences in a year I can definitely report that Macworld is unique.

February 4, 2008

Apple Store Beijing Location Confirmed?

by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

App4mac Releases CheckUp 1.0

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

CheckUp 1.0 helps you check the behavior of a Mac either locally or remotely over a network.

Paperclip Lets You Attach Notes To Documents

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

From Concentrate Software has announced the release of Paperclip 1.0, a new application that lets you attach "Stickies"-style notes to your documents.

Thin Is In: Ars Technica Reviews The MacBook Air

by Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

The MacBook Air is the only super-thin notebook that (legally) runs Mac OS X, and we feel that Apple did a decent job at figuring out how its users would use such a computer.

A Mac Ad You'll Never See: How A Columnist's Transition To Apple Hit A Snag Almost Before It Got Started

by Jason Fry, Wall Street Journal

I saw all the ads and read about all the neat products and I read my own columns, and so finally I switched. And then three weeks later I'm lugging a busted iMac around Soho. I was just so disappointed.

Party Like It's 2005

by Dave Slusher, Evil Genius Chronicles

Later this afternoon, I'm planning on upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4. That isn't a typo.

February 3, 2008

DotMac: Why Is Apple Still Neglecting The Web?

by Paul Glazowski, Mashable

Apple would do well to seriously invest in its own claim on the web-based pie as we near hte turn of the decade and the internet becomes more and more the place where all things digital reside.

The MacBook Air is the perfect machine for Apple to throw in two or three years of free .Mac subscription to every customer.

MarsEdit: Helping The Personal Publishing Revolution

by Shawn Blanc

I finally landed with MarsEdit as my preferred method for publishing. I think I made a pretty good choice too, because the more I use it the more I feel it's a Mac app which truly is out of this world.

February 2, 2008

Further Reflections On The MacBook Air

by Stephen Wildstrom, BusinessWeek

If nothing, my original conclusions about it have strengthened with experience: What seemed good feels even better and the defects feel even more deficient.

Implications Of The MacBook Air For Enterprises

by Steve Stroh, TechRepublic

One of the first implications for enterprises resulting from the introduction of the MacBook Air is that it seems likely to me that enterprises are simply going to have to, once again, "make room" for Apple products.

You'll Shoot Your iPod Out! A Screening At The Apple Store

by Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

Just when it couldn't get any stranger, it did.

Why Microsoft's Yahoo Bid Helps Google, IBM, And Apple

by Paul McDougall, InformationWeek

A Microsoft buyout of Yahoo won't help it catch Google, but the ensuring chaos could seriously jeopardize its core Windows and Office products at a time when real alternatives are emeging.

I don't necessarily agree. Having cloud computing baked right into Windows will make the Redmond operating system so much more attractive, especially given Apple's dismal record with .Mac's preceived value with customers. Of course, Microsoft doesn't have a good track record either, and big mergers tend not to work out.

MacBook Air Has Issues, Says Apple

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Support docs detail wireless glitches, Remote Disc work-arounds, headphone trouble.

iPods Cleared Of Pacemaker Interference Charges

by Justin Berka, Ars Technica

February 1, 2008

Could The MacBook Air's Trackpad Support Pen Input?

by David Morgenstern,

Is Apple In Over Its Head With The iPhone

by Don Reisinger, CNET

In an environment where competition is fierce and hype dies quickly, Apple looks a bit lost at this point.

All indications seems to point to Apple doing quite well in the smartphone market — which is a different market from the general cellphone market.

Apple's Mac Moves In On Broadcast Industry

by Karen Haslam, Macworld UK

Thanks to the move to Intel, Apple is no longer dismissed by broadcast facilities. Autodesk senior product marketing manager Rob Hoffman has revealed that his company, the maker of 3D animation software Maya, is seeing more and more interest from Mac using professionals.

6 Things That Confuse Windows Users Who Switch To A Mac

by Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle

There are recurring items that seem to regularly flummox Mac newbies.

As this author also pointed out, the green button is also a source of confusion — even for some Mac developers. The green button is "Zoom", not "Maximise". There is a difference.

P.S. Or maybe the 'confused' Mac developers are just lazy developers. :-)

Waiting For The MacBook Air Pro

by Dan Gillmor, AllThingsD

I suspect I'm in a large class of potential customers. I'd love a computer that's high art, but I need one that's right for hard work.

On the other hand, I'm suspecting that many of the designs — and perhaps even compromises — of the MacBook Air will make their way to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines.

New MacBook Pro Identifier Hints That An Update Is Imminent

by Jutin Berka, Ars Technica

PMA Notes: Whither Aperture?

by Rick LePage, Macworld

What's most interesting to me is the shift in attitudes and usage. People aren't actually excited about an Aperture update; it's more of a "will it be significantly better" type of vibe.

Restoring Media And Info From iPod Touch

by Christoper Breen, Macworld

MarsEdit 2.1 Bring sTagging, Server Drafts

by David Chartier, Ars Technica

Analyst: Apple To Double Market Share By 2011

by Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

In a recent report, market research firm Gartner predicted Apple will double its U.S. and Western Europe computer market share.

Now, the viruses will finally be here? Right? Yes?

Analysis: Inside Apple's iPod Sales Figures

by Dan Moren, Macworld

What the analysts and the media were reacting to was a lack of growth in iPod sales over the previous year.

iTunes Usage Overtakes RealPlayer For The First Time

by Aidan Malley, AppleInsider

By Heng-Cheong Leong