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July 24, 2008

Why iPhone 2.0 Won't Yet Rule The Roost In The Enterprise

by Galen Gruman, InfoWorld

The 13 key omissions Apple must fix before it can really compete with BlackBerry and Treo.

iPod Touch Update Coming Soon?

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Why is the Apple store still selling iPod touch without the 2.0 software and the App Store goodness? Could it be a new iPod touch — or a brand new replacement — is coming soon, so Apple doesn't bother to update the Apple Store with new iPod Touches?

Steve Jobs' Diets Secrets

by Brian Caulfield, Forbes

While Apple employees eat healthy, Jobs takes it to an extreme, one employee says, eating dark green vegetables such as broccli and asparagus, grilled or steamed.

MobileMe's E-Mail Outage Costs Apple A Customer

by David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun

Apple gets points for acknowledging the issues and trying to make it right, but that will do little to placate people who just want the service to work as promised.

Apple Appoints Hong Kong Agency

by Dedric Lam, Shanghaiist

Hong Kong based agency Eight Partnership has just been appointed to handle Apple's creative marketing in Asia.

The Trouble With Software People

by Paul Rako, EDN

When you think about it, almost every major development in the last decade has been the result of overcoming the problems that software managers cause.

As the saying goes, make it simple, but no simplier than what is needed.

Review: MobileMe 1.1

by Jeff Carlson, Macworld

Overhauled .Mac service gets pushy—and that's a good thing.

Apple's Blind Side

by Matt Haughey, A Whole Lotta Nothing

This is one of the few times I have to say Windows has it right (and has had right for many years) — it is extremly easy to find a way to bump the entire OS to larger more legible fonts with just a couple clicks, but I'm not seeing it anywhere on a Mac running Leopard.

Why We Still Need The iPhone App Black Market

by Gizmodo

The most innovative, game-changing apps might not ever make it to your squeaky clean iPhone.

First iPhone App Cracked? Super Monkey Ball For All?

by MacNN

A group of hackers say they have cracked Apple's close Fairplay DRM on Sega's Super Monkey Ball for iPhone.

Apple's MobileMe Is Far Too Flawed To Be Reliable

by Walter S. Mossberg, AllThingsD

If Apple does get MobileMe working smoothly, it could be a terrific service. But it's way too ragged now.

The Mac Switch

by J. Shirley

I found myself getting more done and in less time.

The Apple Imprint On Open Source Continues

by Matt Asay, CNET

I'm increasingly of the mind that open-source developers appreciate the excellence of Apple's products.

Apple Tells Us Everything Without Saying Anything

by Jim Goldman, CNBC

The simple truth is this: Apple knows that it must disclose Jobs' health status if it is somehow material to the company. By not disclosing his health issues, and calling them a private matter, Apple is tacitly telling all of us that whatever is ailing Jobs is not seroius enough to be material to the company.

Why Apple And China Are Simply Incompatible

by Mike Elgan, Datamation

Apple succeeds because customers love the products and the brand. But in China, brands mean little to most potential customers, and hardware even less. Chinese consumers prize value above all.

On the other hand, status, and the toys that come with status, does mean something in China, I believe.

Stop The iPod Touch's Constant Beeping

by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Apparently, the new version of Mail feels the need to beep every time a new message comes in, and that's a problem given that MobileMe's "push" option for email means that new messages are being received constantly. Maddening!

Get An iPhone In 3 Days From AT&T

by Lonnie Lazar, Cult Of Mac

AT&T has authorized stores in its Northern California region to begin taking iPhone pre-sale orders with a promise of 72hr availability, according to the manager of one of the region's busiest stores.

Researcher Warns Of Unpatched iPhone Bugs

by Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Security vulnerabilities in the iPhone's e-mail application and Safari web browser can be used by phishers to dupe users into visiting malicious sites or by spammers to flood the phone's inbox with junk mail, a researcher warned Wednesday.

The Mac Keeps Driving Apple

by Philip Michaels, Macworld

What still stands out about Apple's third-quarter performance—for me, at any rate—is just how well the company's Mac business did.

Apple Launches "What Is 3G" International Commercial

by MacNN

The new iPhone 3G commercials feature similiar aspects, but are stylized differently depending on the country in which they are aired.

The Case Of THe Massive iDisk Archive

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

By Heng-Cheong Leong