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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrabble Journey

by Charlie Fletcher, Inside Mac Games

Its shortcomings do not completely outweigh the basic fun of playing Scrabble through an obstacle course.

Five Reasons The iPhone Trumps The Kindle

by Rick Broida, PC World

Dock Bug Could Lead To Data Loss

by Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Consultant Scott Rose has isolated a potentially dangerous bug in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that could cause data loss for people who rely on the Dock as a launcher for in-progress documents. The steps to reproduce the problem aren't likely to bite careful users, but it's easy enough to see someone accidentally stumbling into the situation, as did one of Scott's clients.

DVDs And A DRM-Free Future

by Christopher Breen, Macworld

It took the music industry the better part of a decade to figure this out. I’m hopeful the movie studios are a little quicker on the uptake.

Nisus Writer Express Adds Editable Document Properties

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

New to the 3.2 release are new features like the ability to edit document properties, including author, company, copyright and other fields; new backup options; control over smart quotes on a per-language basis; and a preference to choose the default file format for new documents.

Is Google Sync A Shot At MobileMe?

by Dan Moren, Macworld

Review: Mac Call Recorder For Skype

by Lonnie Lazar, Cult Of Mac

Life's Instant Gratifications

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Dear Apple,

I've bought iLife '09, all excited with the advertised new features like Faces in iPhoto '09, all ready to see all the face detecting and face recognizing that you've promised. After waiting for the installation and the rebooting to be done, I happily launch iPhoto '09, and discovered, sadly, that more waiting was in order. There were hundreds more minutes before I could start using Faces in iPhoto '09 as your software started scanning through my photos.

Where's my instant gratification?

You should have sneaked an update to iPhoto '08, and start doing all that scanning in the background a few weeks prior to the launch of the new version, little-by-little. Then, when your customers install and launch iPhoto '09, everything will be super-fast and super-magical, and every blogger out there can start to rain praises on you so-many-more minutes earlier.

Thank you. (With tongue somewhere in cheek.)

Postbox Helps You Organize Your E-Mail

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Postbox — based on technology developed by Mozilla — is aimed at users looking for new ways to organize, locate and use the data that’s sent to them by e-mail.

How To Reach 8 Hours Of Battery Life On The New MacBooks And MacBook Pros

by Mac Versus PC: The Blog

You might already know that wireless connectivity and screen brightness are some of the major factors that limit battery life, but what else can you do to reach 8 hours of battery life?

The iPhone Is Useless In New York City

by Apple Gazette

Drive Genius 2: Mac Hard Drive Toolbox


The Incredible Shrinking Operating System

by Ephraim Schwartz, InfoWorld

Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are all getting smaller. What does that mean for you?

MacHeist Opens Season 3 With Free Mac OS X Software

by Nick Spence, Macworld UK

MacHeist has launched MacHeist 3, the redesigned software promotion site aimed at offering bargain Mac software bundles while raising money for charity.

Cocktail 4.3, Mac OS X Maintenance Tools Utility Updated

by Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Maintain has updated its Mac OS X utility Cocktail, which adds the ability to clear potentially harmful files such as 'most common Trojans' or other files that may harm your system in any way.

Apple iTunes' Genius: Is It Racist?

by Stephen Baker, BusinessWeek

I think Genius reflects the normal human way of dealing with complexity. It reaches for a simple rule in the beginning. These people are like this, those ones like that. And then, hopefully, it starts to learn.

Can Apple Stop Mac Clones?

by Steven Burke, ChannelWeb

The ability of PearC and Psystar to keep one step ahead of Apple's ever-vigilant legal eagles is likely to spark more companies to brave the Mac clone waters.

A Quicker Search Of Almost Everything

by Jochen Wolters, O'Reilly Digital Media

Apple's Flatland Aesthetic, Part 1: The Mac

by Bruce Tognazzini, Ask Tog

How a simple idea is causing complexity.

Review: The 25 Best Outdoor iPhone Apps

by Steve Casimiro, The Adventure Life

The iPhone itself is already on its way to becoming indispensable and will become even more so—these 25 outdoor apps are part of the reason why.

By Heng-Cheong Leong