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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Apple's App Store Got To 1.5 Billion Downloads

by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune Tweet

App Store Counts 1.5 Billion Downloads In First Year

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Apple announced Tuesday that more than 1.5 billion applications have been downloaded from the App Store in its first year of operation. Tweet

Apple's In-Ear Headphones Receive A Subtle Upgrade

by AppleInsider Tweet

Justifying Non-removable Batteries

by Jason D. O'Grady, The Apple Core

I couldn’t be happier with the battery life in my new MacBook Pro 15-inch and haven’t missed the removable battery - yet. Tweet

China Risks Apple's Reputation By Letting Factories Flout Law

by William Bi, Bloomberg

Apple Inc., which relies on Chinese manufacturers for its iPhones and iPod music players, found 45 of the 83 factories it audited last year didn’t pay proper overtime and 23 provided less than minimum wage, according to its 2009 progress report on supplier responsibility. Tweet

My Son Bought A Mac

by John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine

His was a smart move, since he was following the advice of pundits, technology writers, and everyone who ever gave advice about what to buy and why: "Buy solutions, not hardware." In his case, the solution was a stunning piece of software called DEVONthink, which he needs for a book he's writing. Tweet


by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

There's Applesoft on the Apple II, and I think's there's MS BASIC on the Mac. Even the Mac OS X featured, at one time, Visual Basic for Application in MS Office. (Or you can go RealBASIC, if you really want some other experts to interpret your BASIC programs.)

So, where's BASIC for the iPhone? A younger Bill Gates would already be in Steve Jobs' office, trying to convince Apple why Microsoft should be the one to supply a BASIC interpreter for the iPhone platform. Why isn't Steve Ballmer picking up where Gates left off, putting a BASIC interpreter on every desktop, laptop and palmtop?


Actually, what I really want is a simple programming or scripting environment on the iPhone for the 'rest of us'. Think BASIC or Hypercard -- and not the Objective-C/Cocoa Touch/Xcode thing that requires a Mac and a $99 payment.

The iPhone is the first truly always-on computer in my pocket. Too bad it can't run my own cron jobs.

How about it, Apple? Tweet

Speculation Intensifies On Apple Touch-Screen Tablet

by Antone Gonsalves, InformationWeek

Speculation on an Apple tablet PC heated up on the Web Monday as Taiwanese news sources reported that the Mac maker has placed orders related to the device with manufacturers. Tweet

Developer Claims Apple Blocking Push Notifications On Unlocked iPhones

by Tyler Tschida, App Advice

According to PoweryBase, push-enabled iPhone apps contact Apple’s servers to request an ID to establish a connection, but if you are using an non-official wireless carrier, the connection can’t be made. Tweet

Review: Doom Resurrection For iPhone

by Chris Holt, Macworld

Doom Resurrection captures the close-quarters combat, terrifying atmosphere, and gunplay of the Doom series pretty well. It’s a far cry from a true first person shooter but it’s by no means a quick cash-in. That said, you still feel like John Carmack and company could have done more with this title. Tweet

Safari 4: Back To The Bench

by The Mac Observer

My Web browser of choice is OmniWeb from The Omni Group. It may not share the same high profile as Safari and Firefox, but for me it's reliable, is plenty customizable, and fits my work style like a glove. Tweet

Worms Strategy Game Slithers Onto iPhone

by Peter Cohen, Macworld

Worms is the classic turn-based strategy game in which you control warring worm armies. It's turn-based and 2D, though it features richly illustrated cartoon graphics. Essentially an artillery game, you must use the right ammunition to destroy your opponents. Tweet

iPhone Games For 99 Cents? Meet EA's 8 Lb Gorilla

by Matt Peckham, PC World

What's about to make Apple's iPhone quick and tiny and cheap all over? Electronic Arts, that's what, with their maverick new micro-studio, cutely dubbed 8 lb Gorilla. The plan? 99-cent iPhone games to appear in pint-sized installments on a semi-monthly basis. Tweet

VirtualBox 3.0: Free Virtualizer Is Almost Grown Up, Alan Zisman, Mac 2 Windows

by Alan Zisman, Low End Mac Tweet

By Heng-Cheong Leong